Best Survival Machetes for 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)


Survival machetes are a necessity for active survivalists, catastrophe preppers, and outdoorsmen. Machetes are also used as an agricultural and farming tool. Whether you’re planning to live in the wild for some time or need a machete to clear bushes, you need to find the best survival machete for your needs.

Today, we’re going to talk about what a machete is, the different types of machetes on the market, and some of the best survival machetes for 2022. You must account for some features when selecting the best survival machine for you so that you can make the best of your outdoor days. To make this list more effective for you, we’ve included a buying guide to talk about some of the important factors you need to look for while buying a survival machete.

10 Best Survival Machetes for 2022

1. Kukri Machete by Schrade

The Kukri Machete is generally an all-rounder, and this design by Schrade does justice to that. SCHKM is one of the best survival machetes on the market. It has reliable craftsmanship which is well-suited for a great camping experience.


The SCHKM by Schrade has a stainless steel blade, which is 3Cr13 powder coated. The length of the blade is 13.3 inches, with a weight of one pound. This blade comes with a black safety grip handle, making it easy to use. The blade is capable of stunning chopping performance, and it has an unmatched laser-sharp quality. Furthermore, the blade’s sharpness can be enhanced easily.


As we saw earlier, this survival machete comes with a black grip safety handle. The handle has an astute design that allows the user to place their hand properly with a firm grip. This helps the user cut with high impact and provides the right amount of security for delicate work.

Furthermore, the handle comes with a lanyard hole, which gives the user additional protection against accidental cuts.


The Kukri Machete by Schrade comes with a polyester sheath, which makes it convenient to carry on outdoor trips. The protective sheath has a quillon clasp, making it easy to reach for in situations where you must defend yourself. The quillon closure makes sure that the blade doesn’t slip away from you in any case.

Furthermore, the polyester sheath comes with a removable shoulder pouch, an easy access shoulder strap, a leg strap, and a belt loop. You can attach it to your attire with convenience and rest assured that you can reach for it quickly during a crisis.


  • The blade is made of 3C13, and premium stainless steel.
  • Comes with a polyester sheath.
  • Detachable shoulder pouch, leg strap, and shoulder strap.
  • Comes with a Ferro rod, and a sharpening stone.


  • The quality of the sheath is not up to the mark.

Product Specifications:

  1. Weight – 2.2 pounds
  2. Measurements – 0.39*0.39*0.39 inches.



2. Parang Machete by Columbia River Knife & Tool

The CRKT Parang Machete checks all the boxes for being the perfect survival tool. With top-notch production, this machete easily ranks high in our list of the best survival machetes.


This Parang Machete by Columbia River Knife & Tool has an 18-inch full tang blade that won’t disappoint. Not only is it ideal for extreme situations, but it’s also highly durable. It’s produced with black powder-coated steel. The black powder coating enhances corrosion resistance.

This survival machete is carefully tailored for an excellent chopping performance. However, please note that this machete will not work for you if you’re looking for something that can chop hardwood.


The handle of this machete is composed in such a way that it fits the user’s palm with perfection. This helps decrease hand exhaustion, allowing the user to use it for a substantial amount of time without getting tired. The handle has multiple lanyard holes, which gives the user several protective grip choices.

Furthermore, the textured grip of this CRKT machete pays homage to their logo ‘Confidence in Hand’ by offering a safe and bold user experience.


This fixed blade parang machete by CRKT comes with a nylon sheath. The sheath is augmented with a Velcro belt loop mechanism that allows the user to carry it with ease. Wherever you go, if you’re a survivalist, this machete will make for a wonderful addition to your survival kit.

Also, the sheath includes an additional paracord fab to use during emergencies.

Overall, this machete is an excellent investment for your outdoorsman days. The high carbon steel blade enhances your cutting movements, with a handle that will protect your hand at all times. Needless to say, you can’t go wrong with this Halfachance parang machete by Columbia River Knife & Tool.


  • Designed by Ken Onion.
  • The blade is made of carbon steel.
  • Has a tremendously durable blade.
  • Brilliant sheath included.
  • Easy to sharpen.


  • Can’t chop hardwood.

Product Specifications:

  1. Weight – 1 pound
  2. Measurement – 5*5*5 inches.
  3. High carbon steel blade.



3. Broad Cut Machete by Gerber Gear

The Broad Cut Machete by Gerber Gear is a must-have for any survival gear. This heavy-duty tool is designed to help users navigate through the jungle with ease and caution.


The blade of this broad cut machete is made of stainless steel. It’s thick and designed to resist corrosion. This machete’s stainless steel blade allows the user to cut through bushes and stems while making their way through the forest. The blade has a hook and cuts indent at the top which allows the user to grip and clear through the woods easily.

Furthermore, this machete blade is highly durable. It’s built to last for years to come. You can rest assured that this survival machete will be your long-lasting companion during your journey through the wild.


This broad cut machete by Gerber Gear comes with a rubber grip for extra protection, making it the best machete for survival. You can count on the rubber handle to stay in your hand and fight off any accidents without slipping.

The rubber grip of the handle makes swinging and using the machete relatively safe. With this broad cut machete, you can make clean cuts with no room for faltering in your path to survival.

Furthermore, the handle has a lanyard hole that can go across the top of the handle, situating your hand firmly in place. This will enhance the user’s grip on the machete.


This broad cut machete comes with a protective nylon sheath. The sheath has a belt hook, so you can access it easily while you’re in the field. You can attach the sheath with the machete to your belt on the hip and take it out safely when you need it. With this sheath, your broad cut machete will stay in place securely.


  • Broad stainless steel blade with hook plus cut nick.
  • Rubber grip handle with lanyard hole for safety.
  • Nylon sheath included.
  • Heavy-duty survival tool.


  • The sheath is not made of premium quality material.

Product Specifications:

  1. Weight – 1.13 pounds.
  2. Measurement – 19.7*28*1.2 inches.
  3. Fine edge blade with a rubber handle.



4. Military Machete by Ontario Knife Company

The Ontario Knife Company has a reputation for making some of the best survival machetes since the foundation of their company in 1889. If you’re taking a gander in the wild, then get your hands on this Military Machete by OKC to fight off danger effectively.


The Military Machete by OKC has an 18-inches long blade made of a high-quality carbon steel blade. With the full tang construction of this military-grade defense weapon, you’re going to be fully protected in the jungle. The iconic framework of this machete makes it one of the best survival machetes on the market.

The black powder-coated blade owes its excellence to 1095 high carbon steel. This blade is perfect for small trees and bushes. However, if you need this survival machete to perform more cutting tasks with precision, then you may have to sharpen it more. That being said, it’s easy to sharpen.

Please note that if you live in a generally wet climate, you have to clean it and oil it regularly to prevent rust collection. The full tang construction of the blade makes this one of the stronger and heavier machetes on the market.


This military machete has a classic Latin machete design, with a heavily molded plastic handle. The handle has a tiny notch at the end to help keep your hand from slipping. The design of this handle demands a steady arm, so if you’re used to light-weighted machetes or have small hands, this may not be ideal for you.

Furthermore, the handle has well-rounded corners and it has a lanyard hole for extra safety. Please note that because the handle is made of plastic, it’s prone to traction loss.


A downside of buying this survival machete is that it does not come with a sheath. However, you can buy a sheath separately from the market. We recommend buying a plastic sheath instead of a nylon sheath for this particular machete. This is because nylon is susceptible to tears, whereas a plastic sheath is considered secure.


  • Full tang construction.
  • 18-inches long 1095 high carbon steel blade.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Military-grade machete.


  • No sheath included.
  • The plastic handle does not offer a solid grip.
  • This machete may be too heavy for some users.

Product Specification:

  1. Weight – 1.5 pounds.
  2. Measurement – 5*2*4 inches.
  3. Latin-style machete with full tang construction.



5. Kershaw Camp 1077 Fixed Blade Machete

The Kershaw Fixed Blade Machete from the Camp 18 series is a certified show-runner. Because of its compact and durable design, this would be the perfect survival tool in your camping gear.


The blade of this machete is 10-inches long with the power of 65mn carbon steel. It’s forged with a black powder-coated high carbon steel, which makes it easy to maintain. The blade is perfect for clearing through bushes, cutting vines, skinning bark, extracting small trees, etc.

As you can see, this fixed blade machete can be used for multiple purposes, making it the ideal survival companion. Furthermore, this machete by Kershaw is available in a 14-inch design, and an 18-inch blade built.

This ultimate high-performance steel by Kershaw stands to win against any survival situation. The black powder epoxy protects the blade from withering away during harsh weather and gives the machete a stunning look. Apart from being the ideal survival tool, this machete is also a great collectible knife.


The Kershaw Camp model has a strikingly strong handle with a rubber over-mold. This rubber grip is formed over a solid polymer frame. The handle features Kershaw’s brand logo, with a safe non-slip rubber grip. The rubber grip of this handle contours the hand with a built-in handguard, and lanyard holes both in the front and the back.

Not to forget, this fixed blade machete is a part of Kershaw’s Camp Series, which is a more than appropriate name for this classic survival knife.


The fixed blade camp machete by Kershaw comes with a molded sheath that fits the blade perfectly. The sheath has nylon straps to help the survivalist carry the machete with ease.


  • 65mn high-quality steel with carbon content.
  • Non-slip rubber grip handle.
  • Available in various blade lengths.
  • Sheath included with nylon straps and lashing points.


  • The blade powder coating is prone to erosion after using it for some time.

Product Specification:

  1. Weight – 0.5 pounds.
  2. Measurement – 6*1*1 inches
  3. Full tang handle with rubber over-mold.



6. Parang Machete by Condor Tool & Knife

The Parang Machete comes from another pioneer in the field of crafting astonishing machetes, Condor Tool & Knife. Machetes are a much-needed part of any survival gear, and if you’re curating one for yourself, this one is a good place to start.


The Parang Machete by Condor Tool & Knife has a 17.5-inch blade made of 1075 high carbon steel. This is a heavy-duty survival tool with a blade dipped in black powder epoxy. With a flexible and durable foundation, this Parang Machete will outlast your survivalist days.

The high carbon steel curved blade has a full tang construction, which means that the blade runs through the handle. This outstanding parang is great at clearing bushes and vines with ease. While the blade of this machete is relatively thin, it’s a well-balanced survival knife that will stand by you.


This Parang machete has a hardwood handle, with a lanyard hole that provides a safe grip for the user. The hardwood handle adds a certain flair to this parang that can’t be matched by most designs on the market. The high carbon steel blade runs through the handle, giving it the right balance for heavy-duty performance.

The full tang blade of this survival machete gives it a graceful and eye-catching framework. The weighed hardwood handle of this parang makes it reliable for swinging. However, please note that this parang may be too heavy for you if you’re a new user.


This machete by Condor Tool & Knife comes with a black leather sheath. While this parang machete ticks most boxes, it has a really long blade. This means that even with a protective sheath, it can be difficult to carry.


  • The blade is made with 1075 high carbon steel.
  • The handle is made of hardwood.
  • Well-balanced machete with a sharp blade.
  • The handle fits well in the user’s palm.


  • It has a thinner blade than most machetes.
  • This machete can be tough to carry around.

Product Specifications:

  1. Weight – 0.44 pounds.
  2. Measurement – 26*3.5*1.75 inches.
  3. Full tang construction with a high carbon steel blade.



7. Genuine Gurkha Machete by GK&Co Kukri House

The Genuine Gurkha Machete by GK&CO Kukri House is an authentic knife made in Nepal. Unlike most machetes, this is a rather small kukri machete. It’s a great survival machete for your gear. With this knife, you will be prepared to face adversity at all times.


This kukri machete has a 6-inch long blade made of high carbon steel. The thickness of this blade is about 10mm. The carbon steel blade of this survival machete is perfect for farming needs. Furthermore, it works splendidly for cutting wood, and vegetation.

This multi-purpose tool is well-suited for several uses like clearing bushes, chopping logs, slicing through meat, vegetables, etc. The sharp blade of this machete is created to tolerate heavy work, making it strong and durable.


The Genuine Gurkha Machete has a full tang blade with a hardwood handle. The handle is sturdy enough to swing with confidence. With this handcrafted kukri machete, you can rest assured that you will be ready for any survival situation.

Not only is this survival machete an outstanding choice for your survival gear, but it will also stay by your side for a long time to come. This long-standing durability of the machete makes it one of the best survival machetes on the market.


This survival machete comes with a protective sheath. You can carry it wherever you need to without a fuss. The sheath will keep the knife in place so you don’t have to worry about it slipping out while you walk through the woods.

Furthermore, this kukri machete comes with two small utility knives called Karda & Chakmak.


  • The blade is made of carbon steel.
  • It has a hardwood handle with a full tang blade.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Handcrafted in Nepal by professional kukri makers.
  • Comes with two small utility knives.


  • After examining the reviews, we found that in some cases, the blade of this machete was not sharp enough for razor-sharp cuts.

Product Specifications:

  1. Weight – 1.54 pounds.
  2. Measurement – 6*1.8*2 inches.
  3. Imported from Nepal.



8. Engineer Bolo Machete by Condor Tool & Knife

Another stunning machete is the Engineer Bolo Machete by one of the most recognized sporting goods manufacturers in the industry, Condor Tool & Knife. This authentically designed Bolo Machete promises unmistakably excellent performance.


This Engineer Bolo Machete by Condor Tool & Knife has a 15-inch blade made of 1075 high carbon steel. The blade is crafted with strikingly precise detail and has a wonderful design. This carbon steel blade is extra thick. It can easily cut through solid animal limbs and dense bushes. It has a super sharp tip which is perfect for piercing through objects.

Furthermore, this blade is incorporated with brass rivets which add to its strength. The carbon steel blade of this Bolo machete is extraordinarily strong, making it highly durable and long-lasting.


The Engineer Bolo Machete has a hardwood handle infused with a full tang blade. The wooden handle is smooth and fits well in the user’s hands. The full tang construction of this machete gives it balance and stability.

However, please note that the handle of this survival machete does not have a textured grip, so it may be slippery in sweaty hands.


The Engineer Bolo Machete comes with a brown leather sheath. The sheath has multiple buttons in place to make sure that the machete doesn’t slip out while you navigate your way.


  • Created in El-Salvador.
  • Extremely durable high carbon steel.
  • This machete is well-balanced due to its full tang construction.
  • Super-sharp blade to cut through stubborn materials.


  • This machete can be too heavy for new users.
  • The handle of this machete does not have a textured grip, making it prone to slippage.

Product Specifications:

  1. Weight – 2.54 pounds.
  2. Measurement – 26*3.5*1.75 inches.
  3. Comes with a classic blade finish.



9. Kukri Machete by Cold Steel

The Kukri Machete by Cold Steel is a traditionally designed kukri machete that is easily one of the best survival machetes. This machete by Cold Steel has all the tell-tale signs of a good machete that can make just the right cuts.


This kukri machete has a 13-inch blade length. The blade is made of high-quality carbon steel with 1055 carbon content. The blade has an anti-rust black powder coating, making it an elegant inclusion in your survival gear.

The blade of this machete is 2.75 mm thick and it can cut through dense bushes, vines, heavy vegetation, etc. It’s a great cutting tool for farmers that’s perfect for survival uses as well.

The Kukri Machete by Cold Steel is available with a 13-inch blade length and a 17-inch blade length.


The overall length of this survival machete is 18-inches, including the full tang blade with a polypropylene handle. The handle fits comfortably in the user’s hands. It has a lanyard hole for added safety. With the incorporation of a textured handle grip, this machete allows for an easy swing movement.

You can cut through stems and bushes quickly with the enhanced grip of the handle. Also, the handle grip allows the user to promptly defend themselves in a dangerous survival situation.


This kukri machete comes with a Cor-Ex sheath that only adds to the machete’s appeal. It makes the machete easy to carry. The sheath can be attached to a belt loop on the hip or fastened to a backpack. For added convenience and easy access, you can strap it to your leg.

The Kukri Machete by Cold Steel is a good old survival machete that serves multiple purposes. Its authentic build compliments the art of kukri-making, and it’s just what your next survival gear needs.


  • Made with high quality 1055 carbon steel blade.
  • A full tang blade with a textured grip handle.
  • Included Cor-Ex sheath which makes the machete easy to carry.
  • The blade has a black anti-rust powder coating with a matte finish.


  • The handle can be too small for some users.
  • The blade can’t handle thick wood.

Product Specifications:

  1. Weight – 1 pound.
  2. Measurement – 23*5*1 inch.
  3. Kukri Machete with a full tang frame.



10. Ka-Bar Combat Kukri Machete

And now, Ka-bar, perhaps one of the most famous brands for survival machetes. We couldn’t close our list without mentioning Ka-bar, a brand that is known for its special kukri machetes. The Combat Kukri knife is one such machete.


The Ka-Bar Combat Kukri knife has a high carbon steel blade which is 8.5 inches long. The blade is made of top-quality 1095 carbon steel, with a non-reflective surface. It’s coated with a black powder epoxy.

With the sharp blade edge of this machete, clearing brush would be an effortless job. Apart from being perfect for clearing brush and cutting through thick vegetation, this survival machete is also a great self-defense tool.


The Combat Kukri Knife by Ka-Bar has a black Kraton handle. The handle is infused with a slip-resistant grip, ensuring safety from any hasty swinging accidents. The overall length of this machete is 13 3/8 inches.

While this handle is non-slip, please keep in mind that it does not have a lanyard hole for grip protection. It’s advisable to be extra careful while handling this kukri machete.


This kukri machete by Ka-Bar comes with a durable polyester sheath. The sheath uses a button closure to keep the knife in place. With the help of this sheath, you can easily carry this survival machete wherever you go. It can be strapped to your belt or your leg for easy access.

Furthermore, the sheath has a storage compartment for a small knife as well.


  • The blade is made of 1095 high carbon steel.
  • It has a non-slip Kraton G thermoplastic elastomer handle.
  • Comes with a polyester sheet for easy portability.
  • Great for self-defense.


  • The handle doesn’t have a lanyard hole.

Product Specifications:

  1. Weight – 0.9 pounds.
  2. Measurement – 17*5*3 inches.
  3. Kukri Machete with a high carbon steel blade.



Related Articles:

Types of Machetes

1. Barong Machete

The Barong Machete was originated in the Philippines. The Barong is usually known for its leaf-shaped blades that come together at one single edge. Barongs are created for heavy-duty slicing power. They are traditionally used by ethnic tribes in the Philippines for cutting, hunting, and slaughtering livestock.

One of the most iconic features of a Barong machete is that it can cut through rifle barrels, which is why it was often feared by European colonizers. The blade of the barong machete is only sharpened on one side. The barong is also great for clearing through vines and bushes.

The Barong Machete is also known as Barung, Moro Barong, and Rawit.

2. Billhook Machete

The Billhook Machete is traditionally used for agricultural purposes because of its ability to cut around objects. The Billhook gets its name from its hook-like design in the front. The sharp and curved blade of the billhook makes it ideal for gripping vines and brambles.

The Billhook originated in Russia. It’s generally known for being used in several parts of Europe that specialize in growing wine. Most billhook machetes are sharpened on the inside but based on what you use them for, you can get it sharpened on both sides.

The Billhook Machete is commonly used for chopping around grapevines, shrubs, brambles, and bushes. Furthermore, it’s used by charcoal makers to manage wood and coppicing.

Some other popular names of the Billhook Machete are Coa, Reaping hook, Sheaf hook, and Bagging hook.

3. Bolo Machete

The Bolo Machete is one of the most widely used agricultural tools in Southeastern parts of Asia. Much like the Barong, the Bolo Machete also originates from the Philippines. It has a straight blade at the bottom, which then bulges out into a wider shape. This provides extra cutting power. The wide cutting end of the Bolo allows for easy wood chopping and livestock slaughter.

Furthermore, it’s used for harvesting crops like soybeans, rice, mung beans, peanuts, etc. Also, the Bolo Machete is a multi-purpose knife used for objectives such as breaking coconuts, combat, digging out roots, self-defense, and much more.

Another name for the Bolo Machete is Tapanga Machete.

4. Bowie Machete

Originating from the United States, the Bowie Machete is named after Jim Bowie, an American slave trader in the 19th century. It’s one of the most popular survival machetes, often used by survivalists, and outdoorsmen. The most notable feature of this machete is its unique sharpened point, which is also known as a clip-point or a skinner tip.

The Bowie Machete is used by hunters all over the world. It’s an important part of survival kits for campers because of its precise cutting trait.

The Bowie Machete has many other names like Survival machete, Wilderness machete, and Large Bowie knife.

5. Bush Machete

Founded in Latin America, the Bush Machete is an all-rounder. It can be used for a variety of purposes like cutting grass, self-defense, chopping wood, combat, etc. The blade of this machete usually does not have a curve. However, it does have a wider shape towards the mouth of the blade.

The Bush Machete is traditional in every sense of the word. You can use it for almost all farming roles like harvesting, green vegetation, etc. Because of its well-rounded shape at the end and the straight edge at the beginning, it’s often compared with the Katana Machete.

The Bush Machete can be carried around in a sheath, making it easily portable. It’s also widely known as the Latin-style Machete.

6. Cane Machete

The Cane Machete has its roots in Hebei, China. It features a wide, blunt tip with a slight hook. This distinct trait of the Cane makes it perfect for farming activities like cutting and stocking sugar cane, bamboo, hacking corn stalks, etc. Furthermore, the hook acts as an excellent tool for farmers because it can be used to extract hacked canes from plants.

The blade of the Cane machete starts out with a narrow built, which goes on to get wider in the middle. This extends to the broadest area of the machete with a C-shaped curve that works as a hook.

The Cane Machete has several common names like Camp Cleaver, Corn Knife, Sugarcane Machete, Aztec Cleaver, Machete de Suelo, Brazillian-style Cane Knife, and Tunca.

7. Colima Machete

The Colima Machete originates from Central America. It’s sharpened on both sides and offers a tremendous sweeping cut movement. It’s considered to be one of the best machetes for mowing through enormous fodder of vegetation and hay.

Not only does the Colima Machete enhance the sweeping cut, but it also acts as an excellent helping hand for the backstroke. It carries a lot of weight in the back of the blade for extra support and precise execution of the clearing backstroke.

The Colima Machete is also known as Costeno, Acapulqueno, Panzon, and Caguayano.

8. Hawkbill Machete

Much like the Billhook, the Hawkbill Machete has a curved built. It’s sharpened on the inside and has a curve-like structure on the outside. The tip of a Hawkbill Machete is specifically created to cut through hard materials.

The Hawkbill has a blade that can easily clear vegetation and reap goods in bulk. Furthermore, it has an ultra-sharp tip which enhances its accuracy.

The Hawkbill Machete is commonly known by the name Cuma.

9. Kukri Machete

The Kukri Machete is one of the more compact options when it comes to machetes. The place of origin for the Kukri is Nepal. It’s heavily used in Central Asia for getting through heaps of vegetation.

The Kukri has a dynamically designed blade. It begins with a narrow blade at the bottom, which then broadens into a sharp bulge. The blade ends with an elegant sharpened tip, which is perfect for self-defense. The narrow area is ideal for whittling, and the broad midsection is designed for chopping.

The Kukri Machete is a versatile knife that excels in farming applications, specifically cutting needs. Alternatively, it’s known as Rawit, and Gurkha Blade.

10. Panga Machete

The Panga Machete comes from Africa, and it’s a lot like the Bolo. It has a heavy build, especially towards the deep end. The deep weighted arc of the Panga allows for slicing and cutting with nothing but absolute precision.

The framework of the Panga blade further elongates into a sharp upturned tip that allows it to pierce objects with fine accuracy. It’s ideally used for chopping woods and vegetation. The Panga Machete has a beautiful structure with a concentrated force for chopping various kinds of materials.

It’s commonly known as Burriquito, Daga, Liniero, and Rozador.

11. Parang Machete

The Parang Machete originates from Indonesia in Southeast Asia. It has a longer blade than most machetes on the market. The Parang blade has a curved frame with sharp edges on both sides. The thick blade of this machete is typically used for cutting through wood.

The curved blade of the Parang starts with a narrower end than the Kukri machete. It’s a heavy-duty tool with features that are ideal for agricultural and farming requirements. Furthermore, the long blade of the Parang can be used for stalking wood, vegetation, hay, etc.

The Parang Machete has several other names such as Golok, Sable, and Bedog.

12. Weighted Machete

The Weighted Machete, also known as Heavy Machete, is considered to be the workhorse of all machetes. The blade of this machete has a bulky frame at the top, hence the name heavy machete. The build of this machete and the overall heaviness of the blade makes it perfect for cutting through wood and massive vegetation.

The slate-like structure of the Weighted/Heavy machete can be used for a variety of objectives like chopping wood, searing through thick woody vegetation, slicing, etc.

The Weighted Machete has various names like Double Edge, Lampoon, Thunderhead, Outback, etc.

Factors to Look for When Buying a Survival Machete

Buying the best survival machete is not a fool’s game. One must consider all possible contributing factors before deciding which machete works best for them. Whether you’re buying a survival machete for self-defense, or chopping wood, you must look at each and every aspect of it. Everything from the blade to the accompanying sheath is essential for a good user experience.

Let’s have a look at some of the things you need to look for when buying a survival machete.

1. Blade Material

When you’re in the market for buying survival machetes, it’s important to keep an eye out for the blade’s material. Some manufacturers choose stainless steel, and many prefer carbon steel, but your choice depends on what you need the machete for. Furthermore, the durability of the machete rests on the blade material.

Carbon steel blades tend to be stronger than stainless steel, but they’re susceptible to rust over time. This means that carbon steel may not be ideal if you’re going to be navigating through wet forests. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is rust-resistant because of the added oxidized layer on the top.

While there are a lot of options in the market, you must decide what your surroundings are and buy a machete accordingly. The best would be to find survival machetes that use a combination of high carbon steel and stainless steel with rust prevention.

2. Tang

While picking out a survival machete, the build is a crucial part. For example, A full-tang construction would mean that the blade runs through the handle and extends outwards. This makes the machete relatively well-balanced and offers a strong and swift range of motion.

Therefore, you must find a full-tang blade machete because it provides the right balance for powerful swings.

3. Weight

The weight of the machete is another essential factor when it comes to picking the best survival machete. A heavier machete would be considerably more durable, allowing the user to chop through the wood, cut through bushes, and easily perform heavy-duty work.

However, a heavy machete might be difficult to carry around, especially if you spend a lot of time on the road. Therefore, make sure that you factor in the weight of the machete while buying one.

You can buy a heavy machete to keep in your survival kit, and a lighter one to keep with yourself at all times.

4. Handle

Another essential part of buying survival machetes is the handle on them. Most survival machetes come with a textured grip to prevent accidents and enhance protection for the user. If the machete doesn’t have a non-slip grip, it will make performing hefty tasks or self-defense dangerous for the person wielding it.

When it comes to the handle, an important feature to look for is a lanyard hole. A lanyard hole will improve the handle’s grip, making it much safer for the user.

5. Sheath

When you’re buying survival machetes for the road, it’s important to make sure that it comes with a sheath. While you can just as easily buy a different sheath, sometimes it can be difficult to find the right fit.

Furthermore, the material of the sheath is important. As far as the material goes, leather won’t disappoint you because it’s durable and lasts longer than most choices out there. Remember that a nylon sheath is prone to breaking down more rapidly than other materials.

You should carefully examine the sheath you get with the machete. The sheath needs to have a belt loop or some sort of latching mechanism so that it’s easy for you to carry.

Also, you can make your own sheath if you have the time it requires.


Is a machete good for self-defense?

Yes, machetes are good for self-defense. By design, machetes are created to ward off intruders and protect themselves from wild animals. However, please note that some machetes do not have the blade sharpness to cut through bones or slice through flesh unless they’re sharpened explicitly for that purpose.

Are machetes good for survival?

If you’re an avid survivalist and devote time to being in the forest actively, then a machete is a good companion for survival. They can be used to cut through stems to make your way in the forest and to defend yourself against animals in the jungle.

Could a machete cut an arm off?

No, machetes are not sharp enough to cut off an arm. Their primary purpose is for farming and agricultural needs like trimming bushes, chopping wood, stalking vegetation, cutting sugarcane, etc.


Navigating through the wild on your own can be scary. In such situations, self-defense tools like a survival machete can make you feel secure. Hence, careful consideration of the features you need in a survival machete according to your unique circumstances can help you make the right choice.

We hope that this buying guide helped you decide which one’s the best survival machete for you.

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