13 Best Leather Portfolios & Padfolios in 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)


Leather portfolios may seem like a tool used by businessmen and women, but it’s helpful to anyone who wants to use them to organize their stuff, such as authors and even teachers. The best leather portfolios have places to keep your documents inside—since they’re just like wallets and are able to protect your stuff while being the size of a binder with plenty of room for paperwork. They can also hold electronics and jump drives for your laptops, and even smaller laptops themselves, if you want to. They’re handy for anyone to stay organized and keep all of their important paperwork held in a single place, especially while on the go. After extensive testing and research, we have compiled this list of the best leather portfolios and padfolios to buy in 2022. There’s also a short buyer’s guide at the end.

13 Best Leather Portfolios & Padfolios in 2022

1. Maruse Personalized Italian Leather Executive Padfolio

The Maruse Padfolio is made from real Italian calf leather. The smooth, sleekness to the design gives it a rustic appearance that is appealing. It’s designed with professionals in mind. It isn’t all about appearances; the functionality of it works just as well.

It’s letter-sized with a lined writing pad, which is extremely useful. They have spaces inside for credit and debit cards, as well as business cards and several loops for pencils and pens. I always keep tons of those, so this is extremely handy.

What I also love about it is that it’s large enough to hold a 13-inch Macbook or a tablet of the same size. Along with this, it comes with a metal zipper to keep all items inside well-protected. The portfolio has a special sleeve specifically for your laptop or tablet, while still leaving plenty of room for notepad or journal.

The leather it uses is comes from Santa Croce sull’Arno in Tuscany and it’s made by some of the most skilled Italian crafters.


It’s versatile and a perfect fit for both men and women. It also has several compartments inside. The Italian leather it’s made from ages very well, so it won’t go out of style in a few years, unlike other portfolios. They can also add your initials on the bottom right corner, giving it a personal touch just for you.


  • Special sleeve for your laptop or tablet
  • Italian calf leather
  • Ages well
  • Extra loops for pens and pencils
  • Zipper to protect your items


  • The file pocket should be deeper so file tabs don’t stick out
  • Pen holders are extremely tight

In conclusion, this is a good choice for professionals who want to have room to hold everything they need from notebooks to laptops, pens, and more. It is a bit more on the expensive side, but it’s worth the price if you’re willing to pay it.



2. Handmade Genuine Leather Business Portfolio by Rustic Town

This business portfolio is handcrafted and made from Buffalo leather. On top of that, the cover is padded, which adds an extra look as well as comfortability to it. It comes with a special tablet sleeve that can hold up to 11 inches for tablets—specifically an iPad Pro. Because it’s slim, it’s also lightweight, which makes it a better option for anyone who travels a lot.

One of the better features on this portfolio is that it has a 360-degree flip capability. You can completely flip the cover and the back of it and use it to take quick-notes or something else.

But don’t think that just because it’s lightweight it isn’t durable—because it is. It has a thick hardbound cover and the stitches on it are strong so they won’t tear or break, or wear over time. It’s also extremely easy to clean in case you spill something on it.


The leather it’s crafted from is 100% real and because it’s made from buffalo, it’s extremely high quality. It improves with age and actually gets softer because it’s been oil rubbed and distressed.

It has one larger pocket that is perfect for holding paper and can also hold a tablet up to 11 inches. It has a single pen slot and a single space for a business card. But it also has a notebook holder as well.

The cover is hardbound and padded and the stitching was done with high-quality thread, which makes it extremely durable.


  • High quality leather
  • Hardbound
  • Cover is padded for extra durability
  • Affordable
  • 360-degree flip capability
  • Handcrafted


  • Not as many pen and pencil holders inside
  • Only one slot for either a laptop or a folder—not both
  • Unique smell

Overall, this leather portfolio is stronger and much more durable than the last. It makes a perfect business gift either for yourself as a treat or for someone at work. It’s affordable, but handcrafted for a beautiful design.



3. Leather Portfolio Professional Organizer Padfolio

This leather padfolio is made from a special type of soft buffalo leather. Like the previous one, this one is also handmade, but the leather is actual natural. This also means that each portfolio they craft has a different shade, so each one is unique. Because the leather on these is distressed and tanned naturally, it can mark, but that gives it a rustic, aged look that is beautiful and appealing. It is a 13×10 size, so it has plenty of room for your notebooks and papers.

This padfolio comes with 2 business card holders and 2 pen and pencil holders as well, but what’s neat about it is that the two pen holders are actually different sizes. There is one small one for smaller pens and pencils and there’s another one for larger pens and pencils. It’s also lightweight and cushioned, so it’s comfortable to carry around.

With this purchase, you can actually get your money back within a year. And the money that you buy this with will be used to help kids in Africa.


When they naturally tan and distress the leather for these padfolios, they use special oils, which gives each one a special, unique look. This gives them a very rich, earthy scent as well. It comes with plenty of storage space to organize all your items, while still being lightweight and small enough to fit inside your bag or brief case.


  • Naturally made, giving each a unique look
  • Smells good
  • Two pen holders of different sizes and two business card holders
  • Two bigger spaces for notebooks and folders and a medium sized one for smaller papers.
  • Affordable
  • For a good cause
  • One-year money back guarantee


  • Tanned with special oils so it doesn’t look perfect—this is a good or bad thing depending on what you’re looking for
  • Not as professional looking as others

In conclusion, this is a fantastic choice for professionals—whether you’re a business owner, teacher, author, or something else. It has plenty of space inside and the unique look between all the padfolios they craft is very appealing.



4. Professional Executive PU Leather Business Resume Portfolio

This portfolio actually has a zipper on the inside, so it can hold more than just notebooks, pens, pencils, cards, and folders. It has enough space for a Kindle Device or iPad Mini—up to 8 inches tall and 6 inches wide. It also has extra spaces for erasers, CDs, Jump Drives, and more.

The document compartment on the inside of the leather portfolio is wide enough to hold 8 by 11 papers up to half an inch thick. But it also has a sleeve on the outside to hold documents, that way you can easily slip then in and out when you’re in a hurry.


It has a pen and pencil holder on the inside, as well as a refillable paper pad for you. It also has several card slots inside, including a translucent one for your ID.

The outside pocket makes it so easily to grab items quickly—such as cell phone or important documents—without having to put the whole portfolio down and unzip it all just to grab one simple thing.

It’s also considerably cheaper than the others on this list—so far, the cheapest here. It is made from Faux leather, so if you’re wanting real, authentic leather, then this is a slight drawback. But if you prefer Faux leather, then this is a good feature.


  • Extremely affordable
  • A special slot on the outside for on-the-go
  • Translucent ID slot
  • Multiple card holders inside


  • Made from Faux leather

Just because this one is cheaper doesn’t mean it isn’t as good—it’s durable and has strong stitching that holds together, as well as the ability to age well without fading or coming loose over time. In conclusion, this portfolio is perfect for people who want to go the cheaper route, but still want and deserve a portfolio of higher quality.



5. NERO MANETTI- Zippered Vegan Leather Padfolio

The Nero Manetti portfolio actually comes with an adhesive phone wallet, business card wallet, and an 8.5 by 11-inch notepad. It’s made from Vegan leather, so it looks and feels professional, created specifically for business people and lawyers. It’s also lightweight, making it easy to carry around as you’re on the go. One of the other neat things about this portfolio is that it has a dual zipper, which makes it way more accessible and convenient for you.

It’s large enough to hold what you need with plenty of storage space inside it, while at the same time, also being slim enough to be travel-friendly, no matter where you’re going.


It has 12 interior pockets—the most storage out of all the portfolios we’ve looked at so far. It has an exterior pocket on the outside for papers, to help you grab things easier when you’re in a bit of a hurry. It also has a total of six business card holders, a zippered pocket for added safety, 2 pen and pencil holders, and a specially designed, padded sleeve for your iPad or other tablet.

It also surprisingly comes with a free eBook. This is a how-to eBook guide on making the right first impression—super helpful to college students, businessmen and women.


  • Several inside pockets with more storage space
  • 2 pen and pencil holders
  • Comes with a free eBook
  • Inside zipped pocket
  • Outside sleeve for quick, easy accessibility
  • Affordable


  • It’s a bit bigger and bulkier than other portfolios

Overall, this is one of the better ones on this list. It comes with a lot and yet, it’s not too expensive for what it’s giving you. The eBook with it is a huge bonus—a how-to guide that would help anyone who wants to make a good first impression. The portfolio itself fits that description—it’s sleek design is professional and has plenty of room to help even the messiest person stay completely organized.



6. Leather Padfolio – Professional Organizer and Resume Folder

This is another padfolio that is completely handcrafted with naturally tanned leather. Because of the way the leather is made, it will age well and not get worn out over time. It’s 10 by 13 inches in size, so it’s large enough for standard notebooks and documents. The leather is supple and made with durability and detail in mind, and it’s also vintage two-tone leather.

They’ll also send you a refund if you don’t like it—plus the price is affordable.


The leather that’s crafted for this particular padfolio is actually used in saddles for horseback-riding, which makes it one of the most durable on this list. It isn’t bulky and easily fits into your bags or brief cases so you can take it with you everywhere. The handcrafted quality of the leather is genuine and has attention to detail.


  • Professional, double-stitching
  • Money back guarantee
  • Extremely durable
  • Affordable


  • The leather scratches easily
  • Not good for left-handers

Overall, this padfolio is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to stay organized or have something to protect your documents on the go. It’s the most durable on the list so far and will age extremely well, so you can keep it for a long time.



7. Handmade Genuine Leather Business Portfolio by Jaald

This portfolio is actually made from fine buffalo leather and has been expertly stitched by highly experienced craftsmen and women. It is 10 by 13 inches with an outer pocket large enough to keep your tablet or other documents that you want to be easily accessible. On the inside, it has a full-sized pocket large enough for folders, papers, and anything else you want to put inside, along with two extra zippered pockets. It comes with 5 card holders and even a phone holder, so you can keep your cell phone in here with all of your other important business papers and documentation. You can also fit an iPad pro in the back pocket.

The leather it’s made with is handcrafted and professional, but it’s made naturally with vegetable, natural oils. This gives this portfolio it’s unique color, and the unique colorful strokes across it are never the same. It’s a high-quality technique and the result is naturally made, professional leather.


It has plenty of pockets both inside and outside to keep all of your items organized no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing. Its beautifully crafted and smooth, to make a good first impression in businesses and job interviews.

Out of all the portfolios on this list, this is one with more pockets than most of the others. It comes with: a full slide pocket on the inside, two extra zippered pockets, 5 card holders, a phone folder, an outside pocket, a folder pocket, and a place for your ID to go as well.


  • Several pockets on inside and outside for plenty of storage space
  • Beautifully handcrafted


  • Some pockets can be too tight
  • Pen and pencil holders are too loose
  • Zippers on the outside aren’t as strong as the ones on the inside

In conclusion, this leather portfolio isn’t as good as the others in terms of durability and size—the card holders are sometimes too tight and don’t fit the standard for business cards and the pen and pencil holders can be too big. But it does have a lot more pockets and storage capabilities than the others do.



8. Jack&Chris Leather Portfolio, A4 Document Folder Legal Pad Padfolio

This padfolio is made from pure cowhide leather, so it’s made to be heavy-duty and highly durable. It will naturally scratch and after about six months, it will become glossier. It’s meant to look distressed and rustic. It’s 13 by 10 inches, so you have plenty of room for all your important documents. It has one clipboard sleeve holder for your notebooks and paper, along with two holders for pens and pencils, two business card holders, and two side pockets for more documents and paperwork.

This padfolio doesn’t have a zipper, which can be a good or bad thing depending on what you’re looking for. It doesn’t have the nuisance of a zipper, but that also means your stuff could fall out easier and be less protected.

The people who designed this leather padfolio have been crafting handmade leather for decades and their experience really shows through with this leather portfolio.


The cowhide leather not only is 100 percent pure and authentic, but it’s much tougher than other types of leather. This makes the Jack&Chris padfolio much more durable than other types of portfolios, while at the same time, not being any bulkier either.

The leather is naturally tanned and is soft and distressed which provides a vintage appearance. Even though it will form scratches with time, they can easily be rubbed off with your thumb.

It is made at a perfect size so that it can hold all of your stuff, but easily fit into your bag or briefcase. It’s also slightly more expensive than some of the others we have looked at on this list, but it’s also in the medium-range of still being affordable.


  • Extremely durable because of the pure cowhide
  • It can fold backwards if needed
  • Large with plenty of space for all your documents and items


  • Coating over the leather because of how it was made
  • No zipper

In conclusion, it’s in the medium price range, but the tough cowhide is well worth it in terms of durability. The lack of zipper is a feature that’s either a good or a bad thing—bad for anyone who is concerned about their items spilling out, but it does have plenty of storage space inside.



9. STYLIO Padfolio/Resume Portfolio Folder

This padfolio actually has safe slots conveniently placed to make all your paperwork and other items easily accessible. It also fits inside most briefcases and bags, which means you can travel anywhere and take it with you on the go. It’s made specifically for the wear and tear of traveling a lot, so it’s durable enough to withstand your crazy traveling schedule.

What’s amazing about this one is that the document holder on the inside is water resistant and has reinforced stitching, designed specifically to protect your documentation and papers and keep them secure.


They have a one-year warranty on this particular padfolio, so if you’re unhappy with it in the first year, you can get your money back—completely guaranteed.

The design is sleek and black, created for anyone in cities and urban areas. It has a very modern look, so you’ll make a great first impression on whoever you meet. The synthetic leather it’s made from is meant to last for years to come, while being classy and stylish at the same time.

They also designed it not only to be high quality with accent stitching to show how elegant it is, but to match any outfit and make you appear more professional—as well as be more professional and highly organized.

It is also the cheapest portfolio on this list—likely the cheapest you’ll find out there, while still being of higher quality


  • Extremely affordable
  • Stylish, made to look professional
  • Synthetic, longer-lasting leather
  • Double-stitching
  • Water resistant
  • One-year warranty


  • Doesn’t stay clean easy because of the black color

In conclusion, this is a perfect portfolio choice for anyone on a budget, but if you still want to look and feel professional. It has plenty of space and is water-resistant to protect your paperwork and documents from any accidents that could happen. It also has double stitching on the inside, so they took a lot of care in crafting something to protect the contents inside it.



10. Leather Portfolio Document Folder Handcrafted

This portfolio is a simplistic design, sleek, and professional, but designed to make you look and feel classy and confident no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

It’s made from full-grain cowhide leather, which is the highest quality leather that exists. This also means that the portfolio will last for many years, but the amazing is that the inside is actually lined with real cotton, so it’s super easy to clean. The stitching has been done by experts so that it’s strong and durable. It’s 10 by 14 inches, so there is plenty of room for your documentation, while at the same time being comfortable to hold and use. The way the leather was naturally tanned with vegetable oil, and hand-dyed means that it will be completely unique.


It fits any laptop, tablet, iPad, or electronic device all the way up to eleven inches. On the inside, it has a business card holder, a pen holder, and a phone holder, so you have plenty of storage for all the items you need to bring with you.

The chemicals that the leather is made from are natural and contain no harmful chemicals in them, so you and your items will stay safe and sound. They use reliable hardware and zippers that are guaranteed to last for decades without wearing down.


  • Thick, durable leather
  • Unique design
  • Can hold an electronic device inside it
  • Zippers will last for a while


  • No external pocket
  • Sometimes the pocket holders for papers don’t easily fit paper
  • Extremely expensive

Overall, this one is way more expensive, which is a bit of a negative, but the design is completely unique and it can hold an electronic device inside it, which is highly appealing. The zippers lasting a while is another good feature that makes this a great leather portfolio.



11. RingSun Leather Padfolio for Men/Women

This padfolio is crafted from high-quality grain leather—one of the highest end leathers you’ll find. It’s extremely durable and also rustic. The craftsmen who worked on it are experts and it’s made with a zipper designed to protect your documentation. It’s 13 by 10 inches and has plenty of pockets to hold everything you need, such as your papers, notebook, pens, cards, and more.

It can also carry up to a twelve-inch iPad, tablet, or laptop, so you can carry your business with you. Even though it can carry your electronic device, it’s also small and portable, making it extremely comfortable to carry around with you wherever you travel. Easily fit it inside your bag or briefcase and it won’t be heavy or difficult to take with you.


They have designed this portfolio by doing extensive research and using the highest-quality materials, so that their product would be classy and last for years to come. It comes with three different pen and pencil holders, along with eight different card holders, including a translucent one perfect for your ID. The inside also has a zipped pocket, perfect for storing any documentation, devices, or other items that you want to be secure and well-protected.

The pockets on the inside are actually all made from polyester, so they’re expandable. This gives you extra room if you need it, so that you can fit everything you need to inside.

It comes with a keyboard cover, to protect your devices and the pen holders will keep your pens and pencils held in place whether they have a clip or not. It also has a very special slot for your apple pen if you have one.


  • Well crafted
  • Durable
  • Plenty of card and pen holders on the inside for lots of storage space


  • No outside pocket
  • A little bit more expensive

Overall, this one is a bit more expensive with slightly less going for it, but since it’s well-crafted and durable, with plenty of pen and pencil holders, this is still one of the better leather portfolios, since it has plenty of storage space.



12. Personalized Leather Padfolio Legal Pad Folio Organizer

This padfolio is monogrammed to whatever initials you want carved on the front cover. It’s made from full-grain leather that’s also been designed to be extremely durable and heavy-duty so that your items are secured and you won’t have to worry about how long the portfolio will last. The leather has also been crafted to age well and has plenty of places for you to store all your items and keep everything well-organized on the inside.

They’ve crafted the leather by using minimally finished tanning recipes that have been naturally crafted and is authentic and real for a vintage, rustic look and appeal. They’ve spent time working to ensure that the leather is sleek and smooth, to give it the professional design you need, while at the same time, being natural and using the imperfections in the leather to make it more appealing in appearance.


It comes in four different colors that you can choose from. They will customize it for you, to carve whatever initials you want—either for yourself or maybe a gift for a loved one, family member, friend, or business partner.

All leathers coming from living animals that encounter many events in their daily adventures. These occurrences translate into scratches, bite mark, scars and etc. The brands going for a mass-market reach adopts an approach to achieve a unified man-made look through heavy corrective finishing procedures. This literally means they sand of the natural grain of the leather and rebuild it with chemicals and molds to make it look like a standard flawless surface.

It’s made from heavy-duty full grain cowhide, which means it’s extremely durable and will last for many years to come. They don’t mass produce, but that means they give each portfolio attention and care, so that yours is special and unique.


  • Leather is soft, but durable
  • The inside of it is lined with soft material
  • Personalized for your initials if you want
  • Heavy-duty, so your stored items will be well-protected


  • The natural look can be either a good or bad thing, but it does mean it has natural imperfections in the leather
  • Slightly more expensive

Overall, this padfolio is a more naturally made one, with a natural look and feel to the leather. It’s created by people with a passion, so there is more attention to detail, while at the same time, it looks professional and will keep all your items perfectly organized. The four different color choices are a nice addition, along with the customized initials carved onto it for the customer if they so choose.



13. COSSINI Black Superior Vegan Leather Business Portfolio with Zipper

The Cossini business portfolio is created with vegan leather and was designed for people pursuing advancements in their life. Recently, they have upgraded it to have full PU leather interior, dual start zipper, and plenty of storage on the inside, so all your paperwork can be organized—and can even hold a solar calculator as well.

The pockets on the inside are easily accessible, so that you can reach your phone, pens, calculator, cards, paper, folders, and more as quickly as you need to. The leather outside is black and sleek, made perfectly for professionals, so you can be taken seriously and make a great first impression wherever you go.


It comes with a money back guarantee if you end up not liking their portfolio. Cossini is a professional design, created by experts so they know how to create a portfolio that is practical, stylish, sleek, with plenty of storage for your important documents and other items. Some of the best designers in Europe crafted this leather portfolio.

It comes with five different business card holders, a holder specifically for your calculator, and a separate, translucent holder for your ID. The inside also has a larger pocket for your folders and other important documentation, as well as a zipped pocket for your tablets or other important items you want stored and protected.


  • Affordable
  • Dual zippers that are also smooth
  • Sleek, professional design
  • Created for business professionals
  • Zipped pocket inside
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Easy to clean


  • The calculator it comes with doesn’t work
  • Paper can be difficult to fit inside it
  • The seller says its black, but it comes in brown

Overall, this is a great choice for professionals who want to keep their items well-organized and have plenty of storage space. The zipped pocket on the inside is a nice added touch and the sleek leather is super easy to keep clean. It’s also another cheap and very affordable portfolio on this list as well.


How to find the best leather portfolios?

The first and most important thing you should look for when purchasing a business portfolio is the storage capacity it has. First, think about what you’re going to be putting inside it. Once you know that, you can figure out what kind of storage you’re going to need from one. That way, when you look for the best leather portfolios, you can find one that’s the perfect fit for everything you need. Secondly, think about whether you want it to have a zipper or not. This may seem like a simplistic concept, but it’s a bigger deal than most people realize. For example, if you’re wanting to place a tablet inside your portfolio, then you’ll likely want a zipper to protect it. But if you’re on the go and need to get in and out of it quickly, you’ll probably want one that doesn’t. Lastly, you should carefully consider the price—what is your budget and how much can you afford? More than that, how much are you willing to pay for a leather portfolio? Some types of leather are more expensive than others, so if you want a better leather portfolio, you may have to be willing to pay a higher price for it. But if the leather type isn’t as important to you, then you can get a cheaper type of leather to use.

To sum it all up, when choosing a leather portfolio, it’s important to know exactly what you need one for. What items will you be placing inside it? This will be one of the major determining factors when you choose to buy one because different portfolios have different storage capabilities and designs. Knowing what kind of style you’re looking for can also help you—whether you want real leather or faux leather and whether you’re looking for something more modern in appearance or more rustic. How many papers and pens will you have and do you want zipped pockets inside or maybe a pocket on the outside? Being picky isn’t necessarily a bad thing to ensure you get the professional, best leather portfolio that you want and deserve to have. Lastly, consider your budget and how much you’re willing to pay for a good one. The right balance for a good portfolio is one that’s decently priced, durable, but small and comfortable to carry, not bulky and difficult to travel with. It will have plenty of space on the inside and have the exact look that you want.

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