Best Heated Gloves to Buy in 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)


If you are planning to spend plenty of time outdoors this winter, one of the best investments you could make is in a pair of heated gloves. Many of us find that our hands become unbearably cold in the winter, and it can make spending time outdoors really unpleasant. When your extremities begin to get cold, the rest of your body will feel it too!

If you are sporty or enjoy traveling, they are the perfect small addition to your wardrobe. Whether you’re hiking, cycling, riding a motorbike or skiing, there’s a heated glove option available for your needs.

While regular gloves offer some protection, heated gloves raise the bar to a whole new level. They’ll keep your hands nice and warm throughout the day and protected from the cold and wind. Like with any piece of technical clothing, not all gloves are made to the same standard. You’ll find many offer good heat, but are quite flimsy with their wiring, meaning they don’t last very long. It’s worth spending a little extra and taking the time to consider your options to get a pair that will last the whole winter.

Today we’re going to share our guide to the best heated gloves. We’ll take you through everything you need to know when looking to purchase, and then share our top 15 recommendations for this winter.

Best Heated Gloves to Buy in 2022

Here are our top recommendations for heated gloves for 2020. For each pair, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of the gloves, as well as give you a full description of the product’s features and benefits. We hope you will find this extensive guide useful for comparing the best heated gloves on the market this year.

1) Plyfuns Heated Gloves

Plyfuns’ heated gloves are one of the most affordable options on the market and are a great option for casual users. They have a great design and are very durable.

They feature a touch sensor on the index fingers for use with your smartphone. The PU anti-slip leather means these are a good choice for playing sports.

Battery-Life and Material: These gloves take 3 AA Batteries, which aren’t included with the purchase. There are three settings, so you can adjust the warmth to fit your needs.

The material they are made from is soft and breathable, with a waterproof nylon surface. The high-quality cotton inside makes them soft and comfortable to wear.

Unique selling point: Extremely affordable price point in comparison to other models and a very effective product.


  • Low price point
  • Waterproof nylon surface
  • Wide heating area.


  • Uses AA Batteries, so you will need to replace them frequently


2) Global Vasion Heated Gloves for Men

Global Vasion’s gloves for men come in L or XL sizes, and are a high-quality option for the winter. They are rechargeable and are perfect for motorcycling, hiking or biking in cold weather.

They heat across the whole of your hand. The heating elements are made from carbon fiber, which is a safe and durable option.

Battery-Life and Material: These gloves feature 2PCS 7.4 rechargeable batteries which are included in your purchase. There are three different temperature settings, and battery life will vary depending on which one you use. They are constructed from a waterproof fabric and have reflective strips on the outside of each hand. The wrist bandage ensures they fit tightly to your hands and stop any wind or cold from entering.

Unique selling point: Powered by rechargeable batteries, these gloves come in two sizes for men.


  • Three temperature settings
  • Waterproof and wind-resistant
  • Heats up the whole back of your hand


They only come in L or XL sizes for Men.


3) Wamthus Heated Gloves – Electric Gloves for Men and Women

Wamthus’ heated gloves are another fantastic low-priced option on the market, which rate highly with users. This is the perfect pair of gloves for outdoor sports, such as cycling and skiing. They are recommended for users with poor circulation or arthritis, and the index finger and thumb feature a touch sensor.

Battery-Life and Material: These gloves require 3 AA Batteries, which aren’t included in the price. There’s a battery zipper on the back of the glove, so you simply put the batteries in and you’re ready to go. There are three temperature settings, which can easily be adjusted with one button.

The gloves themselves are soft and breathable, with reinforced PU leather and a waterproof coated fabric. The cuffs also feature telescopic locks, which means they are windproof.

Unique selling point: A great option for outdoor sports at a low price point.


  • Good for anyone with poor circulation
  • They feature a waterproof coating and are designed with intelligent heating modes


  • Uses Three AA Batteries, which are not rechargeable.


4) M.Jone Heated Gloves, Battery Powered Electric Heat Gloves

These heated gloves have one of the lowest prices on the market, due to using AA batteries. They are waterproof, breathable and anti-slip, so are perfect for winter adventures. There are two independent battery boxes, and they’re safe and convenient to use every day.

Every finger and the whole palm of your hand is covered with heating wires, so your hands will warm up quickly and evenly. They have a screen touch function, and the PU palms have grippy rubber dots. The adjustable wrist straps mean these are suitable for most users.

Battery-Life and Material: The gloves require 6 AA batteries for use (three for each glove). They’re made from 100% polyester knit laminated with a TPU membrane. The fabric is really soft, which makes them comfortable to wear all day.

Unique selling point: One of the lowest priced options, every finger is covered with the heating wire within the glove interior.


  • Low price, great for sports
  • Anti-slip and waterproof


  • Requires AA Batteries, which are not included
  • Quite large around the wrist area for some users


5) Sun Will Heated Gloves

Sun Will’s heated gloves are a comfortable, thick pair of thermal gloves. Using infrared fiber heating, they will warm your whole hands down to your fingertips. These are an excellent option for skiers, hunters and hikers. They are also suitable for those suffering from arthritis, Raynaud’s, bad circulation or stiff joints.

The gloves are fitted with touch-screen capability on the index fingers, so are great for using on days out and vacations. They can be adjusted to fit your wrist size with their adjustable Velcro strap which has a super seal grip. The nylon zip is waterproof and protects the batteries from any water getting in.

Battery-Life and Material: The gloves are constructed from polyester and have a soft velvet lining. They contain a waterproof membrane, to help stop water and wind getting to your hands.

To charge the gloves you can use the provided charger. There are three different settings to the gloves, and the battery life depends on which you choose. The low setting will allow about 6 hours of heat, the medium setting lasts approximately 3 hours, and the high setting will keep you warm for two hours.

Unique selling point: Great for individuals with arthritis, stiff joints or bad circulation. Infrared fiber heating elements mean they cover the whole finger to the tips.


  • Infrared heating
  • Warms down to the fingertips
  • Soft velvet lining
  • Can be used with touch screen devices


  • Not great for motorcyclists and some users question how waterproof they are


6) Savior Heated Gloves for Men and Women

Savior’s heated gloves offer a buckle closure and three temperature settings. The gloves are breathable, waterproof and wind-resistant. The back has a carbon fiber protective shell, which helps to protect your joints. On the cuffs, you’ll find the buckle style hook and loop fastener, which is designed to make the gloves easily adjustable.

The design of these gloves is more than just functional, and they are the perfect winter accessory for anyone who enjoys sport and winter days out. These gloves are especially designed for cyclists and motorbike riders, who will appreciate the look and flexibility of the gloves.

Battery-Life and Material: The external layer of the gloves are 40% lambskin and 60% polyester. They have a soft pearl cotton insulation layer. Battery wise, they use a pair of 2200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

The batteries will heat the gloves within 30 seconds, and your purchase comes with a one year quality assurance.

Unique selling point: Perfect for outdoor sports and come with a one-year guarantee.


  • Buckle closure
  • One-year guarantee
  • Rechargeable batteries


  • Be careful with sizing, as many users complain they run too big or small in various sizes.


7) Aroma Season Electric Heated Gloves

Aroma Season’s gloves are the perfect choice for those looking for an affordable pair of gloves for winter sports. The company spent two years researching this model in order to create the ideal product. Their telefinger design supports touch screen usage, meaning you can still use your phone without risking your hands getting cold.

The gloves come with a 12-month quality warranty. You can receive an answer to email enquiries within 24 hours, which is a great reassurance when purchasing.

Battery-Life and Material: The gloves are fully waterproof and windproof, to help keep your hands warm even when not using the heat setting. The stylish two-tone design sets these gloves apart from many other models.

The gloves include 7.4V 3000mah Li-ion batteries, which are the biggest capacity you will find when comparing against similar gloves online.

Unique selling point: Many years of research have gone into these gloves to find the perfect fit and ability. Waterproof and windproof.


  • 12-month guarantee
  • powerful battery
  • heating element fully covers the hand and palm


  • Heat may not spread to your fingertips


8) Velazzio [Upgrade] Thermo1 Battery Heated Gloves

These waterproof and breathable gloves are made from polyester and guarantee warmth. They offer lightweight comfort and three heat levels. The smart power-saving design preheats the gloves at full power for 5 minutes.

They are touchscreen compatible and have adjustable wrist straps to keep the wind and water out. There is an extended cuff with a drawstring closure, which makes them perfect for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. The gloves are offered in four different sizes.

Battery-Life and Material: Made from polyester with a durable water repellent outer shell. They contain a moisture-wicking fleece lining and Fan-Tex membrane. Even if you don’t use the heating system, you will find these are a good pair of snow gloves.

The battery heats to three different levels, and they are safety-certified batteries. The gloves heat at full power for five minutes before lowering to the medium setting. You can then adjust the setting to fit your needs. The battery can last up to eight hours and takes only 2-3 hours to charge.

Unique selling point: Offering up to eight hours of warmth, they offer three heating levels and safety-certified batteries.


  • Keep hands warm even in extremely low temperatures
  • Rechargeable batteries and immediate heat is provided when you put them on


  • The low setting is not very powerful, and for anyone who suffers badly from the cold, these may not be the best for warming your whole hands.


9) Snow Deer Heated Gloves

Snow Deer’s professional heated ski gloves are perfect for anyone who enjoys skiing or outdoor winter sports. They offer three different temperature settings, and it’s easy to adjust the temperature with the controller. They utilize infrared fiber heating elements which help to stimulate your blood circulation. This means they are a great choice for anyone suffering from Raynaud’s, arthritis or bad circulation.

If you have any issues after purchasing, they offer a response within 24 hours by email.

Battery-Life and Material: The gloves are made from soft sheep leather. The back of the hand features waterproof polyester and the inside of the gloves are insulated with cotton. The Velcro strap at the wrist means they are fully adjustable to protect your wrist and hands from the wind and cold.

The gloves are fitted with 7.4V 2200MAH rechargeable li-ion batteries. They offer up to six hours of heat on the lowest setting and can be recharged in 3-4 hours.

Unique selling point: Professional heated ski gloves made from sheep leather.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Heats up back of hand and fingertips
  • Perfect fit for skiing


  • Some reviewers have had issues with the quality of the product after about a month of use


10) Savior Heated Gloves for Men and Women

Savior’s heat motorcycle gloves offer a unique fit and style for motorbike users. They offer protection at the knuckles, which is not a common feature of most heated gloves. All of their products are guaranteed for one year, and they will resolve any of your concerns to ensure you are fully satisfied.

The heating system covers the whole of the back of your hand and all your fingers. This means that as well as for use on a bike, they are perfect for hiking, fishing or any other outdoor sports. They are the perfect option for anyone with joint issues or poor circulation.

Battery-Life and Material: The gloves are made from 100% cotton jersey, and are comfortable and soft to wear. The inner is made from a soft pearl cotton insulation layer, and the back of the hand has a carbon fiber protective shell, to help protect your joints. They are both waterproof and wind-resistant, as well as being very breathable.

The gloves come with three different heat settings, which can be adjusted to fit your needs. After 30 seconds of switching the gloves on, you will begin to feel their effect. The batteries are 2200MAH fully rechargeable Li-lion Batteries. They take about 2-3 hours to fully charge, and then you’ll be ready to head out again with nice, warm hands this winter.

Unique selling point: Designed for motorcyclists, these rechargeable gloves offer three heat settings and a design specifically adapted to motorbike users.


  • 100% cotton jersey
  • You can feel the heat within 30 seconds of turning on
  • Carbon fiber protective case on knuckles


  • Some users find that the heat settings are not high enough for their liking.


11) Ranger5 Electric Heated Gloves for Men and Women

Designed for motorcycle use, Ranger5’s electric heated gloves have a fully adjustable, functional design. Fitted with touch screen function on the thumbs and index fingers, they are a versatile product which can be used for any outdoor pursuits.

They come with a 1-year guarantee, as well as lifelong technical support and customer service. Adjustable buckles on the wrists help make Ranger5’s gloves fit perfectly and keep any cold from getting to your hands. The reflective strips on the gloves are ideal for cyclists and motorcyclists traveling at night-time.

Battery-Life and Material: Ranger5’s gloves heat in just 15 seconds, which is one of the quickest speeds on the market. There are three different heat level settings to suit different needs. They are a great choice for anyone with stiff joints or bad circulation and will help stimulate the circulation in your hands.

They are extremely durable, made from goatskin leather and featuring a waterproof coating. The insides are comfortable and breathable, with soft cotton and ammonia polyester insulation.

Unique selling point: Ranger5’s gloves can heat up within just 15 seconds of switching them on and are made from high-quality, durable material.


  • Immediate heating
  • Great quality material
  • Good price point


  • The low setting is not particularly powerful over a long period of time.


12) Barchi Heat Heated Rechargeable Gloves

The Barchi Heat Heated Rechargeable gloves offer full hand protection from the elements. The lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable and provide warmth for outdoor pursuits.

One of the biggest benefits of these gloves is the one-year warranty that is included with all purchases. You are offered assistance within 24 hours via email if you have any issues with the product. They are the perfect glove for winter sports and also for anyone suffering from joint or circulation issues.

Battery-Life and Material: The gloves include 00MAH rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Depending on which of the three settings you choose, they will last either 6.5, 3 or 2 hours per charge. It’s suggested to buy extra batteries if you plan to spend all day outdoors in the cold weather.

The gloves are made from a breathable material and protect your hands with three layers. There is a soft cotton lining, which absorbs moisture. The second layer is wind and waterproof, and finally, there is a breathable sponge layer.

Unique selling point: Far Infrared Carbon Fiber Heating means the whole hand will be kept warm while wearing these gloves.


  • Keep hands warm to the fingertips
  • breathable material and they come with a one year warranty


  • At the highest setting, batteries will only last 2 hours.


13) ActionHeat Battery Heated Gloves for Women

ActionHeat offer a wide range of high-quality heated clothing and accessories, and these gloves are specifically designed for women. They are designed with an innovative battery heating technology and have an attractive and stylish look to the gloves.

The heating elements are placed throughout the gloves, which means the fibers reach to the fingers and thumbs. They are really quick and easy to set up and use. You just have to connect the power bank to the USB plug on the pocket.

Battery-Life and Material: The gloves have three settings, and depending on which one you choose the batteries will last either 5, 3 or 2 hours. The power bank charges the gloves in just 3-4 hours, and four LED indicators will display how much charge they have.

The gloves feature a faux suede palm, brushed polyester lining and innovative outer shell. They have a sleek and stylish design, which will keep women’s hands warm and comfortable throughout the winter.

Unique selling point: These gloves are specifically designed for women’s hands, so offer a better fit and design for smaller hands.


  • Lightweight design for women
  • Provides battery power for hours and uses innovative heating technology


  • On the highest setting, the batteries will only last 2 hours.


14) Day Wolf Heated Gloves for Men & Women

These gloves are perfect for motorcycling, skiing, snowboarding or any other winter outdoor activity. They can be used with touch screen devices and increase blood circulation and soothe joints. They are a good option for anyone affected by rheumatism, osteoarthritis or arthritis. They are both wind and waterproof and are made from a breathable fabric. They can be purchased in a wide range of sizes to suit both male and female wearers.

Battery-Life and Material: Fitted with a pair of 7.4V 2200MAH rechargeable lithium polymer batteries, these gloves only have one heat setting. However, battery life is up to six hours.

They are made from a breathable polyester fabric, and inside the gloves, you’ll find a water protection bag. They also feature sheep leather, rubber padding and a carbon fiber knuckle protection shell. The goat skin leather placement gives you good palm protection. They are well-constructed, which makes them perfect for heavy-duty work or sports.

Unique selling point: These gloves are recommended for professional motorcycle riders and are constructed out of premium materials for a comfortable fit.


  • Made out of high-quality sheep leather
  • Well-constructed
  • CE Certified for professional motorcycle riders


  • High price point
  • Only one heat setting


15) Venture Heat Insulated Heated Gloves for Men and Women with Battery Pack

These smartphone-friendly, lightweight gloves from Venture Heat are perfect for days out this winter. The index finger and thumb are touch screen capable, which means you can take photos to preserve the memories of the time with your family and friends.

The fit of these gloves is tighter yet more lightweight, which allows more mobility and circulation in your hands. You can fully customize your heat levels with the controller on the gloves.

Battery-Life and Material: Fitted with a 7.4V battery, you have three different options for heat levels with these gloves. Naturally, these affect the battery life, but you can expect 5 hours of use from the low setting and 1.5 hours from the high setting.

The gloves feature a softshell outer layer, waterproof membrane, 3M Thinsulate insulation and inner liner.

Unique selling point: Gentle sun-like heat helps to improve blood flow and blood oxygen levels, even during times of inactivity.


  • Waterproof gloves
  • Your purchase comes with a one-year warranty


  • Battery life is not as long as other models on the market


Factors to Consider for Buying the Best Heated Gloves

Battery-operated gloves

Inside the glove, small wires are woven and connected to a battery. There will be a battery inside each glove, which fits into a pocket on the outside of the glove. When the battery is switched on, the current passes through the wires and begins to heat up the glove. The level of heat is of course dependent on the battery setting, and many are adjustable, so you have full control over the temperature of your hands. You’ll either need to replace or charge the battery when it runs out so that your gloves keep functioning.

Chemically heated gloves

These gloves have a pocket where you can place an air-activated heat packet inside. These packets are replaceable and easy to purchase inexpensively. They can last up to eight hours at a time and are a great option if you don’t like the thought of having a battery near your hands.


As with any gloves or winter accessories, you’ll want to find a pair of heated gloves that fit well to your hand size. You’ll need to consider what you are going to use the gloves for first, to ensure the fit is correct for the activity you are doing. If you are going to be using skis, or riding a motorbike, ensure you can comfortably grip the handles while wearing the gloves. You don’t want them to be too big, or the cold air will still circulate inside, but if they are too small, they can restrict your movements and cut off hand circulation. Most gloves come in sizes to fit all adults, but it’s important to check their measurements before purchasing, as these can vary from brand to brand.


Heated gloves can be made from a variety of different materials, but most commonly you’ll find they are polyester, fleece or leather. For maximum warmth, look for a fleece lining, which will keep your hands extra warm! It’s best to get gloves that are also waterproof on the outside, and polyester is the best option for this. This means you don’t have to worry about wearing them during long days out or unexpected weather changes.

Battery Life

If you are an avid adventurer or traveler, you’ll want to ensure that your gloves have a good length battery life. As mentioned, chemical powered gloves will offer you about eight hours of warmth. Look for battery-powered gloves that have a long lifespan and a large capacity. This means you can wear them all day long without any worry about them running out of power. This is one of the biggest issues with cheaper models on the market, and one of the reasons that it’s worth spending a little extra to upgrade the expected battery life.

It’s important to establish when and where you intend to use the gloves before purchasing. If you only need them for short lengths of time, the lifespan of the gloves won’t matter to you as much as someone who plans to go out all day hiking or skiing. There are options out there that allow for up to eight hours of heat, so there’s something to fit everyone’s needs.

Touchscreen accessibility

Many models nowadays can also be used with touchscreens. If you want to take photos or use your phone on your days out, it’s a great feature to include, as you’ll be able to keep your hands warm while still performing all the tasks you need to do.

Waterproof gloves

Most of the gloves listed below are waterproof as well as heated, and I think this is an important feature for winter. This will stop the cold and also the snow from getting inside the gloves, but as they are usually made of a breathable material, any sweat or water vapor will still escape. This means your hands will be warm all day, without getting clammy and unpleasant inside the gloves. This waterproof and breathable material is thanks to a barrier that is between the shell and the insulation of the material. You’ll notice Gore-Tex material is often mentioned in glove descriptions, and these offer a great waterproof and breathable option. Waterproof gloves also offer excellent wind-proofing.


How do heated gloves work?

Heated gloves come in two different types: battery or electronically powered and chemically heated.

What features should I look for in a pair of heated gloves?

Heated gloves are different from regular gloves, so there are certain things you should always look for when considering your options. It can be hard to know what the difference is between different pairs, but the features listed below are the most important things you should keep in consideration for your purchase.

Are heated gloves safe?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions regarding heated gloves. As the wires will be fully covered within your gloves, there is nothing to be worried about in regards to safety. The gloves listed in our guide below are all very effective yet safe models. In regards to the risk of catching fire, most gloves are designed to shut down the battery in the case of a short circuit. The batteries are also not capable of bringing the gloves to the temperature at which they will set on fire. So rest assured, these are a safe and sensible purchase for the winter.

What are you going to use the gloves for?

Establishing when and where you’ll use your heated gloves is important before looking at our recommendations below. Certain models are better suited to different types of activities. Are you planning to wear them for a short walk of about an hour at a time, or for an all-day hike where you hope to keep your hands warm for eight hours?

If you are interested in using them for winter sports, trying to find a pair manufactured by companies specializing in ski gear. For motorcyclists, there are also gloves which are designed to be attached to a motorcycle’s battery.

Look at how far the gloves heat your hands, and if you know you are particularly susceptible to the cold, find ones that heat all the way down to the ends of your fingertips. Also, consider the warranties that are included in the models below, as this is an important consideration for any purchase, especially with the more costly models.

Will you need additional batteries?

After establishing your usage needs for the gloves, you’ll know roughly what length battery life you are looking for. Once you’ve decided, you’ll know if you need to look for a long-lasting battery within the gloves, or alternatively, you can purchase spare batteries to keep with you when you’re out and about. If you’re looking at chemically heated gloves, make sure you stock up on the heat pouches before your first use. If you’re going away on a cold-weather vacation, you’ll need to take a good supply with you to last the duration of your trip.

How much are you looking to spend?

Within our list below, you’ll see a variety of gloves to suit everyone’s budgets. Of course, usually, you get additional features and benefits the more you spend, but depending on what you’ve established you’ll use them for, you’ll know whether the extra output is worth it for you. As a general rule, as the price increases, the quality of the manufacturing also does so.

Like with anything, if you plan to use them for a few winter seasons, it’s better to just accept that it’s worth paying a little more upfront. While we all hate spending more than we have to, sometimes you save money in the long run by buying a better quality product. Usually, the cheaper gloves on the market are not worth purchasing unless you only plan to use them a few times.

What size gloves do you need?

As we discussed earlier, you’ll want to ensure your new gloves fit perfectly. You don’t want them to be too big and your hands to get cold, or too small and lose your circulation. When looking at gloves online, you’ll see sizing charts with most of the product descriptions, so you’ll be able to compare them against your hand measurements.

Gloves are based upon the measurement around the middle of your palm, and a flexible tape measure is best to get this measurement. You can also check out product reviews to see the fit. Most of the products listed below are suitable for both men and women.

How to choose a pair of heated gloves

Now that you know the most important features of heated gloves, it’s good to consider a few questions before comparing different models. There are a few things to ask yourself to help establish your needs and expectations for your purchase.

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