Best Survival Shovels for 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)


A survival shovel is a shovel that allows you to perform multiple tasks such as trenching, digging, cutting, sewing, and so on. We have prepared this guide to help you select the best survival shovel for yourself.

9 Best Survival Shovels for 2022

1. Mempa Multi-Purpose Folding Shovel 

This multipurpose survival shovel includes a range of tools and accessories that will keep you prepared for any situation. It can be used as an ax, hex driver, wire cutter, serrated knife, harpoon, hoe, rescue knife, saw safety hammer, bottle opener, flathead bit, and fire starter. This survival shovel is ideal for backpacking, camping, hiking, fishing, off-roading, survival, RVs, emergencies, law enforcement, military, gardening, hunting, and so on.


  • The weight of the folding shovel is 1.94 lbs. Its measurements are 9 by 6.5 by 1.8 inches when it is stowed. It can be extended up to 29 inches when it is assembled fully. The extra length comes in handy for tougher jobs.
  • The survival shovel has a design that has been built to last long. It has been manufactured from Manganese steel and 404 stainless steel. It can easily withstand heavy-duty digging and entrenching tasks. It comes with a lock system that keeps the blade stable at 0, 90, and 180-degree angles. This prevents the shovel blade from causing any accidents.
  • You can light a fire using this emergency shovel. The magnesium rod has a protective layer on its surface. You can rub it with the blade to expose the silver part inside. On stroking the shovel blade to the silver area a few times, you will be able to produce enough sparks to light a fire.
  • The folding shovel can act as a repair tool to fix equipment when required. You can easily store the shovel by bending it to 0 degrees. It will take up less space and can be safely tucked away.


  • The shovel has been designed using manganese and stainless carbon steel.
  • You can light a fire by rubbing the shovel blade against the magnesium rod.
  • It has a bending feature that lets you set the shovel at three different angles.


  • Some reviews report missing parts.
  • No clear instructions on how to use the product.



2. BANORES Survival Shovel Axe

The BANORES survival shovel has a thickened and enlarged shovelhead. Its dimensions are 8.26 by 6.29 inches. It has a thickness of 3mm, which is more than most shovels in this range. This survival shovel acts as a multipurpose all-in-one tool. It can be used as a wrench, stick, ax, saw, cutter, hoe, bottle opener, screwdriver, fire starter, whistle, spear, compass, ice piton, hammer, fish scale scraper, and much more.

The survival shovel has been made from 3CR13 stainless steel. It consists of a mix of carbon and chromium, making the shovel sturdy and resistant to rust. The blade is sharp enough for both soft and hard materials. You can use the survival shovel to cut firewood, branches, as a self-defense weapon, and for breaking out of vehicles in case of an emergency.


  • This survival shovel is portable and lightweight. When folded, it takes up 9.45 inches. The shovel can be extended up to 40.15 inches. It is ideal for backpacking, hiking, camping, emergencies, hunting, fishing, gardening, etc.
  • The extension bar, which is made of high carbon steel, has a thickness of 6.15mm. It has wear-resistant features that prevent the surface of the material from rusting. You can easily use it under rough weather conditions.
  • The compact size of the survival shovel makes it easy to carry and store in your truck, SUV, or other vehicles. You can also carry inside your tactical waist pack on your belt. The length of the shovel can be expanded using extension bars. The longer length of the survival shovel is appropriate for digging sanitation holes, fire pits, or clearing your vehicle’s wheels.
  • The survival shovel has tube sections in which you can store accessories such as a screwdriver, compass, fishing spear, first aid tool, and other survival tools. The handle on this survival shovel has been designed using non-slip ergonomic material. It ensures that the shovel does not slip out of your hands and cause any accidents.
  • This survival shovel has a sharp and double serrated saw edge. The serrated side can cut through rough terrains such as vines, branches, or roots. The shovel comes with a fish spear for hunting and fishing. The length of the fish spear is 12cm. A double-head screwdriver has been included. It has been manufactured from high chromium carbon steel.
  • You can use the magnesium rod to start a fire. Sparks will be produced if you strike the flint against the rod, which can then ignite a prepared tinder. A layer of paint has been applied to the magnesium strip as a safety precaution. The paint layer has to be scraped off before use.
  • You can use the back of the knife to remove scales from fish. The lower part of the knife can be used as a bottle opener. The length of the knife is 3.15 inches. The survival shovel comes with a hard carbon steel awl that can be used to break vehicle windows, as a defensive tool, a climbing stick, and an ice breaker. The whistle can be used to scare off wildlife and to call for help. The whistle has a loud sound and can be heard very far.
  • The included compass will help you stay in your lane and not get lost while navigating forests and hills. The shovel also has a hexagonal wrench that can be used on three nut sizes. The nail puller lets you quickly get rid of nails while removing your tent.


  • Includes multiple accessories such as a knife, compass, fish spear, screwdriver, bottle opener, and many more.
  • The double serrated saw edge can be used for cutting down rough terrain.
  • Made using durable steel, carbon, and chromium.


  • Issues with the shovel lock.



3. Sallia Multitool Survival Shovel

The survival shovel is perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, gardening, hunting, traveling, backpacking, and so on. The compact and lightweight design makes it comfortable to carry on your trips, hikes, and expeditions. Besides the shovel, it comes with several additional accessories to get a wide range of tasks done. You get a screwdriver, a bottle opener, whistle, firestarter, metal knife, knapper, and a storage pouch.


  • The survival shovel has been manufactured using high-quality stainless steel with high carbon content. It makes the shovel sturdy, durable, and rust-free. The shovel has a thick head, measuring 3mm. Its dimensions are 7.08 by 6.30 inches. The large shovel head comes in handy in case of a car, truck, or other survival emergencies. It is made of top-grade 3CR13 stainless steel and has a hardness of 55+.
  • When fully expanded, the survival shovel handle can be extended up to a length of 37.6 inches. This survival shovel can withstand a lot of rough usages. The shovel can be folded when not in use, which lets you carry it with you for camping or hiking.
  • The thickness of the handle is 7.22mm. It is made of high-quality non-slip aluminum alloy and has great strength and wear resistance. These keep the shovel safe from external elements. The survival shovel is very lightweight. It weighs around 3.7 lbs, which makes it easy to carry in your car or backpack.
  • The multifunctional blades can be used for cutting food or descaling fish and can also be used as a bottle opener. The survival shovel comes with a whistle and a fire starter. The fire starter helps you to make a fire in case of emergencies. The whistle helps you to notify others of your location during a search and rescue. The loud whistle can be heard from long distances.
  • The screwdriver included in this shovel can be used for making quick repairs when you don’t have access to proper tools. It comes with a flat head and a Philips head that is appropriate for most repair tasks. The window breaker can be used for breaking glass windows of vehicles, ice, and small rocks.


  • Made using high-quality 3CR13 stainless carbon steel with 55+ hardness.
  • Lightweight, small in size, and highly portable.
  • Includes multiple accessories such as a knife, screwdriver, whistle, firestarter, and bottle opener.


  • The shovel does not work as well when it is bent.



4. Zune Lotoo Survival Camping Shovel

This survival shovel from Zune Lotoo has multifunctional accessories that should be an essential part of every survival tool. It utilizes precision foundry technology to mold and cast stainless steel to produce the best quality shovel. It does not contain any weak joints or welds and is extremely sturdy from top to bottom. The shovel head can bear up to a weight of 1060lb.

The survival shovel keeps you prepared for all situations. It can be used by survivalists, motorcyclists, truck drivers, fishers, hikers, hunters, military personnel. You can use it for camping, backpacking, disaster recovery, RV camping, bushcraft, prepping, museum stores, motor or car stores, and so on.

The shovel can be used as a knife, ax, bottle opener, screw opener, jack, chopper, fire starter, whistle, wire cut, fish hook, blade, food cutter, fish scaler, shovel, ice breaker, and much more.

The survival shovel comes packed with a shovel surface, three handles, one camping knife with bottle opener, a fire starter, one camera support, a survival whistle, a wire saw, one rope, and two extension tubes.


  • The survival shovel has a portable and foldable design that makes it convenient to carry with you. The shovel is made of stainless carbon steel, while the handle is made from aviation aluminum. It is highly durable and rust-resistant. The anti-skid silicone layer keeps the handle from slipping away. The shovel weighs around 3.97 pounds and has a net weight of 3.2 pounds. The length of the survival shovel after assembly is 29.7 inches. The handle length is 20.5 inches, while the head measures 8.07 by 5.9 inches.
  • The angle of the survival shovel can be adjusted and can be fixed using the fast lock. You can set an angle between 0 to 150 and then set the quick lock using a button. You can use this survival shovel as an ax because the head is heavy enough and can be sharpened as much as required. It can be used to clear heavy foliage such as branches and vines. The shovel has a variable thickness, which makes it easier to dig with. It works through the soil easily and helps you to get the job done quickly.
  • A fire starter is necessary when going on an outdoor trip or campaign. It will allow you to quickly build up a fire so that you can cook food, get some light or keep yourself warm. The survival shovel includes a whistle that can be used to communicate with your companions if your phone or intercom fails to work.
  • The camera support is a unique feature in this survival shovel. If you are camping alone and have no one to take a picture, you can use the camera support to attach your camera and take a picture by yourself.
  • You can use the shovel as a jack to get a lift on heavy objects. Rotate the shovel to the position you want and use it to lift the object required. The shovel can bear a weight of up to 1T. The knife is useful for chopping up soft and semi-hard objects while making food, building shelter, and other survival activities. The glass-breaking tool can come in handy in case of emergencies. You can use it to break glass, stones, or ice.


  • The angle of the shovel can be changed and fixed using the lock.
  • Includes camera support that allows you to attach a camera and take your picture.
  • The shovel can be used as a jack to lift objects as heavy as 1T.


  • Threaded sections causing problems.



5. FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel

This survival shovel from FiveJoy works as an all-in-one survival gear to keep you prepared for any situation. It includes features like serrated saw edge, hammer, sharp ax blade, paracord, and so on. These tools will help make your outdoor adventures a bit more convenient. The multifunctional shovel will allow you to build trenches quickly, while the emergency whistle will let you easily communicate with other members.


  • The survival shovel is quite compact and portable. It is extremely lightweight, weighing only around 1.2 lbs. The shovel can be folded to properly store in your car or your backpack. You can use it to dig your car wheels out of the snow or mud. The shovel head can be used to break glass in case of emergencies. You can attach the carry bag to your belt so that it can remain within reach while you are on a trail or a hunt.
  • The shovel has been manufactured using high-quality solid carbon steel. The knife has been made from aerospace-grade aluminum. Both of them are extremely sturdy and highly durable. They are also resistant to fractures, rust, and water, allowing you to use them under the harshest conditions.
  • The survival shovel has a special screw locking function that lets you adjust the angle of the shovel. By setting the angle to 30, 85, or 180 degrees, you can use the equipment as a hook, hoe, or shovel.
  • The shovel has a well-optimized ergonomic design that goes well with different types of gloves to reduce hand fatigue. The aluminum handle has a slip-proof foam cushion that is water-resistant and quick to dry. This makes the shovel perfect for recreational gardening or cross-country trips.
  • The saw has double serrated edges that will let you cut any kind of wood in half. You can use the hoe to dig trenches as wide as 5”. The wire cutter will help you go through fences. It can cut through an 8-gauge wire. Use the bottle opener for popping up a few drink bottles and relax after a long journey.
  • The solid steel space can also be used to break the ice or small rocks. Use it to make your sleeping area even. The knife can be used to cut ropes, chop up food, or open cans. You can use the knife to saw small branches to make a fire or to skin or scale your catch. The magnesium rod acts as a fire starter. You can get a fire started in seconds and start cooking your food. The emergency whistle comes in use when you are injured or trapped and need to call for assistance. The shovel comes with a multipurpose paracord. It includes seven strands of rope that measures 2.5m. You can use the inner strands of the paracord loop to stitch up open wounds.
  • You can easily assemble the shovel in a few minutes and disassemble it to store it inside your car or backpack. Using this shovel, you will be able to dig a fire pit, clear ice around your tires, or cut down branches, split logs, and slice vegetables. You can carry it in a storage bag and take it with you for long distances. The carry bag has MOLLE compatibility, and its length can be adjusted.


  • The angle of the shovel can be adjusted to use it as a shovel, hoe, or hook.
  • Comes with a carrying case that is MOLLE compatible and adjustable.
  • Manufactured using high-quality aluminum and steel.


  • The handle size might be too small.



6. SOG Folding Survival Shovel

This military shovel from SOG comes with a combination of a shovel, saw, and hoe. It has an efficient locking mechanism that keeps the angle of the shovel fixed while in use. This military-grade shovel a trifold design that makes it extremely portable. You will be able to easily carry it in your car or backpack for long hours. The size of the shovel when it has been fully extended is 18.25 inches. It weighs around 24.5 ounces.


  • This versatile survival shovel comes in a pouch for storing and carrying. The length of the shovel on expanding is 18.25” and 10” on closing. You can carry the shovel on your belt using the pouch and access it whenever some cutting, digging or trenching needs to be done.
  • The folding shovel has a unique design that makes it efficient as an entrenching tool compared to other bigger and heavier spades. You can use the sawtooth edge to clear out roots and branches.
  • The military-grade shovel has been manufactured using hard-cased black high carbon steel. It is durable and can withstand years of rough usage without breaking down. It has an ergonomic triangular handle and frame that can be folded down to the size of the shovelhead.
  • The military folding shovel has been designed to take on heavy loads. The high-quality steel ensures that the shovel delivers a powerful performance. You can adjust the angle of the shovel by turning the blade handle and then locking it in by tightening the handle.
  • The three-way folding design of the folding shovel allows you to customize the size according to use. You can convert it into a camping shovel, outdoor shovel, hiking shovel, gardening shovel, or an emergency shovel. You can use it to remove snow, mud, or ice, while the saw edge lets you chop through wood.


  • The military folding shovel has been manufactured with hard cased black carbon steel.
  • The handle can be adjusted and locked in.
  • Can be used for digging, trenching, and cutting purposes.


  • Reviews report that the shovel bends easily.



7. WF WU FANG Military Folding Shovel

The folding shovel blade has been designed using high-quality steel alloy, while the handle has been made using aluminum alloy. It also includes rubber, nylon, and 3CR13 stainless steel. The dimensions of the folding shovel are 10.6 by 7.1 by 2.6 inches.

The shovel includes multiple accessories that allow multifunctional usage. It provides a stick, a wrench, cutter, saw, hoe, bottle opener, rescue whistle, knife, ice piton, snow excavator, scraping fish scales, compass, protective cover, ruler, anti-drop rope, and so on. You can use the equipment for chopping, digging, sawing, cutting, picking, hammering, and much more.


  • The shovel board has a thickness of 0.1 inches and is strong enough to withstand harsh conditions. The steel alloy is rust-resistant, thereby increasing its longevity. It has a folding mechanism that reduces its size while storing. It comes with a carry bag for carrying the shovel. It has three different length adjustments based on your usage.
  • The variable design lets you use the same equipment for cutting soil, as a fish scaler, lighting fire, screwing parts, and so on. It comes with all the essentials required for camping and survival. You will be able to keep yourself prepared for every situation.
  • The surface of the camping shovel has been manufactured using steel with high carbon content. It is sturdy and wear-resistant. The handle is made of aluminum alloy, which does not rust easily. You can use the survival shovel for fishing, camping, hiking, defense, and emergencies.
  • The folding shovel head has been made using precision casting and includes a thick and sharp surface. It can also be rotated for different purposes. Rotate the head from left to right to use it as a hoe or a hook. The awl of the shovel is made from stainless steel. It is hard enough to break vehicle windows and can be used for breaking ice and stones. The shovel also includes an anti-skid sharp cone.
  • You can use the knife to cut through plants, food, or other semi-hard objects. It can also be used as a fish scaler. The lower part of the knife can be used to open bottles. The length of the knife is 7.8cm. The magnesium rod acts as a firelighter. You can rub the knife against the magnesium rod to produce sparks and start a fire pit. It comes in handy when you do not have a matchbox or lighter with you.
  • The folding shovel includes a high chromium steel double head screwdriver. You can use it to quickly fix your vehicle and other electronic equipment. The compass will help you to identify the direction that you should be taking. It is helpful in case your electronic devices run out of battery or are malfunctioning. You can use the whistle to communicate with others and make them aware of your location if you are trapped or lost.


  • Manufactured using high-carbon steel and aluminum alloy.
  • Stainless steel awl can be used to break vehicle windows.
  • Includes multiple additional accessories such as a knife, compass, fire lighter, and so on.


  • Reports of threads breaking.



8. Sharvol Survival Multitool Shovel

This all-in-one folding shovel from Sharvol keeps you well-prepared for all your adventures. You will no longer need multiple additional tools as this shovel comes with lots of multifunctional features. You can use this shovel to dig more efficiently while making trenches. It can also be used for offroading, camping, hiking, sports other survival activities.


  • The handle is designed using aerospace-grade aluminum. It has been ergonomically designed to make digging for a long time comfortable for you.
  • You can use the instant-switch mechanism in the shovel to pull the ring or slider upwards and change from one tool to another. You are not required to screw, unscrew and retighten your tools.
  • This camping shovel makes use of an enhanced o-ring seal that makes sure that water and mud are kept away. It also secures the handle for your use. You will not have to worry about the handle coming loose.
  • The folding shovel uses advanced engineering and German CNC technology to provide the camper with sturdy equipment and enhanced joints. The shovel head is made of high-carbon stainless steel that is rust-resistant. It is highly durable and is designed to withstand rough usage. The shovel head also has a sharpened saw edge, which can be used to cut wood or foliage.


  • Includes a handle made of durable aluminum and an o-ring seal.
  • Has an instant-switch mechanism for changing tools.
  • Makes use of German CNC technology.


  • Some reviews report the handle breaking.



9. CO-Z Mini Folding Shovel

This survival shovel from CO-Z is made of premium quality and durable materials designed for the toughest of terrains. The carbon-steel blade is extremely strong for cutting through all kinds of elements. It has an ergonomic handle that reduces stress on the arms and comes with a nylon carry case. It weighs very little, around 1.8 lbs, which makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere you want. The dimensions of the shovel head are 6.3 by 4.7 inches. The length of the handle is 11.8 inches.


  • The camping shovel has been manufactured by heat-treating high-carbon steel. The equipment is long-lasting, rust-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. The survival shovel is ideal for digging, chopping, trenching, and sawing.
  • The size of the folding shovel is quite compact, which makes it easy to be carried around. The handle is long enough to make it convenient to dig bigger volumes without causing discomfort to your arms.
  • The blade is strong and has a sharp edge. You can easily dig into gravel, backyards, gardens, and farmlands. The tooth on the side is ideal for cutting trenches.
  • The nylon carry case lets you easily carry the camping shovel with you while you go for your trips and trails. You can also conveniently stuff it inside the trunk of your car or any other vehicle.
  • The bolts on the shovel have been reinforced so that they do not break apart easily under pressure while you are working.
  • The survival shovel has a triangular structure for better leverage. It can be folded for use as a hoe or a saw. The curved shape of the hoe can be great for digging holes, while the saw is ideal for thin branches. You can also use it as a crowbar for uprooting trees, moving stones, and breaking hard soil.


  • Includes a shard blade with teeth on the side for cutting trenches and digging holes.
  • Reinforced bolts ensure that the shovel remains firm and stable while working.
  • The nylon carry case and the foldable design makes it easy to carry the shovel.


  • Does not include usage instructions


Factors to Consider while Buying the Best Survival Shovels

Before going for the best survival shovel, you should think about the kind of activities you would be using it for. Some survival shovels are available with additional attachments and accessories, while others don’t have any. Some may include a blade, hammer, and an emergency whistle, while the others may have a fire starter, paracord, or a saw. Think about all the tools you might be needing and go for a single tool or multi-tool survival shovel.


The blade’s material and that of the tube is an important factor to consider while buying a survival shovel. You should go for a shovel that is strong and long-lasting. It should be able to withstand heavy usage and should be resistant to corrosion, rust, and water. These are the following materials that are usually used to make shovels tough and damage-resistant:

Carbon Steel

The head of the shovel and the knife is usually made from carbon steel. This is a variety of steel that is much tougher than regular steel. It comes with a powder coating that makes it corrosion-resistant.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is much heavier than carbon but is equally effective. It also has corrosion fighting benefits.


The tube and handle in the shovels are generally made from aluminum. It is a lightweight metal but is firm and sturdy at the same time.

A lot of survival shovels have rubber casing on the handle. This helps to provide a non-slippery grip for your hands.  Many survival shovels use military-grade solid carbon steel materials for their parts. These shovels are designed for heavy-duty activities. They are resistant to water, rust, and splinter damage.

Ease of Use

You should always invest in survival shovels that are easy to use. Take into account the length of the shovel when you are using it. You should be using a shovel that can be used without having to bend down on your knees. Moreover, you should be going for a handle that is comfortable to hold and does not slip. A handle that does not provide a strong grip may slip away while you are working and cause accidents.

Many survival shovels have folding mechanisms that make them compact for storage and carrying. Shovels like these will take up less space and will be a lot easier to carry around. Shovels that have adjustable angles are much more convenient. You can adjust angles across three to four positions, each suited for a particular task.


Survival shovels come in variable sizes and shapes. You should go for a shovel that is in appropriate proportion to your body. Bigger shovels may be difficult to handle. However, bigger blades help you to finish tasks much more quickly. If you are tall, you can go for bigger shovels such as those that are 30 inches in length.


You will be carrying your shovels from one place to another while you are hiking, hunting, camping, or gardening. Therefore, the shovels should be lightweight and easy to carry and store. Survival shovels usually weigh around 1 to 2 lbs, which is the most preferred weight. These camping shovels often provide a storage bag or case, which can be attached to your belt loop for convenience.

Furthermore, survival shovels with a foldable feature will be easier to handle than those that miss out on foldability. You will be able to store foldable survival shovels inside a small space like your backpack or the glove compartment in your car. They will also be much easier to carry in your travel bag or your car trunk. Therefore, you should go for a shovel that is lightweight, compact, and can be folded.


While it would be a better idea to focus on the quality and features of the shovels, the price may be a much more important factor for many. Good-quality shovels are naturally more costly than those with fewer features and inferior-quality materials. If you are short on budget and need something temporary to get the job done, you can get a cheaper shovel, such as one made from plastic. Expensive shovels, like those made from high carbon steel, will last for years and will do a much better job than their cheaper counterparts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best survival shovel?

The best survival shovels are made of hard and durable material. They should be able to withstand the intense pressure that you are going to subject them to. The best survival shovels should be sharp enough to cut into hard terrains such as soil or snow. The best survival shovel is one that is lightweight and has a compact folding design, allowing you to easily carry it when traveling on foot or in a vehicle. A multi-tool shovel will keep you well-equipped for any kind of situation as compared to a single shovel.

What shovel does the military use?

The military often uses the entrenching shovel. The military entrenching tool is popularly known as the E-tool or the Tri-Fold Shovel. Military men use the e-tool shovel to quickly dig themselves a natural cover while on the battlefield.

Who makes the best e tool shovel?

Some of the popular brands that make the best survival shovels are Gerber E tool, Mempa, CO-Z, Sharvol, Sallia, Banores, Zune Lotoo, FiveJoy, SOG, and WF WU FANG.

What is the ultimate survival tool?

One of the most important survival tools is a fire starter. It will help you start a fire for cooking food, boiling water, getting light, staying warm, and keeping away predators.


All of the products listed here are some of the best survival shovels you can buy. They are made of high-quality materials and are durable, long-lasting, and weather-resistant. These are the best survival shovels, and they include features and accessories that will help you prepare yourself for all adventures.

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