Advanced Smart Suitcase

The Space Case Lite features advanced features including Robotic Biometric Lock, Digital lift-less weighing system, Smart Battery, Proximity Sensor / Anti-theft Alerts, and full System Diagnostics that you control through your smart phone with the Space Case APP. In addition to the app features the Space Case Lite also has a Hybrid Power Source, 2 USB Charging Ports featuring a 2.4 A turbo-charge USB port, Tamper Proof Zippers and is made of 100% Polycarbonate, the lightest and most flexible/durable material available in the market today!


Self Scale
You never need to worry about overweight fees again. Our Digital Self Scale weighs your suitcase even without you lifting the case! Incredible innovation and design has led us to build the sensors into the side studs so you are hands free and the weight is visible on your Space Case 1 app.



Anti Theft
A proximity sensor let's you know when your suitcase is in your area or leaves your area. With our Anti-Theft feature you can arm your suitcase and in the event it leaves your area you will receive an alert to your phone along with the case sounding an alarm.



Robotic Biometric TSA Lock

Unlock the case with the touch of your finger print through biometric scanner or through use of the Space Case 1 app!


Hybrid Power Source


Smart Battery
Charge your phone over 10 times or more with 15,000 mAh of power! This massive Lithium Ion power bank will keep all electronic gadgets alive on a long road trip.

Alkaline Auxiliary Power
Need to check-in your Space Case 1? No problem! In the event you need to remove the Smart Battery the Space Case 1 features a hybrid power source. 3 AAA Alkaline batteries will keep power to your case.

2.4 A Turbo Charge
The Space Case 1 offers 2 external USB charging ports featuring a 2.4 A Turbo Charge port you can charge your mobile devices in half the time. A third USB charging port is located in the front pocket so you can charge any device on the go.


Designed and Assembled In USA




Tamper Proof Zipper
Experience peace of mind when traveling knowing your Space Case 1 has the top security features. Featuring double coil tamper proof zippers, the Space Case 1 prevents any forceful entry keeping your belongings secure.

Armor-Flex Composite
The ultralight Space Case 1 outer shell is made of our proprietary Armor-Flex Composite. With its light weight and practically indestructible properties, it can withstand exposure to UV radiation and is resistant to heat and cold ranging from +125° down to -100°C / +260° to -150°F. Another distinctive feature of this innovative material is its tremendous flexibility, the suitcase shell yield to pressure but immediately returns to their original form when pressure subsides. Quality that can give you a peace of mind.


World Wide 10 Year Protection
Avoid being placed on hold or driving to the repair shop with our hassle free warranty. Simply take an image of the damaged part through the app. The image is automatically submitted to the claim center and within 24 hours the new part is shipped to you anywhere in the world. Parts can be easily replaced with just a screw driver.






Designed and Assembled In USA








Exterior Dimensions

22" H x 14" W x 9" D


Interior Dimensions

19.5" H x 13" W x 9" D



9.7lb (No Battery)
10.3lb (With Battery)


Exterior Features

Sleek Contemporary Mold Design

2 External USB Charging Ports

Tamper Proof Zippers

360º Glide-tech Dual Wheels

Lightweight Trolley

Ergonomic Gel-grip Handle

Armor-Flex Composite

Signature Hugging Zipper Pullers


Interior Features

• Floating Divider With Pockets

• Multi Functional Interior Design

• Compression Straps