The Most Powerful Smart Battery In The Luggage Industry

Space Case 1, The World's Smartest Suitcase is powered by the most powerful smart battery in the luggage industry. The Smart battery's 15,000mAh enormous juice has enough power to keep your Space Case 1 powered for over a week. Two 1.2A  charging ports and one 2.4A turbo charge port will charge your mobile devices more that 10 times over and with the built in power meter you will know how much juice you have through the app.






Proprietary Design
Designed to provide the full experience in travel the Space Case 1 runs exclusively with our proprietary Smart Battery.  

15,000 mAh Super Juice
World's Smartest Suitcase powered by the most powerful smart battery system ever manufactured in a Smart Suitcase. Designed exclusively and proprietary for the Space Case our Smart battery's is packed with 15,000 mAh of energy that has enough power to keep your Space Case 1 powered for a maximum 225 hour or charge your phone 10X.  We have also designed and built in 2.4 amp port allowing you to charge your devices at twice the speed. 



2.4 A Turbo Charge
The Smart Battery connects to the Space Case 1 offering 2 external USB charging ports featuring a 2.4 A Turbo Charge port you can charge your mobile devices in half the time. A third USB charging port is located in the front pocket so you can charge any device on the go.

Power Meter
Know how much power you have at all times!  Then smart battery has a built in sensor that communicates exclusively to the Space Case 1 app so you will never be caught off guard with a dead battery