12 Best Olympia Luggage for 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)


Over the years, traveling has become an essential getaway for many working professionals, and students alike. Your travel journey starts from home to the airport, through the connecting airports, into the taxis, and to your destination. Traveling involves a lot of elements that you need to consider and one of the most important of all is a trustworthy and comfortable traveling bag. A reliable bag will make your trip worthwhile and fun. On the contrary, a flimsy bag will give you a bad head start that will do nothing but ruin your trip for you.

There are many renowned brands in the luggage industry including Samsonite, Travelpro, Eagle Creek, and Tumi. In this article, we will talk about one of the most dependable manufacturers of luggage bags– Olympia. This article will also include some of the best picks of Olympia luggage in the market. But before we get into the nitty-gritty details, let us talk a little bit about the brand itself.

About Olympia

Olympia International, Inc. is a travel merchandise manufacturing company. The company manufacturers high-quality travel ware products from suitcases to carry-ons to check-in bags.

Over the years, Olympia USA has risen to the top with its durable and dependable luggage bags. The brand incorporates creative and innovative designs, along with introducing new improvements every now and then in their classic models.

Olympia International, Inc. was founded over three decades ago and today it has expanded globally with offices and production facilities in Shanghai, China, and R & D, and sales offices in Seoul, Korea.

After extensive testing and research, we have compiled this list of the best Olympia luggage on the market.

Best Olympia Luggage to Buy in 2022

1) Olympia Under The Seat Carry-on

This Olympia wheeled underseater is a great unisex bag for travelers. It is designed to fit under the seat in front of you. You can pack all the important essentials of the trip in this bag and have easy access to your items during the flight. Constructed of ripstop polyester, the bag is durable for an adventurous and complete travel trip.

Skate Wheels

The bag has recessed metal ball bearings in-line skate wheels. The handle comes with a push button that makes it retractable and easy to adjust according to needs. The skate wheels along with the push handle allow easy movement around the airport and during travel.


The bag may look small on the outside, however, the main compartment is not just spacious but also padded for extra protection. There is foam padding on both the front panel and the side velcro closure pockets for storage. You can store your laptop (15 inch) in the bag without worrying about any damage.


The bag is made out of ripstop polyester, and the interior is lined fully. This makes it durable and withstanding on any outside impact. The strong and tough seam also makes it last a long time and is scratch and tear-resistant. The bag is well designed to last a long time and is worth the investment.


  • Handle extends out and makes this bag easy to pull along behind you
  • Stylish, practical, fairly well-built piece of luggage
  • Solid frame, durable against outside impacts
  • Main compartment provides a lot of storage area for travel essentials


  • Zipper breaking issues
  • Size bigger than advertised


2) Olympia Cascade 20″ Carry-on

The cascade 20″ outdoor upright carry-on is known for its durable construction and high quality. It is the bag for adventurers and fun-seekers. The bag is lightweight which makes it a perfect fit not just for traveling by plane but also for road travel or treading on terrains.


The Olympia cascade is constructed with jacquard polyester which is from the synthetic fiber polyester. It is a season-spanning fabric which makes it easy to clean and care for. Jacquard is one of the most powerful forms of polyester. Bags made out of this material are durable and sustainable. They are great against outside impacts like wear and tear. This bag packs all these qualities of durability and strength for a successful travel trip.

Push-button Lock Handle

The bag includes a high quality push button locking handle system with dual supported inline skate wheels. The wheels allow durable smooth rolling and are protected. The dual functionality allows the adventurous traveler to either treat the bag as a back-pack or a rolling bag.


There are built in backpack straps that offer an easy mode of carrying when off trail. The multi-use harness strap and comfortable grip handles allow for easy carriage. Hideaway padded shoulder straps are stored behind the padded back panel. Exterior compression straps allow secure packing during travel. All these action-packed features will make this bag a perfect luggage carrier for your weekend adventure or a solo trip.

Vast Capacity

Most of Olympia’s hardside luggages come with additional expandable packing capacity. This bag, although softsided, accommodates expandable features so you can pack some extra change of clothes for your itinerary to the snorkeling trip.

On the side are zippered pockets that can be used to store water bottles for easy access. In addition there is a front zippered accessory compartment for storing your documents like passport and IDs. Interior of the bag has a zip mesh pocket and dual buckle tie-belt that will accommodate all the travel necessities and keep them organized throughout the trip. Interior lining of the bag is elegantly imprinted and is fully padded to keep your items secure from damage.


  • Durable and high quality jacquard polyester construction
  • Additional expandable packing capacity
  • Built in backpack straps for easy carrying
  • Side zippered pockets for storage of easy access items
  • Fully padded interior keeps items secure from damage


  • Issues with handle
  • Straps can break


3) Olympia Let’s Travel 2pc Carry-on

This elegant and gorgeous 2 piece luggage set consists of a 21 inch rolling carryon and a 14 inch travel toe. Created with sturdy materials, this royal blue set is a must have choice for travelers.


This set is constructed of rugged polyester which makes it durable and fit for all kinds of travel. The bags are sturdy yet lightweight. The recessed metal ball bearing in-line skate wheels allow strong and smooth movement that add to the sturdiness of the bag.

Push Button Handle

A push button retractable handle system allows travelers to expand the handle according to their individual needs.

Elegant Design

These bags contain elegantly imprinted full interior lining and front zipper pockets round out a well-designed suitcase. The interior can be secured with dual buckle tie-belt. Front zipper pockets allow easy access to necessities like laptop, books, etc. The bags also have an EVA foam padded front panel which makes it safe to use to store fragile items.


  • Beautiful color and design
  • Spacious with additional storage space
  • Made out of rugged and strong materials
  • Skate wheels and push button handle allow easy movement


  • Flimsy handle
  • Weak stitching around the zipper


4) Olympia Denmark Carry-on

Denmark is a richly designed, sturdy carry-on bag. It is currently available only in the carry on size. The bag has some pretty remarkable features, including a patented hidden compartment feature!

Spinner Wheels

Four wheel spinners allow for multi-directional movement. You can slide the bag alongside smoothly without any extra effort.


Denmark bag is expandable which means you can elongate it beyond its capacity to allow an additional 20% more space. This gives you more room to pack that extra jumper or sweater you have been wishing to bring along on your trip!

Patented Hidden Compartment Feature

One of the cool features of this bag is the hidden compartment section located within the expandable section. This feature was designed to allow travelers to have a much easier access to their personal belongings or travel necessities. This means that if your luggage is in the overhead bin, you don’t have to first bring it down, open it all the way, and access your laptop or books. The hidden compartment can be accessed readily without having to go into any such hassle.

Sturdy Bottom-grip

The bag has a very firm bottom-grip which allows easy and balanced lifting during travel. The bottom-grip also keeps the bag from falling off when standing.


  • 20% extra storage capacity allow more room for items
  • Firm bottom grip keeps the bag balanced
  • Hidden compartment allows easy and quick access to items
  • Sturdy hardside makes it durable


  • Issue with wheels
  • Flimsy zip on the expandable portion
  • Problems with handle


5) Olympia Luggage Rolling Printed Shopper Tote

The perfect shopping companion as well as a luggage hoarder comes with some great features. The bag is available in various designs such as poke-a-dot, fashionista, rave, cooler buddy, cosmopolitan, and life saver. This bag can be easily stored under the seat in front of you on a plane without any additional charge.


Although this bag may seem like a mere shopping tote but it is made out of supreme polyester which makes it a great companion to be used as a carry-on for travel as well. This bag can even be checked in with other luggage and will easily survive any impacts.


The bag weighs only 4.2lbs and is easy to carry for shorter or longer trips. The bag comes with ball bearing inline skate wheels and a retractable pull handle with hideaway zippered enclosure which makes it easy to drag along comfortably and smoothly.

Colorful Designs

The bright and colorful designs of this bag make it easy to spot among other luggage. Ranging from polka dots to fluorescent lime green and black designs, these bags are a must have for tote lovers who are out on an adventure or a picnic.


The bag has a top load opening to a spacious main compartment. You can carry 40 lbs of textbooks on a regular basis. Use it for your laptop, purse, lunch, and clothes. Or go on a trip to the farmers’ market and fill it up with fruits and veggies. The bag can even hold up 2 gallons of water.


  • Made out of supreme polyester, makes it sturdy for travel trips
  • Colorful and bright designs are fun are easy to spot on a crowded airport and luggage belt
  • Can store under the seat or in the overhead bin easily
  • Lots of space for carrying everyday items like books, electronics, clothes, lunch etc.
  • Bag weighs only 4.2 lbs and is easy to carry and drag along


  • Issue with wheels
  • Zipper problems
  • Doesn’t stand up straight


6) Olympia Apache Spinner

Made of rugged ABS material Olympia Apache Spinner is a great carry-on for travel. The suitcase comes with four 360 degree spinner wheels which allow friendly movement and carefree pulling.


The spinner wheels and sturdy aluminum handle of this bag allows zero weight movement in all directions. The handle comes with a push button locking system which can be adjusted according to need.


The apache spinner can expand for extra packing capacity within your luggage. The interior of the bag is lined and the mesh zip pocket keeps your luggage safe and protected. There is nothing more dissatisfying than opening a perfectly organized luggage to a messy disorganized pile of clothes and accessories. This bag comes with elastic tie-belts to keep your clothes organized in place during the trip.

Patented Hidden Compartment

During a flight, if you need anything from your bag, it becomes a difficult and embarrassing chore to stand up and extract your bag from the overhead compartment. The hidden compartment feature of this bag will save you from this encounter. This feature allows easy access to your belongings without the need to open the bag all the way out. You can access your laptop, books, snacks, makeup items easily and quickly from the compartment.


  • Fully padded interior lining
  • Expandable for additional packing capacity
  • 360 degree Wheels allow easy maneuverability
  • Easy access to items during travel


  • Flimsy handle
  • Issues with the zip


7) Olympia 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag

This rolling duffel is made out of supreme protecflon polyester with 1200 D. The cool feature of this bag is the amount of pockets it comes with. This makes it great for not just travel but also camping. The bag comes in different colors: Black red, red, royal blue, dark lavender, green, hot pink, navy and many others.

8 Convenient Pockets
Olympia’s signature 8 pockets provide maximum packing capacity, and allows plenty of great space for versatile packing options. These pockets also allow packing efficiency and organization.

Push-button Handle

The bag comes with a locking push-button retractable handle. This allows easy maneuvering on the airport and throughout the trip. There is a hide-away zipper pocket that allows secured travel when the bag needs to be checked in.

Ball bearing Skate Wheels

This rolling duffel bag has recessed metal ball bearing in-line skate wheels that allow smooth and silent pulling.


  • A lot of packing capacity
  • Retractable handle allow smooth surfing
  • Metal ball bearing wheels allow silent movement
  • Can even fit under the seat if not packed fully


  • Size is a little bigger than a standard carry-on, so airline might charge extra for check-in
  • Wheels breaking issue
  • Occasional wear and tear


8) Olympia Santa Fe 3-Piece

This 3-piece set comes in different sizes according to different traveling needs. The bags are aesthetically pleasing and come in black and lime color.


This 3-piece set is constructed with a high quality 840D material which makes it sturdy, strong, and durable for a travel trip filled with adventures. Unlike other bags that start to fall apart after frequent usage, this bag proves to stand strong against the winds.


The main compartment of each bag is not just roomy but also expandable. The multi front zipper pockets add plenty of extra room for other small travel necessities

Protective Padding

The elegantly imprinted and color matching interior lining is fully padded with EVA front foam pocket helps protect all your belongings during travel.


  • 4 smooth rolling wheels provide effortless travel
  • Protective padding keeps valuable items safe from damage
  • Spacious main compartment can fit in all travel related items
  • High quality 840D material makes the bag durable for travel purposes


  • None


9) Olympia USA Playday Collection

This bag belongs to Olympia’s fun and festive kids collection. The 19 inch bag comes with a color matching handle grip and wheel and is a great suitcase for traveling kids. The bright colors make it easy to spot on a conveyor belt and during travel.

Self-repairing Zippers

One great feature of this bag is its self-repairing zippers which means that you do not need to replace a broken zipper. If the zip gets out of alignment, you can just attach it and it will zip back up.


Many travelers tend to read or watch movies during long flights, if you are one of them, you would prefer an easy access to your items like books or ipad. This bag has a front zipper pocket for supplies and accessories for easy accessibility during travel.


The bag has 19x12x7.5 external dimensions (including hardware). It can easily pack 2-3 days of luggage for kids on a trip. The main compartment is big and has a side pouch to make it easy for packing and accessing items.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Creative and fun design
  • Easy accessibility for smaller items
  • Self-repairing zippers


  • Smaller size than expected


10) Olympia Luggage Art Series

This funky peacock green colored luggage bag represents traditional korean architecture with a touch of modern expression. The happy colors make it a great choice for a fun and exciting holiday.


The bag is made out of virgin polycarbonate construction materials. The build is sturdy and suitable for all trips, whether short or long.


The main compartment is spacious and has a zipper for strength and durability. Bag has a fully padded and elegantly designed interior lining with a zippered internal divider. There is also a web and wet pouch on the side.

Spinner Wheels

The 4 dual spinner wheels provide added control with a smoother glide for effortless travel.


  • Bag has a built-in TSA lock
  • Durable for short and long trips
  • Spacious and fully padded interior
  • 4 wheel spinner provide smooth maneuverability


  • Surface may scratch easily


11) Olympia Apache 3pc Hardcase Spinner Set

Made with a 100% rugged ABS material, this Olympia Apache Spinner set is a great check-in luggage and carry-on set for travel. The suitcase comes with four 360 degree spinner wheels which allow friendly movement and smooth pulling. The sets are available in various colors including black/blue, black/lime, black/purple, and black/red.


The bag set is hassle free and allows free movement in all directions. The spinner wheels and sturdy aluminum handle of this bag allows zero weight and silent movement. The handle comes with a push button locking system which can be adjusted according to need. Although being a hardside luggage, each bag only weighs from 6.2 lbs – 9.7 lbs. The lightweight allows easy and comfortable carrying during a trip.


The apache spinner set can expand for extra packing capacity within your luggage. You can store all your travel essentials and quick-need items in these bags. The interior of each bag is lined and the mesh zip pocket keeps your luggage safe and protected. The bags come with elastic tie-belts to keep your clothes organized in place during the trip.

Patented Hidden Compartment

This set saves you from the embarrassing encounter of looking for stuff through your bag during a flight. The hidden compartment feature allows easy access to your belongings without the need to open the bag all the way out or even get it down from the overhead bin. You can access your laptop, books, snacks, medicine,diapers and makeup items easily and quickly from the compartment.


  • Fully padded interior lining keeps your items save
  • Can be expanded for additional packing capacity
  • 360 degree spinner wheels allow easy maneuverability
  • Hidden compartment gives easy access to items during travel
  • 100% rugged ABS material makes it


  • Wheels can get busted
  • Flimsy handle
  • Issues with the zip


12) Olympia Melody 19″ Rolling Backpack

Available in black and blue colors, this Olympia melody 19′ rolling backpack will allow you to

travel in style with this. The bag is sturdy and has a lot of pockets for various travel needs.


This bag weighs 5.5 lbs and is made of durable ripstop polyester which makes it great for travel. The ripstop weaving makes the bag strong, lightweight, smooth and tear-resistant.

This bag will be a wonderful addition to your luggage essentials for solo trips all year around!

Jumbo Wheels

The bag features corner cut jumbo recessed wheels for smooth gliding. The push-button telescopic mono handle along with these cool wheels allow plain sailing during your trips.


This travel rolling backpack has a color-matched bottom mold for protection. The shoulder straps are padded for comfortable carrying during the trip. The ergonomic design will keep your stature aligned and won’t cause any posture distortion, or balance disturbance.

Organized Packing

The bag comes with multi-front zippered pockets and an internal organizer to help keep your items secure. The internal compartment is padded and fully lined to keep your electronic items like laptop and tablet secure.


  • Jumbo rear wheel allow smooth sailing during travel
  • Padded interior lining keeps electronics secure and safe
  • Comfortable padded shoulder straps make it easy to carry around
  • Durable materials will make the bag last long for multiple trips


  • Handle breaks
  • Not very spacious
  • Occasional wear and tear

Types of Olympia Luggage

Olympia Luggage, suitcases, and carry-ons come in different shapes, sizes and materials. The three main types of Olympia luggage materials include: Hardside, Softside, and Carry-on.

We will now elaborate on these three types further.

Olympia Hardside Luggage

Most Olympia hardside luggages are made out of 100 percent ABS or polycarbonate. These materials bring durability and sturdiness to the bags. One of the great advantages of hardside luggage is its rigid frame which makes it difficult to press into the luggage, thereby protecting your valuables inside. Hardside luggages are also weather resistant and waterproof in rainy and wet conditions. Most of Olympia hardside bags come with four spinner wheels and an extendable aluminium handle.

Olympia Softside Luggage

Softside luggages are constructed of supreme-inch protecflon-inch polyester with 1200 D Polyester. Other materials used are nylon or ABS. These luggages may be soft on the outside but they are made out of durable fabric that is strong against external wear and tear. As the softside bags are made with flexible materials, one of the big advantages of these bags is that you can stuff in a lot of your items as they have more of a wiggle room compared to hardside bags.

Olympia Carry-on Luggage

Olympia carry-on bags are available in both hardside shell and soft side fabric. These bags are smaller in size compared to the check-in luggages. Olympia carry-ons are designed to fit in the overhead compartments or under the seat in front of you on airplanes.

Olympia Luggage: Distinguishing Features

Olympia brand, since its inception, has been dedicated to providing quality travel products. Their luggages are available in different styles, from duffel bags and hand-carry bags to suitcases and luggages.

The bags are created in innovative and stylish designs and are known for their quality, comfort, durability and affordability.

Olympia produces bags not just for couples and solo travelers but also for the kids. The practical and organizational designs of the bags make them a great fit for traveling hassle free.

Here are some of the distinguishing features of Olympia brand that set it apart from its competitors.


Olympia bags are made out of ABS, which is a sturdy and durable material. Some hardside bags are also made out of polycarbonate — which is known to be impact resistant and lightweight.

The bags are constructed with a tough-build and have reinforced corners. Most Olympia bags come with spinner wheels which makes them easy to drag around at the airport and during the trip.
The aluminum handles come with push-buttons which makes them easy to adjust according to your particular needs. The wheels along with the sturdy handles provide excellent maneuverability of your luggage.


Olympia backpacks come with padded back and shoulder-straps which are delicately balanced and conforms to human engineering. This makes them a comfortable and ergonomic choice for travelers. The bags are designed to increase comfort and breathability for the carrier.


Many of Olympia’s suitcases and spinner bags fall under an affordable price range compared to some of the other brands. Most of Olympia’s three-piece sets (a carry-on, a checked bag, and a jumbo suitcase) are known for their best prices in the market. Most luggage bags can range from anywhere between $50 – $200.


One of the best features of Olympia suitcases is the variety of colors and styles the bags come in. The company tends to deflect from the boring black suitcases and adopt more of the fun shades like dark purple, icy blue, rose gold, and teal. The prints on the bags are pretty amazing as well and range from cosmos, plaid to vintage travel stamps.

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