Top 12 Best Hardside Luggage in 2021


If you are a frequent traveler or you’re going on a big trip after a long time, you might find yourself in a dilemma while looking for new luggage to purchase. Luggages have improved over the years in terms of material used and their designs. Some of the important factors to look for while buying the best hardside luggage are protection and storage capabilities. We shall look at them and several other factors in detail. We have also presented here some of the best choices that you can purchase.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Hardside Luggage

1) Material

Luggages are mostly designed using two varieties of materials: Polycarbonate and ABS. 

A) Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is an amorphous plastic or polymer and is most commonly used for hardside luggage. It has a level of transparency which makes it ideal for creating different designs and colors. Luggages made using polycarbonate have a better level of durability and impact resistance capabilities. It also provides good protection in case of extreme temperatures. 

Another advantage of polycarbonate is that it is easily moldable into different sizes and shapes. This makes the material ideal for traveling since it can withstand a lot of rough handling. The flexibility of the material makes it an ideal protective layer for the hardside luggages. 

Besides being durable, polycarbonate is also lightweight. Since you are already carrying a lot of weight in your luggage, it comes as a blessing when the luggage itself is very lightweight. And being lightweight does not have to come at the cost of it being fragile. . 


ABS is a material produced by mixing three different types of plastic: Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, and Styrene. With Acrylonitrile you get strength, along with resistance against fatigue and chemical damage. Butadiene offers impact resistance. 

Finally, Styrene adds heat resistance, color and allows the mixture processing to take place. Together, the ABS mixture forms a material that is resistant to impact and heat, is glossy, and has several useful mechanical properties. 

Luggages made using ABS are much cheaper than polycarbonate, but they are not as durable. Many luggage brands use ABS in combination with other materials to produce models that are cheaper yet stronger. You can consider these factors if you are on a tight budget, as they will help you find a better deal. 

2) Size

You may not prefer luggage of all shapes and sizes since bigger luggage might lead to a lot of problems. If you are going to travel via flights a lot, then you should go for a case that meets the airline restrictions in terms of their dimension. 

Most airlines will allow the use of luggage with sizes around 28” or 29”.Bigger luggage can also become inconvenient to carry or store during your travels. The size will depend on the nature of your trip – for shorter trips you can get smaller size luggage while longer trips will require more storage space. 

3) Storage Space

Depending on the size of your luggage, more or less storage space will be available to you. In general, most hard side luggage can easily accommodate your clothing, a pair of shoes, and a few toiletries and essentials. Luggage in bigger sizes will help you accommodate more items. 

Additionally, you can make use of pockets and compartments to store smaller belongings. Some cases come with an expandable storage feature. They help squeeze in a few extra inches of storage area which are mostly used for clothing. These come in handy because you have the option to use it only when required so that the compact size of your luggage can be maintained. 

4) Internal and Security Features

Under this section, you should consider some important questions related to your luggage such as: does the luggage have an organizational system such as zipper pockets, compression cross straps, laptop pockets, dividers, and mesh pockets? What does it have for security? Does it come with a security feature such as a TSA anti-theft lock? Will you be required to purchase a lock on your own? These factors will determine whether you can use luggage that does or does not include these features.

5) Pull Tabs and Zippers

Luggages mostly use zippers and pull tabs to secure your belongings and keep them stored inside. Therefore, it is important that the zippers work properly and are strong enough to withstand wear and tear. If the zippers are prone to breaking, you will face the danger of getting stuck with a luggage whose contents you cannot access. 

Even worse, your luggage might no longer be able to hold your belongings properly inside it. Therefore, you must make sure that the luggage you are purchasing has good quality zippers and pull tabs. 

6) Price

The price of the luggage is an important factor to consider while choosing one. As with every kind of product, hard side luggages too are available in different varieties based on the price. 

Luggages which are in the higher price range will have better quality materials, better storage and organizational features, better handles, and higher-quality wheels. Many cases include additional compartments and zipper pockets which add to the price. Based on your requirements, you can go for a costlier or cheaper variant. 

Best Hardside Luggage in 2021: Our Top Recommendations


1) Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Expandable Luggage

With this Samsonite three-piece set, you get a 20” carry on for light travels and for meeting the size restriction on flights. The 24” and 28” spinners provide more storage power and are ideal for your big holiday trips. The 24” and 28” spinners include an expansion space of 1.5” which allows you to store more items. The extra space can also be used for neatly storing clothing using compression.  


The luggage is durable and lightweight thanks to its polycarbonate construction. The material has been designed to absorb all impact by flexing when put under stress, then returning to its original shape. This helps avoid any dents on the surface. The interior has cross-straps and a privacy curtain. The luggage has an efficient design that helps you use it to its full capacity. It uses 10 oversize zipper pockets for you to store additional quick-access items. An interior divider has been provided along with organizational pockets that further maximize its storage capacity. 

The unified brushed design on the back and front shells look very good and prevent the formation of marks and scratches during your travels. The luggage features a newly designed wider pull handle that offers a strong and comfortable grip. The handle is made using multi-stage aluminum which makes it extra-light. The retracting top and side carry handles provide additional protection. When not in use, the retracting handle helps maintain a low-profile.  


The luggage comes with side-mounted TSA locks that offer protection against theft. It ensures that only you have access to your luggage and belongings. The use of combination locks keeps you free from keys. It includes four spinner wheels that are multi-directional, which means it can be carried around effortlessly. The luggage easily changes directions with a simple push from you. 


  • Durable polycarbonate construction
  • A unified brushed design
  • 10 zippers and organizational pockets


  • Problems with zipper
  • Needs bigger wheels


2) Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage

The Samsonite Omni is a 20” spinner luggage offering ample storage space while at the same time keeping it light and compact for your domestic traveling purposes. Its overall dimensions are 22″ by 15″ by 9.5″ and it weighs 6.81 lbs. 

The luggage comes with a 10-year limited warranty to provide services in case you face any defects concerning workmanship or the material. The luggage comes in thirteen different colors, including special shades such as Platinum and Caribbean Blue. 


The micro-diamond polycarbonate texture on the luggage makes it scratch resistant and has it looking like new before every trip. The luggage has been designed to withstand even the harshest weather and travel elements. The polycarbonate design not only makes the luggage lightweight and sturdy but also visually appealing.

The luggage includes a bookcase along with cross-straps and a mesh divider in the main compartment. The zipped pockets also offer storage space for your knick-knacks and essentials. An expandable section has been provided which can help you to neatly store your clothing and for carrying larger items.


TSA locks have been installed on the side to combat theft and to allow access only to you or a TSA agent. The combination lock keeps the content secure and avoids the inconvenience of keys. The luggage can be carried around easily using the push-button locking handle. When not in use, the handle can be neatly stored inside its compartment. Four oversized spinner wheels have been provided for you to effortlessly maneuver the luggage around. They are multi-directional and have been redesigned to be lightweight.  


  • TSA combination locks to deter theft
  • Made using micro-diamond polycarbonate for a lightweight and scratch-resistant design.
  •  Available in a wide range of colors


  • Problems with the handle
  • Wheels need to better


3) AmazonBasics Premium Hardside Spinner Suitcase Luggage

The AmazonBasics Premium Hardside Luggage is a perfect choice for your international travel and weekend getaways. It includes a built-in TSA lock to promote the security of your belongings. The luggage is designed with a protective hardshell produced using flexible and durable polycarbonate material. It also boasts a scratch-resistant finish that can withstand rough traveling conditions.


This AmazonBasics luggage has a strong telescoping handle and a securely mounted short handle. The telescoping handle is user-friendly and convenient to operate. It maintains a low profile when not in use by locking into place. While rolling the luggage, it can be easily unlocked and extended. You can collapse it when you need to save space while handling or storing the luggage. The short handle on the luggage has been thoroughly tested to provide additional structure and support while lifting or moving the luggage. 

The four double spinning wheels offer extra mobility to your luggage, allowing it to freely travel in any direction. The wheels are of superior quality and are capable of supporting the combined weight of your luggage and belongings without breaking apart. 


The interior of the luggage is fully lined with a divider for better organization. A compression pad has been included to free up additional space by neatly storing your clothes. The 150D-polyester interior organizer comes with three zippered pockets that provide additional storage space for storing smaller items. 

The luggage comes with a durable zipper that ensures your items are reliably safe and secure within the luggage. The expandable design of the luggage provides you with an additional 15 percent storage space that you can expand as required. The luggage offers ample space for holding items required for three to five trips. You can easily store three sets of clothing, more than a pair of shoes, and a toiletry kit in this luggage. 


  • Extra mobility with four double spinning wheels.
  • Expandable storage space.
  • Securely mounted short handle.


  • Problems with the zipper
  • Wheel design needs to improve


4) DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside Expandable Luggage

The DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside Luggage is not only robust and durable but also spacious and compact. It has been made using 100 percent Polycarbonate material which makes it resistant to breaking or cracking. The deep metallic finish makes it scratch resistant and keeps it shining like new. The overall dimensions of this luggage are 30 by 20.5 by 12.75 inches. It weighs around 12.5 lbs.


The double spinner wheels on this luggage ensure that the luggage can be easily rolled around in all directions. They also reduce the weight you need to lift. The handle system on this luggage is very comfortable and convenient to use. It locks into two positions and stays out of the way when locked completely in. A three-dial TSA lock along with number combinations ensure that your luggage is only accessible to you or a TSA agent. 


The luggage’s storing capacity can be expanded up to 2 inches when required. This can be used to store some extra items that you procure during your travels. You get lots of storage space in this luggage thanks to the two large fully-lined compartments. Multiple pockets have been provided for storing small valuables and for quickly accessing them. 

A zippered divider and web straps included in the luggage help in securing your clothes and avoid the formation of wrinkles on them. The packing compartment on the lid also uses a zippered divider to provide extra organizing space. 


  • Expandable storage capacity for up to 2 inches.
  • Multiple pockets and zippered dividers for better organization.
  • Security through a three-dial TSA lock. 


  • Size may be too big for international travel.
  • Handle quality should improve.


5) American Tourister Moonlight Hardside Luggage

The American Tourister Moonlight luggage has been designed to withstand the harshest travel conditions. It comes in lots of colorful prints and designs that lend a lot of style to their functionality. The luggage has been constructed using a strong and lightweight ABS-Polycarbonate material which ensures that your luggage looks as good as new even after a hundred trips. The overall dimensions of this luggage are 22 by 15 by 9.5 inches and it weighs around 8.2 pounds. 


It has great organization capabilities provided by a divider along with cross straps. The luggage can be expanded for up to 1.5 inches for extra packing capabilities. A large front panel interior pocket has been provided for storing small and easy access items. For storing personal items, you can make use of the mesh modesty pocket inside the deep main compartment. Compression straps have been provided to keep your clothes securely packed while traveling with the luggage. 


The 360-degree spinner wheels provide the luggage with superior support and mobility. You can easily roll it around with minimal effort, thereby making it much convenient for you while checking into flights and hotels. 

A wider pull handle has been provided in this luggage for a comfortable grip and extra convenience. The pull handle has been built using multi-stage aluminum which makes it both light and durable. It uses a push-button for you to quickly expand and retract it as needed. The top and side carry-handles can be used to easily lift and carry the luggage. When not in use, they can be retracted back to the luggage’s body.  


  • A push-button pull handle made using multi-stage aluminum.
  • Made using lightweight polycarbonate material.
  • Includes a large front panel interior pocket. 


  • Problems with the wheel.
  • Reports of chemical odors.


6) Kenneth Cole Reaction Out Of Bounds Lightweight Hardside Luggage

The outer shell of the Kenneth Cole Reaction Out Of Bounds Luggage has been produced using hardside ABS which makes the luggage not only lightweight but also durable. It includes molded corner guard reinforcements along with fully-lined, tear-resistant interiors. The luggage’s lightweight construction design helps you to adhere to airline weight restrictions and thereby not having to incur extra air travel fees. The overall dimensions of the luggage are 21.75” H by 14.5” W by 8.5” D. 


The four molded side feet help the luggage to stay upright when placed on its side. For better handling, grab handles have been provided on the top and the side. The luggage comes with 4 multi-directional wheel spinners that allow 360-degree movement. They allow you to easily navigate rough surfaces and relieve your arms from pulling any extra weight. 


The luggage features a retractable push-button handle with sturdy locking capabilities for you to use easily with one hand. The handle has been manufactured with aluminum to make it durable and long-lasting. It smoothly expands and collapses, making for a compact setup when not in use. 

Garment restraint straps have been included in the luggage to securely store your clothes. A large zipper accessory pocket has been provided for storing other essential items. A large U-shaped zipper pocket has been included on the front lid to enable double-sided packing. 


  • Includes a fully-lined interior and molded corner guard reinforcements.
  • Multi-directional four-wheel spinners with 360-degree rotation.
  • Lightweight and durable construction.


  • Zippers get damaged easily.
  • Difficult to use the handle when the bag is full.


7) AmazonBasics Oxford Expandable Spinner Luggage

With this Oxford Hardside Spinner Luggage from AmazonBasic, all your travels will be safe and worry-free. The case has been designed using a contemporary style and design. Along with secure storage space, it includes a fully-lined interior for better support. Several zippered pockets have been provided to store small valuables and accessories. It is ideal for quick weekend getaways and light business travels. The outer dimensions of this luggage are 14.7 by 9.8 by 21.8 inches. Its interior dimensions are 13.3 by 9.6 by 18.1 inches. It weighs around 6.81 lbs and has an interior storage capacity of 39 liters. 


The luggage has been designed using ABS and Polycarbonate material that makes it both hard-shelled and lightweight. It features a subtle patterned finish that makes it resistant to scratches and abrasions. An anti-theft TSA lock ensures that your belongings are safely protected and can only be accessed by a TSA agent. The AmazonBasics Oxford case is a perfect choice if you are a frequent traveler. 


The luggage features four double spinner wheels that are multidirectional, which means you can easily roll them across multiple directions with a simple push. The 360-degree turning capability and robust build ensure that your body does not need to bear the weight of the luggage while on the move. While checking in a hotel or while catching an urgent flight, you can effortlessly navigate tight corners and rough surfaces. A telescoping trolley top has been added along with a push-button side handle that makes it easy for you to lift the luggage without spilling the contents. 

It includes an expandable storage space of 15 percent. You can use this space to store your clothes, essentials, and electronic devices neatly and securely as you leave for your adventures. 


  • Expandable storage space up to 15 percent.
  • 360-degree double spinner wheels for superior mobility.
  • Telescoping trolley top and push-button side handles.


  • Problems with combination lock have been reported.
  • Zipper stitch can be improved.


8) Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX Hardside Expandable Luggage

The Winfield 3 DLX is the latest edition of Samsonite’s popular series of hardside luggages. Its 100 percent polycarbonate exterior makes it strong and durable while the scratch-resistant finish helps you to maintain the new look for years to come. With the deluxe upgrade of this case, you will be getting four pockets with a two-sided divider panel that enables better organizational capabilities without adding extra weight to the luggage. Its overall dimensions are 30.5 x 20.5 x 13.25 inches.  


This new edition of the luggage comes with deluxe cushioning and soft rubber seals that offer additional security and stability to your belongings. The wider pull handle provides a comfortable grip while rolling the luggage. It has been developed using an integrated, multi-stage aluminum that makes it light and sturdy at the same time. You can make use of the retractable top and side carry handles for additional support while lifting the luggage. The luggage can be expanded for up to 1.5 inches which lets you ample space for packing in a few extra pieces of clothing. The compression ensures that your clothes remain neatly pressed and do not shuffle around inside the box.


The 360-degree spinner wheels offer great mobility to the luggage. They help you effortlessly maneuver the case on rough terrain with a simple push. It changes directions easily and makes things better when you are catching a flight or checking into an establishment. 

A side-mounted TSA lock has been provided to ensure that your belongings are safely protected while commuting. The built-in combination lock gets rid of the inconvenience of keeping keys and makes sure your luggage is only accessible to a TSA agent. 


  • Wider pull handle made using multi-stage aluminum.
  • High-quality 360-degree spinner wheels.
  • Deluxe cushioning and soft rubber seals.


  • Reports of the interior lining coming apart.
  • Material quality needs to be improved.


9) AmazonBasics Hardside Carry-On Spinner Suitcase Luggage

This AmazonBasics hard side luggage is perfect for international travel, mostly because the size meets the international travel criteria. It is also great for short business trips and getaways. You get enough space to throw in some clothes, a pair of shoes, and other small essentials. 


The AmazonBasics hard side luggage is equipped with a protective hard shell that is both lightweight and durable. A scratch-resistant finish on the surface ensures that your case looks brand new all the time. A tough zipper has been provided to ensure the case’s closure is reliable. The expandable design helps you take advantage of 15 percent more packing area when required. 

The interior of the case is fully lined and prevents your items from incurring scratches and marks. A divider has been provided to neatly separate your belongings based on your requirements. The luggage features an interior organizer developed using 150D polyester for amazing strength. Three zippered pockets have been included for storing smaller items such as papers, phone chargers, and cables. 


The luggage comes with a telescoping handle that is user friendly and locks into place. Extending and contracting the handle feels smooth, and it maintains a low profile when not in use. A short handle has been mounted securely to help you effortlessly lift the luggage when required. It has been thoroughly tested so that you don’t have to worry about dropping your items.

You can easily maneuver the luggage using the four double spinner wheels. The spinner wheels are multi-directional, that is, they can move in any direction with a simple push. They offer great convenience while transporting the luggage and avoid hurting your hands with the extra weight.  


  • Interior dividers and organizer compartments for better storage.
  • A short and secure handle for easier lifting.
  • Expandable storage for up to 15 percent. 


  • Issues with the handle.
  • Problems with the wheels have been reported.


10) Ben Sherman Nottingham Luggage

The Nottingham collection from Ben Sherman features a series of hardside luggages that have an interior that is spacious and fully-lined. Double side packing is allowed with the use of a large U-shaped pocket. It is easy to lift and carry the luggage thanks to the grab handles on the top, bottom, and side. Navigation feels effortless with the spinner wheels. This luggage is best suited for modern-day travelers who are looking for both style and functionality. It comes in nine attractive and premium colors such as Cobalt Blue, Emerald, and Rose Gold. 


The overall dimension of the luggage is 27” by 17.5” by 11”. It weighs around 8.9 lbs. The exterior material of this luggage comprises high-strength and durable hardside ABS. The design is light enough to not meet additional fees at airports. Self-repairing coil zippers have been included to make the case last for a long time. 


The four-wheel spinner wheels in this case offer multi-directional 360-degree movement. It is strong enough to work on rough surfaces and provides weight-free mobility. A large U-shaped zipper pocket has been provided in both of the interior compartments. You can use it to neatly store your clothes and other important items. The luggage has a good quality, tear-resistant, fully-lined interior.

The luggage comes with a sturdy push-button telescopic handle that has retractable locking capabilities. It extends up to a height of 41 inches and makes using the luggage with one hand much more simple and convenient. Better impact resistance has been provided by the four molded corner guard reinforcements. 


  • A retractable and push-button telescoping handle.
  • Stylish design and a wide range of attractive colors.
  • U-shaped zipper pockets for better organization.


  • Cases of broken zippers have been reported.
  • Issues with the handle.


11) Samsonite Freeform Hardside Luggage

This 21” luggage offers ample storage space for all your essentials and knick-knacks. It has a compact frame that makes it great for international and domestic flight travels. Its overall dimensions are 21.25 x 15.25 x 10.0 inches. The weight of this luggage is approximately 6.5 lbs. The product comes with a 10-year warranty that will provide you with complimentary services in case you find any defect in the workmanship or material of the product. 


The Samsonite Freeform luggage boasts a scratch-resistant texture on the outside that looks great even after multiple usages. The use of sturdy material ensures that your precious belongings can safely withstand the various conditions. . It implements modern design and functionality to produce the perfect luggage companion. 

For better organization and packing, a divider and cross ribbons have been provided inside the luggage. It also includes multiple pockets for storing smaller items securely. A built-in ID tag makes sure your luggage has the proper identification in case it gets misplaced.


You get a strong and comfortable grip on your luggage because of the wider pull handle. It has been manufactured with multi-stage aluminum which makes it both light and durable. The retractable side and top carry-handles offer better support while transferring the luggage from one place to another. 

The 360-degree spinner wheels offer good support for your luggage and help you effortlessly roll it around in multiple directions. They require minimum effort and ensure proper mobility across rough surfaces. 

Keep yourself safe from theft using the side-mounted TSA lock during your travels. It ensures your belongings are protected behind a combination lock that can only be accessed by you and a TSA agent. The lock also lets you get rid of the need to have keys. 


  • Scratch-resistant exterior.
  • 360-degree spinner wheels.
  • ID tag for identification.


  • Problems with the stitching.
  • Issues with zippers have been reported.


12) American Tourister Arrow Expandable Hardside Luggage

This 28 inches spinner luggage from American Tourister is ideal for your long business trips and holiday tours. The overall dimensions of this luggage are 30” x 19.5” x 12.5”. It weighs around 11.5 lbs. 


The luggage comes with fully-lined interiors that keep your belongings safe and protected. A zipped modesty pocket has also been provided to safely store your private belongings. You can squeeze out some additional packing space using the expansion of 1.5 inches. The compression provided by the expansion is great for storing clothes neatly. A large interior pocket has been added in the front panel which can be used for better storing and organization of your items. 


You get a comfortable grip with a high-quality and wider pull handle. The use of multi-stage aluminum makes the handle have less weight. The retracting side and top carry-handles help you conveniently shift the luggage around. The locking mechanism of the handles keeps them securely attached to the body of the luggage when not in use.

This hardside luggage comes with 360-degree spinner wheels that are sturdy and of good quality. They can be pushed around in multiple directions and do not require much effort from your part. They also help you easily move the luggage around in rough terrain. Your luggage won’t be posing a problem while you are running to board that important flight. 


  • Multi-directional 360-degree spinner wheels.
  • Cross-straps and mesh dividers for better-storing function.
  • Wider push-button handle. 


  • Not ideal for a frequent traveler.
  • Issues with the handle have been reported.


When it comes to good quality hardside luggage, you have lots of affordable choices that will meet your needs. You can go for smaller sizes if you are a frequent international traveler. Luggages with TSA combinations locks will provide you with security and along with it a peace of mind while traveling. Make use of the expandable storage features to bring home your souvenirs and tour purchases. Hardside luggage also comes in many attractive colors so that you can also look good on your weekend trips. 

Hardside Luggage FAQs

What kind of luggage do airlines prefer – hard or soft? 

Hard-sided cases are preferred over other kinds of bags and luggage since they are more durable and will experience less damage as compared to their soft counterparts. The luggages with good quality hands and secure wheels are ideal for airlines. Suitcases with spinner wheels are easier to load into the planes as they can be rolled down instead of having to throw them. 

What is the largest suitcase size that you can check on a plane?

Airlines mostly allow you to check in one bag along with a carry-on bag. Normally, there is a restriction on the weight and size of the checked-in bag. The weight limit is usually 50 pounds. The most commonly allowed dimensions of a bag are 27 x 21 x 14 inches. 

What is the best place to purchase luggage?

You have multiple places to look at if you want to buy a luggage – online retailers, departmental stores, travel specialty stores, and so on. It might be easier to get a better deal while buying from online retailers. However, there is no replacement for physically examining a product before making a purchase. Online stores also give you the option to view what others feel about the product and how they have rated it. 

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