Best Women’s Heated Jackets in 2022 (Buyer’s Guide)

best women's heated jackets

The kind of women’s heated jacket you buy depends a great deal on your intended usage, and the type of lifestyle you have. If you intend to go for a run wearing the jacket, you require a lightweight jacket. On the contrary, you will have to go for bulkier jackets to hunt or fish. We were on the lookout for the best women’s heated jackets on the market and here’s what we found. 

Best Women’s Heated Jackets for 2022

1) ORORO Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket

Manufactured using imported materials and made using 100 percent Polyester, the ORORO Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket provides a stylish look to your attire with its detachable hood and slim-fit design. The jacket can be machine-washed, and the jacket’s carbon fiber heating elements are devised to withstand more than fifty machine wash cycles.

The jacket comes with a breathable lining and a soft-shell fabric exterior, making sure that no excess heat is lost and you remain comfortably warm. The detachable hood will provide you with additional protection during windy days and cold mornings. The slim fit design offers an aesthetic benefit; it won’t make you appear bulky like most other jackets. A durable YKK zipper makes sure you are zipped up well against all winds!  

The jacket’s heating system uses three carbon fiber heating elements to produce heat and warm up the body’s core areas (mid-back, right and left chest). 

A single button provides access to three heat settings – low, medium, and high. A 7.4V UL/CE-certified battery has been used in this jacket. It can quickly heat your body and can work up to 10 hours. You can use the provided USB port to charge your smartphone and other portable devices too. The jacket is ideal for all kinds of regular indoor and outdoor usage. The light, slim design makes it appropriate for all sorts of events and gatherings. 


  • Three heat settings
  • Heath distribution across core body areas
  • Machine washable


  • Supports only proprietary accessories 


2) Kelvin Coats Heated Jacket for Women

This Kelvin Coats faux hooded jacket provides optical heating through its five carbon fiber heat zones. The locations are left and right chest, left and right stomach, and the back. You can toggle between 3 temperature settings on this heating system. The carbon fiber system helps in evenly distributing the heat at all the vital body locations.

The jacket comes with several protective measures to sustain extreme weather conditions- the water-resistant design to repel strong winds, ice, rain, snow, and sleet and durable fabric and seams that are resistant to tearing. The use of sustainable polyfill insulation lends a premium quality to this jacket. 

You will be able to conquer long durations of chill, thanks to the 8 hours of heating time. The jacket includes a 5200 mAH Lithium-ion battery that operates at 7.4V. It is one of the longest-lasting clothing batteries in the industry.  

Cold weather can be bad for your mobile devices as it can affect their battery performance. Fortunately, the jacket comes with an in-built 5V USB charging port that can be used to quickly charge your phone or tablet, which might come in very handy during emergencies. 

The jacket is machine washable, thereby making it easy to clean and store. It is perfect for the days when you will be spending a long time outside. You can also use it for protection on days the weather is unpredictable.  


  • Optimal battery performance with up to 8 hours of heat 
  • Removable batteries for easy cleaning
  • 5V USB charging facility for your portable devices


  • Does not provide adequate insulation when the heat is off


3) DEWBU Heated Jacket

The DEWBU Heated Jacket features materials with the following combination: the outer fabric is made of 95.5 percent Polyester and 4.5 percent Spandex; the lining fabric is made with 100 percent polyester.  The jackets can be machine washed and are designed to withstand a lot of hand and machine wash cycles. 

The jacket has been installed with three carbon fiber heating areas – the mid-back, the right, and the left chests. It works by warming all the essential areas of your body. The power button can be short-pressed to adjust the temperature modes between three stages – red, blue, and green. The jacket has been equipped with a 7.4V CE and FCC certified battery, which will quickly and effectively heat your jacket. The battery can work to keep you warm for as much as 10 hours. 

Highly durable and breathable materials have been used for this jacket. The soft-shell water-resistant material used for the jacket allows you to use it under rough weather conditions. They also offer good wind resistance, tensile strength, and scratch resistance. 

The jacket includes certain additional benefits such as a foldable hat and extra pockets. You can immensely benefit from the two large zipper chest pockets, the two back pockets, two small pockets on the left arm, and another small pocket on the left sleeve. 


  • Lots of additional pockets have been provided on the chest, back, and arms
  • Water-resistant, wind, and scratch-resistant design
  • The battery lasts for up to 10 hours.


  • Some complaints with the sizing
  • Problems with the battery running out too fast


4) Venture Heat Women’s Heated Jacket 2.0

The Venture Heat Women’s Heated jacket has been designed using a water-resistant shell powered by Venture Heat’s proprietary ADDheat feature. The named is the second and latest version of the jacket. It has a high battery capacity and appropriate heating and temperature controls. You can safely clean the jacket using your machine and dryer. 

The new version features larger heating panels that work faster and better to heat your body’s core areas. The carbon fibers used in the jacket are ultra-thin, which means they will not bulk up the jacket. The locations that the elements focus on heating are the chest, back, and neck areas. You can easily control the amount of heat generated using the low, medium, and high settings. The settings can be configured by using a button. 

The jacket boasts an amazing battery that will quickly charge up your jacket and keep it running for long hours. The power kit includes a 7.4V 5200 mAh battery with a charger. The battery can operate up to 10 hours on low settings, up to 6 hours on medium settings, and 3 hours on high settings.  

A USB port has been installed along with the battery. This will let you use the port to charge your devices such as smartphones, tablets, and ebook readers. The battery button can also activate a mini flashlight, which can be of great advantage during emergencies. 


  • Comes with a mini-flashlight
  • Long-lasting battery
  • USB charging


  • Issues with charging the battery


5) Venustas Heated Jacket

The Venustas Heated Jacket has been developed using 100 percent Nylon fabric, including a mylar thermal lining. The material is ultra-light and water-resistant. It packs a strong hem seal to trap in the heat effectively. The jacket provides adequate resistance against strong winds and delivers impressive performance with minimum restriction to your movements. 

A smart heating system ensures that the heat is evenly distributed across your body. The jacket heats up quickly in a few seconds and uses three carbon fiber elements across the vital body areas. They are the mid-back, the left abdomen, and the right abdomen. You can use a button to easily switch between different heat settings – low, high, and medium. 

The latest edition of the jacket comes with a new skin-friendly silver mylar thermal lining.  A poly heat system means you won’t be losing excess heat and feel more heat across the linings. A massive 10000 mAh battery has been used to provide heat for up to 12 hours. The battery also comes with a USB port to charge all your portable smartphones and tablets. 

The jacket comes with additional easy-access pockets for storing small items. A detachable hood makes the jacket extra comfortable for use during chilly morning and windy days. It includes suitable quality of hardware and YKK zippers that are waterproof. 


  • A large capacity battery
  • Features a detachable hood for additional comfort
  • Quick access pockets


  • Sleeves may be too wide and baggy
  • Problems with the switch have been reported


6) CONQUECO Women’s Heated Jacket

The Conqueco women’s heated jacket features a heating system that implements a smart design to distribute heat evenly across the body. It uses three carbon fiber heating elements to do the job. The areas they focus on are the left and right chests and the mid-back. A button allows you to adjust to the three levels of heat – low, medium, and high. 

A built-in thermal protection module has been provided for your safety. If the jacket overheats, the heating process will stop automatically until the heat goes down to a lower temperature, ensuring that the jacket is not damaged due to excess heat. The battery does not run out with unnecessary usage. And most of all, it protects your body from any kind of damage. 

The jacket has been produced using materials that have a breathable quality. It makes the jacket ideal for several outdoor activities such as hunting, skiing, cycling, etc. The materials are also water-resistant so that you can use it in wet and cold weather. You can easily use it for activities like fishing, where water splashing is expected. 

Overall, the jacket features a trendy design with highly visible lines. It comes in two colors – black and orange. The black one is more subtle, while the orange version will catch a lot of attention. Therefore, the jacket can be used for both sports and adventures and meetups and parties. 


  • A thermal protection module for additional safety
  • Breathable and water-resistant materials


  • Issues with the fitting and size reported


7) N NIFVAN Women’s Heated Jacket

Made using 100 percent Polyester, this heated jacket from N NIFVAN is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality lightweight jacket. It provides good insulation against abrasion and the elements. The materials used are light and do not make you appear bulky. You can use this jacket if you have a very active lifestyle. The use of carbon fiber heating elements in the jacket makes it compatible with machine and hand washing. It has been designed to withstand a lot of wash cycles. 

The jacket utilizes a thread heating technology to heat the jacket optimally. The heating zones are placed in three ideal locations – two in the chest and a large one in the upper-middle back., ensuring that your body remains adequately warmed. 

An 8.4V CE-certified battery has been used in the jacket. The battery lasts for long durations up to 10 hours, providing constant and optimum heat to the body. A detachable hood is also offered with the jacket to promote additional protection. The hood will come in handy if you spend a lot of time out in the cold or rain while engaging in tasks like camping, fishing, hunting, and so on. 

A one-touch LED controller allows you to easily switch between multiple heat settings – low, medium, high. It is easily accessible and controllable. You can quickly warm up your cold hands by holding them inside the front pockets. 


  • LED one-touch controller for heat change
  • 8.4V battery for prolonged usage
  • Thread heating technology


  • Lacks wind proofing property


8) Dr. Prepare Heated Vest

The Dr. Prepare Heated vest keeps you forever prepared against cold weathers with its built-in high-quality carbon fiber heat elements. You can switch between three heating elements that will generate warmth across six core body areas. These include the back, waist, abdomen, and neck. Besides providing warmth, they also help relieve pain and tension in the muscles and improve blood circulation.

The jacket includes a 2A or 2.4A portable charger with USB output. It supports a battery pack of 10000mAh, which is capable of providing 3 hours, 5 hours, and 7 hours of consistent performance. 

Each side of the jacket has four zippers, which help you easily customize the jacket’s size and fit based on your body size. You can try multiple zipper combinations to find the best fit for yourself that would keep your body warm.

The jacket features a lightweight, quilted design with a fine interior lining that adds to the coziness and comfort. The zipper on the front helps you pair the jacket with different clothing layers and experiment with different styles. 

Maintaining and cleaning this jacket is quite easy. You can both hand wash or machine wash it, and it can endure many cleaning cycles without succumbing to wear and tear. For best results, it is recommended not to bleach or iron the jacket. 


  • Adjustable zipper on each size for best fitting
  • Massive 10000 mAh battery
  • Quilted and lightweight design


  • Issues with charging the battery reported


9) PTAHDUS Women’s Heated Jacket

This jacket from PTAHDUS comes with five heating zones instead of the usual three to provide the best heat coverage across your whole body. It includes a carbon fiber heating element powered by Li-battery to distribute warmth across your back, chest, and hand warmers on the front. 

The heating levels can be managed using the two LED controllers for the body warmer and the hand warmers. You can choose between the three heat settings (low, medium, and high) based on your needs and preferences. 

The jacket features an improved version of a pre-heating function to quickly heat the jacket and make you feel comfortable within seconds. The jacket provides up to 8 hours of operating time in low settings. 

A durable water repellent coating (DWR) has been applied to the fabrics to strengthen their water resistance capabilities. The coating does not affect the breathability of the material. The jacket’s inside is layered with thickened cotton and fleece that helps in trapping the heat effectively. The lining also shelters the body against chilly winds, thereby enabling you to withstand colder temperatures. The jacket is available in two colors – black and amaranth.


  • Five heating zones provide maximum heat
  • The battery allows use for up to 8 hours
  • type-C charging port


  • Problems with battery life have been reported
  • Sleeves may appear long and bulky


10) ORORO Women’s Full-Zip Fleece Jacket

This jacket features a material with a combination of 35 percent cotton and 65 percent polyester. The zipper closer lends a stylish look to the jacket and makes it easy to wear and take it off. Caring for the jacket feels effortless since it is washable by machine. The heating elements and the jacket have been designed to withstand more than fifty machine wash cycles. 

The heat is distributed across your core body areas using the three carbon fiber elements on the mid-back and left and right chest. The three heat settings (low, medium, and high) can be adjusted easily using a button.  You get a regular fit with the jacket while the fleece material makes it ultra-soft and breathable. Elastic hems have been used to trap in the heat without restricting your bodily movements.

The warmth provided by the jacket is not only quick but also long-lasting. It warms up in seconds and remains running for more than 10 hours on a full charge. It uses a 7.4V UL-CE certified battery along with a USB-A port for charging your smartphone and other portable devices. 

One of the best features of this jacket is that it is quite versatile. You can use it as a middle layer on chilly days and pair it with other garments for maximum comfort. The jacket can also act as a stand-alone garment when the weather is warmer. You can get the best of comfort and style with this jacket. 


  • Ten hours of battery power
  • Breathable fabric
  • Cotton and polyester combo


  • Glowing LED may be too distracting
  • Battery issues have been reported


Best Women’s Heated Jackets Buyer’s Guide

A women’s heated jacket comes in the following different forms:

Weatherproof Jackets: 

These jackets come with a water-resistant or waterproof outer shell and include a heavy insulation layer on the inside. Some jackets have a looser fit, which lets you layer other clothes underneath. But with that, you can wear these jackets without pairing them with other garments too. Tailored jackets offer protection without being bulky, while the lighter ones provide space for adding extra layers of comfort. Pick your choice!

Soft-shell Jackets:

These are lightweight jackets fabricated from polyester. They offer a degree of water resistance and offer warmth with a smooth insulation layer and are not as bulky as the wind-resistant jackets. These can also be used as a protective layer under dry conditions. 

Insulated or Warm Jackets:

These kinds of jackets provide a layer or warmth or insulation in the form of a heated jacket, vest, or hoodie. They can give good warmth but do not help much in case of snow or rain. Some jackets and vests are built in a way that allows them to be worn under heavier layers. 

There are a lot of factors that will go into deciding the best jacket for yourself. If you know which of these factors is essential, you will make the most out of your purchase. We have presented each of the elements in detail here:

1. Heating Elements

For the heating mechanism, elements such as steel plates or carbon fibers are generally used. If steel plates are used, the jackets are more rigid, less flexible, and you will have to wash them by hand. The carbon fiber heating system is more flexible and lightweight. It is much safer to clean and to use. 

However, you must correctly follow all the manufacturer instructions to avoid any malfunction and accidents with the heating elements. Jackets with carbon fiber should simply be hanged on a cloth rope when drying and not be tumble-dried. 

2. Voltage

The performance of the jacket will be much dependent on the voltage of the battery used in the jacket. A battery with a higher voltage will be able to produce more heat to make the jacket warm. For example, a 12V battery will heat a jacket a lot quicker than a 5V battery. 

Heater jackets, depending on the model, utilize a voltage range between 5 to 20 volts. For most models, a 7.4V battery is used, and it works well. A 5V battery is used to heat gloves, t-shirts, and hats. A 7V battery can provide adequate heating capabilities to a jacket for as much as 8 hours in ordinary conditions. 

People who regularly work on the outdoors, such as motorcycle riders and snowmobile riders, will prefer a jacket with a 12-volt battery. They will require jackets that heat up quickly and generate more heat than that is needed when indoors. 

3. Type of Battery

A good quality battery will serve as an appropriate power source for a jacket. In most jackets, lithium batteries are used (Li-polymer or Li-ion). They offer excellent performance under cold temperatures and can keep a jacket heated for long periods. 

Some jackets use a battery that can be charged using the provided charger. Other jackets use the battery of your motorcycle or snowmobile to keep itself warm. You should be going for a higher capacity battery if you plan to wear the jacket for more extended periods. You can also use a spare battery to keep it working as required.  

4. Heating

Two components are involved in heating the jackets – temperature control and heating zones. 

Temperature Control: 

You will find three levels of heat settings available for most jacket models – low, medium, and high. Some models will include more functions in the form of pre-heating options. Ensure that you can understand what these controls mean and how they function- they should be easy to use while wearing the jacket. The high and low settings should be appropriate enough for you so that you can get as much heat as your body requires. 

Heating Zones:

You find that in most jackets, the heating elements are installed on the front part of the chest, the middle, and the lower back. The elements are usually designed to be near the front hand pockets, on the back, or the collar for jackets with more heating zones. In some jackets, the sleeves are also heated, though they are not very common. The cuffs can also be sealed to trap the warmth within the jacket.

5. Battery Life

The capacity of the battery is determined by the milliampere-hours (mAh) and voltage. A higher mAh means the battery can power the heating elements for a longer duration. The battery life depends a lot on the heat setting that you use. The battery will last longer if you keep the heat setting on the lowest setting. Similarly, using a higher setting for extended periods might lead to the battery running out faster. 

For example, you can expect around 2 hours of heat if you set the jacket to high and use it for a moderate activity such as cleaning snow from your driveway. If you decide to go for a hike, you will benefit from the low heat settings. Many jackets will fetch you an operating period of around 8 to 10 hours on a single charge. 

The temperature on the outside will also determine how fast the battery runs out. Lower temperatures hurt the battery and can drain it more quickly. For such cases, you should be using a jacket with a higher battery capacity so that you do not run out of power fast. You might also need to carry an extra charged battery to replace the other one if it depletes. 

6. Material

In most jackets, the technical fiber is used to provide resistance to elements and abrasion. It also insulates your body from the cold and traps the warmth inside the jacket. Jackets with a polyester shell are suitable for providing resistance against wind and rain. Jackets with many linings and layers on the inside can add to the overall comfort. 

The outer layers on the jacket are produced using polyester, nylon, Gore-Tex, or other fabrics. The inner linings have softer materials like fleece. Ideally, your jacket’s outer layer should offer protection against water, wind, and cold air. It should be breathable enough and not trap any sweat. 

The inner layers help in absorbing moisture. Besides the liner and the additional insulation, there should be plenty of materials to store the heat inside the jacket. You must select your material based on the type of outdoor activity you will engage in. If you are into activities that require a lot of movement, you must use a lightweight and think material. Bulkier materials will offer more warmth and isolation but less movement. 

7. Safety

Safety should be your greatest concern while using a jacket that is powered by electronic devices. While top quality jackets are always developed to avoid any kind of risk, you should nevertheless be aware of the following concerns:

Risk of electrocution

While you are using your jacket when it’s raining, you might be thinking about whether there are chances of being electrocuted. The rechargeable heating systems in jackets run on low voltages, as low as 10V. They are not high enough to cause electrocution. Most of the batteries used in the jacket run on 7.4V, which is a lot lower than that used in kid’s toys. No amount of rain exposure is going to affect you. 

High-frequency EMF Radiation

All heating jacket models are safe from high-frequency EMF radiation. The battery voltages are always less than 13V DC, which means they have a frequency of 0 Hz. This does not produce any EMF, and your body is not exposed to any kind of radiation. 

Bad Design

Faulty design or quality might cause the jacket to develop hot spots at unconventional locations. If you are buying a jacket with good ratings, you won’t need to worry about this problem. Always make sure that you check the tests that the manufacturer has done on their products to ensure that the jacket is safe for you. 

Risk of fire

The heating panels used on the jacket are produced from safe elements that won’t catch on fire even when used at high temperatures. No live current is being used for these panels, so you do not need to worry about bodily damage. A limit is set on how high a temperature a jacket can reach without causing damage to the jacket or the person wearing it for a few models. 

8. Miscellaneous features

Many features are provided as add ons to the main jacket to improve their performance and comfort. These can make a lot of difference to the jacket and can become an important deciding factor for many:


Most jackets will include a standard pocket for each hand on the left and right sides. These pockets can be used to warm up your hands in case of freezing weather conditions. They also act as a storage space for your small tools while hunting or fishing. If a jacket has four or more heating elements, the pockets might be placed near one of them. A pocket might be added for the power source to be stored, but it is not counted as an add-on. 


Most of the jackets are produced with polyester and includes a heat-trapping design which may or may not have panels. The heating panels are supported with protective layers that will prevent damage to locations on the body they are covering.


Heated jackets can be used under rain if they are designed to be water-resistant or waterproof. Always check before purchasing to find out what kind of resistance the jacket offers. Many jackets also offer windproofing, which helps you protect yourself against heavy winds. 


If you use the jackets for activities that make the jacket get dirty frequently, you will be required to clean it more often. Hand washing a jacket takes longer and is less convenient than machine washing. You should select a jacket based on the type of washing you prefer and how often you will be able to wash the jacket. 

9. Style & Fit

For your heated jacket to function correctly, it should be of the right size and fit compared to your body. The heat won’t remain trapped if you are wearing a jacket that is bigger for you. You will then be required to use more garments, and the battery will work harder to heat the extra clothes. Ensure that the jacket has appropriate sealing measures to hold the heat, such as an adjustable cuff, tight collars, and a cinched waist. Zippers that are covered or lined are used to keep the wind out. A hood can not only add to your jacket’s style but also protect your head from snow or rain. 

10. Weight

Your heated jacket’s weight will depend on the type of material used and the number of heating elements used. Although there is no massive difference between the weight, a jacket made using lightweight and less proofing materials will have a less bulky appearance than jackets with many inner and outer linings. For some people, the additional protective linings may be unnecessary, and they should go for the lighter models. You can check the weight listed on the jacket specifications to determine whether a jacket is too heavy for you.   

11. Charging

Heated jackets use different batteries and charging devices to charge the jackets. The charging time will depend on the type of battery used and the chargers it supports. Many batteries come with a USB-A port that can be used to charge portable devices such as smartphones, ebook readers, music players, and so on. Many jacket models allow you to thread the power cable of the devices to store the device on the outer pockets while it is charging. 

12. Budget

Your budget might be one of the most crucial factors in deciding on a heated jacket. They are somewhat more expensive than regular coats. Most of the heated jackets range between $150 to $350. A budget-friendly jacket will be priced at around $200. You get additional heating zones, pocket heating zones, a detachable hoodie, and a longer-lasting battery for higher prices. Depending on your needs and using the budget for your heated jacket will differ. 

13. Warranty

Most jackets will come with a warranty that will help you take advantage of services if any problems or malfunctions arise. Make sure your jacket comes with a warranty so that you can have a form of security in case you face any issues. Heated jackets generally come with a minimum guarantee of 1-year. 

14. Branding

There are cheap, budget, and expensive brands for women’s heated jackets for every product in the market. You might already have a favorite brand of your own that you trust to make high-quality jackets. If not, you should always go for older and trusted brands if you want high-quality and durable products. Before going for a new and or less-known brand, make sure to check the crucial elements such as the battery, materials, heating elements, and so on. 

Last Word: Stay Safe and Comfortable with the Best Women’s Heated Jackets

We hope this guide will help you to make the best decision while choosing the best heated jacket for yourself. There are many options for a heavy user who wants a jacket with a long-lasting battery and additional heating zones. If you’re a casual user looking for some extra support when you step out of the house, you, too, have a lot of jackets to choose from. Use your jacket to add some spark to your fashion while taking advantage of its protective capabilities. You can wear it for picnics, for parties, fishing, hunting, trekking, skiing and much more. Choose the all-in-one features jacket which best suits your needs!

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