Top 12 Best Luggage for Kids in 2021


When it comes to traveling with kids, it can be a difficult ordeal. One clever way to make your travelling journey less stressful is by getting your kids their own luggage. Kids love to own things and consider them their ‘possessions.’ They also love copying adults. Getting them luggage of their own will make them feel responsible like adults. Kids’ luggage come in various styles and sizes. Some manufacturing companies create bags featuring designs of some of the most famous kids movies like Toy Story, Frozen, and Lion King. Kids love to flaunt their movie-themed bags in front of their friends and family. Apart from movie-based designs, there are also many other cool and fun options for kids bags. You can find carry-on bags in cute solid pastel colors, with bright funky designs. In this article, we have gathered a list of our top picks for the best luggage for kids.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Luggage for Kids?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to buying travel bags. When shopping for a bag for your kids, there are some factors you must consider before placing your order. Here are some options you can keep in mind before buying a travel bag for your kids.


One of the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing a bag for your kid is the weight of the bag. If the bag itself weighs heavier than the contents inside it, then there is no use in putting your kid through such difficulty. Also a heavy weight bag is only going to add pounds to the weighing scale at the airport and may cost your extra money.

Rolling bags are heavier compared to backpacks, however, the former are easier to travel with. With backpacks, your kid can get tired and you might have to end up carrying it.


Children possess all kinds of things from toys to books to snacks. If everything is dumped into one place in the bag, it will be difficult for kids to sort out their things during travel. Separate compartments in a bag keeps the stuff organized. Also external pockets, and bottle holders, are some of the important things to consider when buying a bag for your child.

Ergonomic Design

Children bags that do not conform or align to the laws of physics, they can cause serious posterior injuries. Traditional school bags are usually poorly designed and affect the health and safety of children.

When buying a travel bag for your kid, you want to make sure it’s ergonomically designed so that it doesn’t cause any posture distortion, or balance disturbance.


There is no point in buying an expensive bag that doesn’t even last one trip. Bags come in different styles. Some are made of nylon and polyester, others with ABS, polycarbonate, or aluminium.

Hard shelled luggage are usually more expensive than the ones made with fabric. This is because the hard shell protects the luggage from external damages. However, keep in mind that some hard shelled luggage are made with low grade materials which can make them susceptible to easy damage.

Best Luggage for Kids in 2021

1) Lttxin Kids’ Luggage

This vibrant and stylish kids luggage bag is durable and made of ABS/PC materials. Seller GURHODVO aims to make their designs educational and fun for the kids to enjoy their trips.

Built-in coded lock

One of the cool features of this bag is the coded built-in lock which will protect the contents of the bag and give children a sense of safety about their stuff. It is easy to work with and your kid will be able to operate it without your help. The standard unlock code is 000. To lock it, you can select random numbers.

3-Step Handle

The bag has a sturdy ergonomic aluminum 3-step telescoping handle that is adjustable with push-button.


This bag has an interior mesh zip pocket and is elasticated. The squared full-capacity design allows for more room and space for your young one’s collectibles.

Anti-Scratch Body

Made up of extra-thick high quality and non-toxic ABS+PC materials, this bag has a sturdy case which is scratch resistant. The luggage bag is also more durable, lighter and impact-resistant.

Ergonomic Design

This lightweight toddler carry-on luggage is designed for children and is delicately balanced and conforms to human engineering. its silent and smooth multi-directional spinner wheels allow easy movement and flexible operation.


  • Bag is made with child-friendly safe materials
  • The sturdy body makes the bag waterproof and scratch resistant
  • Full-capacity design provides enough room for child’s clothes, toys, and snacks
  • 3-step telescoping handle can be adjusted according to child’s height
  • The built-in coded lock is great for giving the children a sense of security of their items
  • Ergonomic design allows balance and easy movement


  • Zipper issues
  • Not sturdy enough
  • Flimsy handle


2) American Tourister Star Wars Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

The American Tourister Star Wars collection features a sleek and fun star wars design. This high quality bag is a great choice for the little travelers both boys or girls.

Ergonomic Design

The 360 degree spinner wheels offer heavyweight protection. It is lightweight and easy to push along for kids.

Push-Button Handle

The rolling handle comes with a push-button that you can adjust according to the child’s needs. The handle provides an exceptionally comfortable grip for the kids. Integrated, multi-stage aluminum pull handles allow easy operation. Retracting top and side carry-handles remain protected when checking baggage.

Expanded Space

The bag can be expanded for added packing capacity. Large front panel interior pocket can be used for extra packing organization. Deep main compartment comes with a mesh modesty pocket which can be used to store personal items. Compression straps inside the bag keep clothing and other kid’s items neatly packed and organized while traveling.


  • Single spinner wheels, a mono tube pull handle, and a top grab handle allow easy lifting for kids
  • Divider creates two separate packing compartments which can be used sparingly for travel related items
  • Colorful Star Wars graphics are loved by both boys and girls alike
  • Push-button handle allow easy adjustment


  • Sizing is off
  • Issues with handle
  • Does not stand well upright
  • Does not fit in overhead bin, needs to be checked in with luggage


3) Kids Carry on Luggage Set with Wheels

This travel bag is sold by iPlay iLearn. It is scratch-resistant and water-proof. Made out of durable Polycarbonate, it’s hard shell helps prevent damage when on road. It is loved by both kids and parents and is also a great gift idea for boys, girls, and kids of all ages.

Large Capacity

The bag is compartmentalized into various portions which provides plenty of options to organize kid’s books, clothes, and toys. The design is practical, and accommodating for a comfortable travelling trip.

Durable and Safe Materials

The bag is made with durable ABS and PC materials. The hard outer shell prevents damage on the road, is waterproof and is easy to clean.


The bag has two-way sturdy and smooth zippers which are easy to use and grasp. The luggage handle comes with shoulder straps that are adjustable for children with different heights. All the items can be fastened by the buckle.


  • Both the luggage and backpack are lightweight, easy to carry for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners
  • Double-row pulleys and precision bearings can absorb friction and shocks on rough surfaces
  • Hard shell makes the bag water resistant, and prevents scratches.
  • Multi-directional wheels make mobility smooth and easy
  • The backpack securely straps to the top of the suitcase
  • Dual-tube adjustable pull rods along with the automatic spring back handles make it convenient for lifting and pulling.


  • Smaller than a regular carry on bag
  • Surface gets scratched with occasional use


4) Disney Princess Luggage Hard-Sided Rolling Spinners Carry-On

This Disney princess themed tween spinner bag is lightweight and spacious. The design features different princesses like Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan and Belle.

High-quality Material

Made with ABS/Polycarbonate, this luggage bag is durable and protects the contents of your kid’s luggage. The 360° spinner wheels provide durability and smoothness of a full-sized spinner luggage.

Light Weight

The bag is 20 inch high, 12 inch wide, and 8 inch long. It weights 5.2 lbs. With a durable hard-sided exterior, the weight is ideal for a child to carry comfortably. Your kid can easily maneuver this luggage bag around the airport without any help.

Spacious Interior

The external zip on the bag is easy to open. The wide spaced interior allows your kid to pack their favorite toys, books, and snacks.


  • Attractive princess design will make it a fun possession for kids
  • The hard-shell makes it durable for traveling
  • Light weight of the luggage bag makes it ideal for kids to carry around the airport
  • High quality ABS material prevents damage to the bag


  • Zipper pocket can get ripped easily
  • Inside compartment is less durable


5) Rockland Jr. Kids’ My First Hardside Spinner Luggage, Carry-On

This is a fun 3 dimensional bag with animal character designs including frog, dinosaur, ladybug, monkey, puppy, shark, turtle, and owl. The bag is made of a hard shell durable polycarbonate. The spinner wheels and telescoping handles make it perfect for kids who are excited for a trip.

Smooth Rolling

The 360 degree 4 spinner wheels allow for great maneuverability and ease of handling on various surfaces.

Fun Details

The bags have customized fun zipper and tag details. The shark bag has shark teeth as zips and scary sharks as tags. The monkey bag’s zippers are designed as bananas and a cute monkey tag is attached to the side of the bag.

Hard Shell

The bag is made of a polycarbonate lightweight (4lbs) hard side shell which makes it scratch resistant and lightweight.

Adjustable Handles

The pull handle is adjustable according to a child’s height. The handle is sturdy and friendly for a child’s grip.


  • Fun customized details like turtle, monkey tags and banana and skeleton dinosaur zips are cool and attractive designs for kids
  • Large space allows storage of Playstation and other controllers
  • 360 degree spinner wheel are great for maneuvering and handling
  • Hardshell makes it water and scratch resistant
  • Pull handles can be adjusted according to child’s height for easier rolling


  • Issue with wheels
  • Not solid enough
  • Gluing of seam is flimsy


6) Rolling Kids Carry On Luggage Set, 12″ Backpack & 16” Suitcase

This adorable kids luggage set includes a cute cartoon design suitcase and a matching backpack. Designed for traveling kids, this luggage has large capacity and is lightweight.

Ergonomically designed

The carry-on luggage comes with adjustable telescoping handles with 3 levels adjustment ranging 0-14.6 inches. This allows the handle to be adjusted according to the child’s height. The silent 360°rolling wheels make it easy to roll the bag on the floor. The shoulder straps for both the carry-on and the backpack can be adjusted for convenience. The wider shoulder strap along with the top grip makes the backpack comfortable to carry for children.

Large Capacity

The bag is fully lined on the inside and contains tie-down straps that keeps the contents organized. The backpack has breathable fabric and can hold items like stationary, books, snacks and toys. This rolling luggage bag can easily carry clothes for a 3-4 day trip.

Sturdy Exterior

This kids suitcase comes with waterproof and scratch-resistant protective film on the surface. The luggage and backpack are made out of premium ABS with PC composite. The sturdy outer surface makes it tough and protects from outside damage.

Light weight

Designed for easy and comfortable experience for kids, this bag weighs 6lbs. Toddlers can pull the rolling bag and drag it along the flat surface easily. The backpack is also lightweight and easy to carry around the airport.


  • The waterproof and sturdy design keeps the bag safe from water spillage and hard impacts
  • Ergonomic design keeps the kids posture correct and is adjustable according to child’s height
  • The lightweight makes it easy for kids to drag it around during the trip
  • Spacious interior provides enough space for packing all the essentials
  • Offers 30-day free return policy


  • Backpack is smaller than advertised


7) GYMAX 2Pc Kid Carry On Luggage Set, Trolley for Boys and Girls Toddlers

This bag comes in two different designs: a pink mermaid and a blue astronaut. The cute rounded design makes it adorable for children and toddlers who are excited to carry their luggage on a trip.


This 2-piece children’s trolley case set is made of durable and non-toxic ABS material. The outer casing is hard and sturdy and is less prone to wear and tear. The bag is made of non-toxic materials which ensures safety of your kid’s health.

Adjustable Height

Parents or children themselves can conveniently adjust the height of the handle according to their own height. The shoulder strap on the backpack can also be adjusted according to the kids’ body.

Ergonomic Design

This bag is ergonomically designed for children. The widened shoulder strap of the backpack reduces the pressure on the children’s shoulders. The omni directional wheels of the trolley case allow the children to move the bag around easily and without any extra effort.

Easy Maintenance

The bag is easy to maintain and clean. The kids suitcase is covered with a scratch-resistant waterproof PC film which makes it suitable to be used in rainy weather. If the bag gets dirty, it doesn’t require excessive cleaning. Using a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt is enough.

Lightweight and Spacious

The kids luggage set includes a shoulder bag and a luggage with spinner wheels. The suitcase features large capacity and is lightweight. Your kids can put a lot of toys, books or clothes inside and move around easily.


  • Ergonomic design reduces stress and pressure on kid’s body and allow easy movement
  • Bag has a large capacity for child’s travel related needs
  • The luggage is easy to maintain and clean
  • Handles can be adjusted according to child’s height


  • Easily scratched
  • Zipper issues
  • Low quality


8) Yodo 3-Way Kids Suitcase Luggage or Toddler Rolling Backpack with wheels

Sold by the Yodo Group, this cute rolling backpack comes in different styles including monkey, owl, shark and unicorn.

3-way luggage

3-way luggage is great for wet weather conditions when the grass is dirty and the ground is wet. Such conditions make it difficult to pull the bag. In such a case, you can use the bag as a backpack and protect the wheels from damage. The added thick padding on the back side covers the stiffness of the trolley and makes it comfortable to carry as a backpack.

Spacious capacity

The bag comes with a large front lunch pouch which can be quickly accessed to get snacks, and toys. Both sides have mesh bottle pockets that can be used to store juices and water bottles. Double sided zip allows the child to open the bag from both sides.

Light Weight

This rolling backpack with wheels weighs only 0.89 kilograms which makes it easy to carry for kids. Serving as both a luggage bag and a backpack, your kid will be able to handle its weight during the trip.


  • 3-way luggage design allows the bag to be used as rolling bag as well as a backpack
  • Thick padded panel on the backside make it easy to carry as a backpack and prevents strains
  • Kids love the cute and playful design
  • Spacious compartments allow enough space for kids books, kindle, toys, and snacks.
  • Padded front pouch allows quick access to things


  • Smaller than regular sized backpack luggage
  • Not a zip open luggage bag


9) Girls Pink Princess Hard Shell 16 Inch Upright Rolling Suitcase

This stylish well-curated suitcase for toddler is perfect for both boys and girls going on a trip. This bag designed by Newcom comes with rolling wheels and is made of PC and ABS material.

Fully-lined Interior

The bag has a fully lined roomy interior that can be fastened using buckle straps and zippered divider. This will help keep the content of the luggage secure and organized. Both sides of the bags also have mesh pockets that can be used to store water bottles or other items. A side zipper pocket provides room for smaller objects that need to be quickly accessed.

Sturdy Handle

The top carry handle used for holding the bag is made with sturdy material and can carry heavy loads.

Ergonomic 2-Step Telescoping Handle

The rolling handle can be adjusted according to the child’s height. The easy push-button locking allows the child to slide it up and down. The handle is made of aluminum alloy, which is light and strong.

Upright Stopper

The front upright stopper prevents the rolling suitcase from sliding away on uneven grounds. Two rear wheels roll smoothly and silently.


  • The attractive design is loved by toddlers
  • Spacious interior allows packing kids favorite items
  • Wheels allow smooth and silent rolling around the airport
  • Light weight of bag makes it great for kids to carry and roll around
  • Ergonomic handle design allows adjustment based on child’s height
  • Sturdy aluminum handle provides a nice grip when rolling


  • Exterior can get scratched easily
  • Shell can be dented on impact


10) J World New York Sunny Rolling Backpack for School & Travel

This cool design with bold patterns was inspired by the New York City Lifestyle. J World collaborates with artists from all over the world to polish and perfect their designs in order to offer unique and innovative products.

This 17 inch rolling backpack is great for school going kids. Kids aged 6 and above can use this bag for traveling as well.

Light Weight

The backpack weighs only 3.5 pounds (1.6 kgs)  which makes it easy for kids to carry and roll. The dimensions 17 x 12 x 8.5 inches are perfect for carrying school supplies as well as travel related goods.

The backpack is designed to easily fit under the airplane seat or overhead compartment.


The shoulder straps are made out of air mesh cushion padding and the back has a slip-in system for convenience.


The backpack is lined with 600D polyester. It is water resistant and the lockable handle is made of rust-free aluminum.


The main compartment has enough capacity to carry clothes, books, and electronics. There are two mesh pockets on the side. The bag also has a front pocket organizer with pencil holder, key fob, and Zipper pocket.


  • Bag can be used in rainy weather conditions due to its water resistant fabric
  • It is roomy enough for kids to store their school supplies and travel related items
  • Comfortable padding makes it easy to carry for kids while traveling
  • Light weight allows the kids to take charge and responsibility of their bag during the trip


  • Issue with wheels
  • Handle is too short
  • Smaller than expected


11) Spiderman Six Wheels Trolley Case School Vacation Backpack

This bag sold by Gloomall is designed to keep ergonomics in check. Six wheels make poor floor conditions relatively stable. The bag can be used as both a school bag and vacation bag.

Vast Storage Capacity

The bag is roomy, spacious and compartmentalized. Children can use the sections to organize their stationary, books, bottles, and lunch boxes. The bag comes with a removable shoulder bag which acts like a little satchel and can be worn for daily travel.

Multifunctional Rolling Wheels

The bag can be used both as a backpack and a trolley. The three wheels help with easy climbing on stairs and rocky paths.

Ergonomically Designed

The back and shoulder straps are made of breathable material to reduce impact and for easy carrying. The buckle on the bag is connected with the tie rod to strengthen the stability and posture of the child carrying the bag.

Adjustable Pull-rod

The pull-rod is made out of aluminum alloy and can be stretched and retracted freely. It is durable and sturdy with a strong bearing capacity. With proper care, the bag can be used for a long time.


  • Ergonomic design provides stability and correct posture for the kid
  • The pulling rod can be adjusted according to a child’s height
  • The spacious main compartment can carry school supplies and travel supplies
  • Three wheels are great for rolling over obstacles and when climbing stairs


  • Not sturdy enough
  • Zip issues


12) Personalized Rolling Luggage for Kids – Purple Polka Dot

Lillian Vernon offers exclusive designs that are ideal for any trip. Their spacious bags come with special zippered pockets that can fit all of your child’s essentials like crayons, toys, snacks and anything else you need to keep handy. The colorful designs come in a wide variety of bright hues and fun prints that make them easy to spot on the conveyor belt at the airport.

Smooth Rolling Wheels

The durable smooth-rolling plastic wheels are the perfect accessory for little travelers on-the-go. The bag provides excellent maneuverability for your child to take it on the plane, trains, and busses etc. It is ideal as a rolling backpack for school or as a cute little travel bag.

Extendable Handle

The bag features a comfort-wrapped webbed handle which provides a cushy padded back. The rolling luggage is the perfect height for adventure loving kids. The extendable handle is easy-to-grip and maneuver for small hands.


The spacious zippered compartments and pockets help keep everything organized for your kid and make the process of packing easy. 4″L clip-on pouch and 5 outside zip pockets make it easy for your child to access contents quickly and easily.


A fun feature of this bag is that it is customizable. You can add a personalized embroidered name of your child on the front of the bag. You can use up to 12 characters in a block or script font.


The bag is crafted from sturdy, double-stitched, wipe-clean, 600-denier, PVC-backed polyester. The strong build material makes it great for a child to roll around without worry of damaging it.


  • The fun customizable features makes it unique to each child’s needs
  • Roomy interior with exterior pockets makes it great for packing clothes, toys, and snacks
  • Smooth rolling wheels allow easy navigation and movement
  • Bag is double-stitched and made of sturdy PVC polyester.


  • Inferior quality
  • Flimsy handle
  • Issues with foot bracket

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