16 Best Gore Tex Shoes for 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)


Nature enthusiasts enjoy sports that bring them closer to nature. Outdoor sports like hiking, climbing, mud running, and running are perfect examples of trips and adventures that health-conscious and fitness-loving people take every once in a while. In today’s article, we’ll go through deep reviews of the best gore-tex shoes on the market today.

Best Gore-Tex Shoes to Buy in 2022

1. Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 GTX Trail Running Shoes

gore tex shoesSolomon brand firmly believes in commitment, family spirit, imagination, and simplicity. Salomon has a passion for innovation and adventure for nature loving and adventure seeking enthusiasts. The brand was born in French Alps in 1947.

Their gore-tex designs are unique and unparalleled compared to other designs in the market. This speedcross 4 GTX pair is made of 100% synthetic materials and has a strong grip for all kinds of trails.

They are perfect for hikes, runs, and even tough mudders! When wearing these shoes, you wouldn’t have to worry about moisture or water entering your shoes as they are waterproof and breathable.


This speedcross pair is made of a lug pattern. A lug pattern allows easy climbing as it extends till the toe of the shoe. The firm grip allows you to hike or climb with ease and stability. The durable materials add to the stability and strength and prevent you from falling or slipping when on wet or dry surfaces.

Gum Rubber Sole

The outsole of this shoe provides firm grip on wet surfaces. Midsole is made of molded EVA which is lightweight and flexible. The midsole and lace is snuggled together with a sensifit cradle that keeps your feet secure. The sole helps provide strong hold while on tricky and challenging pathways.


The shoes are made from breathable fabric that is comfortable and waterproof. While wearing these shoes, you can run and climb terrains without hurting your feet. These can be worn for a day trip to a lake hike or for a backpacking trip.


The lace on the shoe is easy to work with. It’s a one-pull lace that can be adjusted according to your specific needs. Lace can be loosened and tightened easily allowing you to wear or take off your shoes without any hassle. The quicklace also prevents the issue of tripping over untied laces, thereby giving you a peace of mind.


  • Easy climbing and hiking on difficult terrains with lug pattern
  • Outsole and midsole provide firm grip when hiking
  • Made of breathable materials to prevent moisture from trapping inside the shoes
  • Waterproof against wet conditions
  • Strong grip makes the shoe slip-proof and skid-proof
  • Quicklace is easy to adjust with a one-pull system


  • Tight with socks
  • Heel issues



2. ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

gore tex sneakersECCO was founded in 1964 in Denmark. Their passion and aim is to provide comfortable shoes to their customers. Today ECCO has stores in many parts of the world including America, Europe and Asia.

The Bio Hybrid 3 Gore-tex is made with a Tri-Fri-Grip which adds to the stability, durability and rotation on the shoe. This design is perfect for a golf shoe as you require all three factors when playing the sport.

These shoes are also made from durable TPU material which will keep your shoes abrasion-free, chuff-free and tear-free.

The lightweight of these Gore-Tex shoes will not weigh your down and help you tread the terrains smoothly and with ease.

A cool feature of these shoes with Gore-Tex is the rotatable dial which is designed in place of traditional laces. You can easily rotate the knob when taking off or wearing your shoes to loosen or tighten them.

Whether you are golfing on the weekend, walking tough terrains, hiking on difficult trails, or climbing rocky mountains, the Biom Hybrid 3 will not disappoint you.


Biom Hybrid 3 is made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) which makes it durable against any outside impacts. The sturdy material also makes the shoes wear resistant and will last you a long time.

Hybrid Outsole

This amazing pair of G-Tex is made with ECCO Dynamic Traction System (E-DTS). The traction system provides about 800 traction actions which establish a firm grip on the shoe. This hybrid outsole design will allow you to walk and tread on any path without worrying about slipping or falling. The shoe also consists of around 100 moulded traction bars which add to its resistive and firm grasp.

Support Grip for Golfers

Biom Hybrid 3 utilizes the Tri-Fri Grip which will assist you when you are out on your golf game. The technology applies a collection of three different zones on your shoes. The first relies on stability of your shoe, second one deals with the durability, and the third one helps with rotations.


These shoes are made with lightweight material which allows you to walk naturally and enjoy your adventures and activities comfortably. The shoes are also flexible and provide stability.

High Quality Adjustable Laces

Lab-tested boa laces are made from aircraft-grade stainless steel material that makes them not only sturdy but also resilient against any impacts. These laces are different compared to traditional laces in the sense that they are in the form of a rotatable knob.

To adjust the laces, rotate the dial according to your need. The dial utilizes an L-6 reel platform that provides comfortable and smooth adjustment without any pressure. With the dial, the laces can be adjusted quickly and easily.


  • Made from high durability TPU material that keeps the shoes sturdy against abrasions and tears
  • Hybrid outsole prevents skidding and is made with a Dynamic Traction System (E-DTS)
  • Excellent Tri-Fri Grip for golfers to provide stability and durability and allows rotations
  • Made with a lightweight material, perfect for outdoor sports
  • Flexible, stable and waterproof
  • Dial-powered laces provide quick and easy adjustment


  • Not too comfortable
  • Not as breathable as other G-Tex shoes



3. ECCO Men’s S-Three Gore-tex Shoes

best goretex shoesThe S-three Gore-tex is designed specifically for golfers, however, you can wear these shoes for most outdoor sports.

The pair utilizes an award-winning lace closure system that provides quick and easy adjustment for your laces.

The construction of both the shoe and laces are made from high quality durable materials that will last the pair for a long time. The dynamic traction system provides strong grip on challenging trails.

The lightweight will help you walk uphill or downhill without any problem. The skid-proof design and firm grip will prevent you from slipping.

The pair comes in a variety of colors such as concrete, magnet, silver grey and white.


Made with a high quality TPU material, these shoes provide sturdiness against any wreckage or tears. The durable design is perfect for a trip to the golf course, or while climbing pointy rocks.

Sturdy Outsole

Apart from the sturdiness that comes from the TPU material, the shoe also utilizes high quality material for the outsole. This S-three golf pair has an ECCO Dynamic Traction System (E-DTS) which allows smooth motion, keeps your grip firm and prevents skidding.

Additionally the hybrid design of the outsole utilizes 100 moulded traction bars along with 800 traction actions that provide a strong and firm grip on the shoes.

Support for Golfers

The Tri-Fri Grip system on these G-Tex shoes speaks of the innovative and technological designs that ECCO is proud of. The system provides three types of grips on the shoes: stability, durability and rotation.

When you are playing golf, the added effect of these three factors will provide you a fulfilling experience.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Shoes that are heavy weight are not comfortable as they add unnecessary strain to your feet. These G-Tex shoes are made from lightweight materials that allow natural walking on all surfaces and prevent your feet from getting sore.

Boa Laces

Owing to their partnership with Boa, ECCO has produced an award winning lace design for these Gore-Tex shoes. These are not your traditional “tie” style laces, rather, the design utilizes a rotation dial. When you wear your shoes, you can rotate the dial and adjust the strength. When taking off the shoes, rotate the other way to loosen it up.

No fuss of laces untying or tripping off on your laces in the middle of your run. Technology is great!


  • High quality TPU material provide durability and strength
  • Dynamic and hybrid outsole provides firm grip against skidding
  • Three system technology grip provides stability and durability and rotations
  • Light material allows smooth walking, and prevent your feet from tiring out
  • Stable on all surfaces, flexible design and easy to clean
  • Rotatable boa lace design is easy to adjust without hassle of loose laces


  • None



4. Adidas Outdoor Men’s Terrex Swift R2 GTX

gore text waterproof shoesAdidas is a known name in sportswear. This lightweight Terrex Swift R2 Gore-Tex pair is made from lightweight and study materials. The cushioning on these shoes is perfect for hiking, walking, running or climbing. Bungee lace-up system is quick to use and you can adjust your laces based on your needs.

The synthetic sole on the Terrex Swift provides the necessary traction against skidding or falling down on tough and weary trails.

The shoes are available in many colors: black, grey, night cargo, green and active orange


These Gore-Tex waterproof shoes are made from breathable synthetic and mesh. The material incorporated involves TPU which provides an added strength and durability to the shoes.

The sturdiness will help these shoes withstand any weather or rough terrains on your adventures.

Cushion Sole

The Terrex Swift R2 has lightweight midsoles which provide cushioning for long-term support. The toe cap has molded TPU which prevents scuffing and grazing of the shoes. The synthetic sole provides comfort and cushion support for your feet when you are on rocky mountains.


These shoes are breathable and lightweight. When you wear these Gore shoes, you won’t feel tired or hurt your ankles. These are designed to keep you going without having to worry about any unnecessary discomfort.

Bungee Lace

The quick and simple bungee-lace up system allows you to make one-pull adjustments. It is fairly easy to tighten or loosen your shoes based on your requirements.


  • Provides easy and comfortable movement due to synthetic sole
  • Made of TPU and synthetic mesh, provides durability to the shoes
  • Designed to be breathable
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight keeps you going your path naturally
  • Bungee lace provides quick and simple adjustment


  • May be narrow for some feet



5. Vasque Men’s St. Elias Fg GTX Full-Grain Leather Gore-tex

gore tex footwearKnown for their comfort, high quality, and looks, these leather Gore-tex shoes will make a great addition to your adventure related travels.

The flexible outsole and midsole on these shoes will not only provide comfort but also prevent you from sliding down wet pathways.

Made with waterproof leather, the shoe withstands any wet or harsh conditions. St. Elias is available in cognac and jet black colors.


This Gore-Tex shoe is made from waterproof grain leather. The material makes the shoes sturdy against outside impacts and abrasions. The napa leather collar on the shoes provides durability and style to the shoe.

Flexible Sole

The outsole and midsole on these shoes provide flexibility and comfort during hiking, biking, running, and climbing. While on your active adventures, you will feel comfortable in these shoes.


These Gore-Tex boots are waterproof and provide protection against wet weather conditions. Made from nubuck leather, the sturdy Gore-Tex membrane on this shoe creates barriers for water to get in.


  • Comfortable during your outdoor trips
  • Midsole and outsole is made from comfortable and flexible materials
  • Nubuck leather is waterproof and provides protection against wet conditions
  • Made from grain leather which adds to sturdiness of the boot


  • May be tight on some feet



6. Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX Gore-Tex Women’s Trail Running Shoes

mens gore tex shoesSalomon creates some of the best dynamic and high performance shoes for fitness lovers. This Speedcross 5 GTX is designed for women who love outdoor sports.

The running shoes are made with durable and strong materials which prevent ruptures and splits during outdoor activities and sports.

The Speedcross is available in many interesting colors: Sargasso Sea-Navy Blazer-Heather, Apple Butter-Winetasting-Alloy, Black-Black-Phantom and more.

This Gore-Tex women shoe is made with sturdy materials to provide firm grip and stability. They are lightweight and breathable. The waterproof design keeps them dry in wet conditions.


Made from rugged materials, the speedcross ensures smooth movement along difficult terrains. Whether you are hiking on hard trails, or climbing up on jagged rocks, this pair will provide you a strong grip and stability.

Cushion Sole

This GTex is made from a rubber sole. Rubber soled shoes are known to provide more floor grip against moisture, wetness, and grease.

When on a long run or while rock climbing, your feet may feel sweaty but the rubber sole will provide you the grip to avoid slipping.


Gore-Tex shoes are known for their waterproof capabilities. The speedcross utilizes the technology and the Gtex membrane prevents the shoes from getting wet. You can use them in rain, after rain and moist conditions.


  • Provide strong grip and stability when on tough grounds
  • Made of sturdy materials
  • Rubber sole provides anti-slip properties


  • May not be completely waterproof



7. ECCO Men’s Rugged Track Gore-tex Moc Tie Hiking Shoe

best gore tex shoes for womenThese track Gore-Tex hiking shoes are not your usual sneakers or shoes. The design allows better fit around the ball of your foot so your feet can move freely and comfortably in the shoe.

This men’s Gore-Tex sneaker shoe is made with full grain leather that provides durability to the shoe. While you are on a hiking trip or a backpack camping, these shoes will provide you peace of mind and a comfortable walk.

The hydromax waterproof system makes it repellent against water, rain, moisture. Even if it starts raining during you hiking trip, you do not need to worry about the water entering your shoes.

The pair is available in mocha and black colors.


Made with 100% full grain leather, these shoes are not just comfortable but also durable. The 7mm ECCO Comfort Fiber System is lined with tanned leather which not only makes the shoe stylish but also quite sturdy.

Natural Motion

The shoe is designed such that the natural motion of a human body is retained. The shoes provide a natural ground contact for your sports. The natural motion keeps your blood flowing and prevents any blisters and aches.

Rubber sole

The rubber sole of these shoes provides steady and firm grip in moist conditions. It also prevents you from slipping and falling in dry and wet terrains.

Support for Everyday

The dual flex grooves on these shoes provide an efficient movement that is great for walking or running long distances. The heel and shank provide natural and comfortable walking ability.


These shoes are made with a waterproof and breathable material. The seal comes from the Gore-Tex membrane which keeps the shoes closed from outside moisture or wetness.

Ecco utilizes the hydromax treatment in the design of its shoes which allows the leather to be highly water repellent. This is possible as the drying process of leather is carefully monitored so it doesn’t dry up. This results in smooth, durable and well-ventilated material which is perfect for shoes.


  • Made of full grain leather provides durability and strength
  • Design provides natural contact with ground, keeps your feet injury free and relaxed
  • Allows free and natural motion, keeps your blood flowing
  • Waterproof Gore-Tex membrane keeps the shoes sealed against wetness
  • Well-ventilated and breathable


  • May be tight on some feet



8. Salewa Wildfire Edge GTX Mid Hiking Boot

best mens gore tex sneakersSalewa wildfire edge hiking boot is designed for climbers and trail bikers who like to explore adventures with enthusiasm. This Gore-Tex designed boot is comfortable and breathable.

The sturdy suede leather and Exa shell provide durability and strength to the shoes that the climbers and bikers certainly need.

This shoe incorporates a 3F system as well as a switchfit system that helps the climbers and hikers keep their traction, feel comfortable and provide additional support.

The sole is also flexible and sturdy for the traction needed during these sports. Salewa is committed to creating unique and technical solutions for backpackers.


These Gore-Tex men shoes are made of superior quality suede leather with an Exa shell that provides stability and support. Salewa shoes utilize a 3F system in their shoes where the instep connects with the sole sole of the heel. This system helps with traction as well as prevent blisters from forming. This shoe incorporates the 3F system to provide flexibility and support for bikers and climbers.

Smart Switching

Salewa utilizes a switchfit system in their G-Tex shoes where the shoe compresses at the toe upon pressure to shift from hiking to climbing. This shift is simple and quick and doesn’t make your feet hurt or require any change of shoes.

Climbers can tighten and loosen the laces to make the switch. For instance when you are climbing, you can tighten the grip on laces and loosen it when you have switched to hiking. The loosening will provide a wider toebox that will keep your feet comfortable and ready for hiking.

Flexible Sole

The insole of these shoes with Gore-Tex utilizes an edging plate for added stiffness. The edging plate provides a good grip on the feet and ensures comfortable fit during your hiking adventures. The plate also provides natural movement so you do not feel tired out or sore.

The sole is also made with Pomoca Speed MTN Pro sole which uses a compound rubber to provide a strong grip that prevents you from slipping or skidding during dry and wet conditions.


These Gore-Tex waterproof shoes are designed so the moisture and water stay away from the shoe. The breathability of the shoe allows sweat and moisture to leave from the shoe and keeps it nice and dry.


  • Made with suede leather and exa shell that provide durability and strength
  • The shoe utilizes various systems to provide stability and firmness for bikers and climber
  • The insole uses an edging plate that provides good grip and retains comfort
  • Waterproof materials designed to keep your feet dry and prevent any water from entering in
  • SmartSwitching allows quick switch between climbing and hiking


  • Popping sounds in sole when walking



9. Salomon Women’s X Crest GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes

best gore tex running shoesSalomon was founded in 1984 in the French alps. Their mission is to provide outdoor gear to allow people to destress and connect with nature.

This X CREST GTX is a dynamic shoe and utilizes a firm sole so you can easily and comfortably enjoy your outdoor adventures.

The EVA foam is great for shock absorption so you can traverse on the muddy and rocky trails with ease.

This GTex is specifically designed for women who love to explore nature and enjoy hiking and climbing.


Made from synthetic materials, these Gore-Tex sneakers can withstand any weather condition. Whether you are walking on spiky rocks or difficult trails, these shoes will provide a smooth movement in every situation.

Firm-grip Sole

The midsole provides a firm grip against moisture and oil. It is made from high performance EVA foam that is perfect for shock absorption. When out on a run or a climb, your feet will have the right amount of traction to keep you from falling or slipping.


The X CREST GTX is made of waterproof material. The protective toe cap provides protection against moisture and wet conditions.


  • Sole provide strong grip, stability and shock absorption
  • Made of synthetic materials, adds sturdiness to the shoe
  • Waterproof against wet conditions


  • Uncomfortable toe bed



10. The North Face Ultra 109 GTX

best shoes with gore texNorth Face is known for their travel friendly and adventure friendly designs. The brand was founded when two devoted hikers had an idea to create shoes that are best suited for adventure lovers like themselves.

This North Face Ultra 109 GTX is made with imported leather. The synthetic sole incorporates EVA and provides protection and traction when hiking or climbing.

These are comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. They are made of rugged and sturdy construction, suitable for traversing on unforgiving paths.


Made from leather, these Gore-Tex casual shoes are not only cool looking but also quite sturdy.  Midfoot support utilizes a PU coating made of leather that provides protection against harsh conditions. The toe cap is also nicely protected and is made of TPU materials.

Compression Sole

The soles on these shoes are compression molded which means that they provide a higher level of tear resistance compared to other shoes. Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) soles provide high durability and strength to the shoes and make them fit for running.


The upper side of the shoe is made of waterproof material. The GTex utilizes a breathable membrane that provides sealing on the shoe. This prevents any moisture from entering your shoes during backpacking or hiking.


  • Compression sole provide high tear resistance against outside impacts
  • Made of leather, PU and TPU coating – all provide extra level of sturdiness and durability
  • Waterproof against moist and wet conditions
  • Provides great traction for running, hiking or mountain biking


  • Stiff to wear



11. Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail 2 Mid Gore-Tex(R)

best lightweight gore tex shoesTimberland is known for their solid, cool, and versatile designs. The Chocorua Trail 2 is one of their dependable hiking boot designs that is quite popular among buyers.

The shoes feature a casual street wear look that you can utilize for everyday wear as well. The shoes are made perfectly for hiking, climbing, trekking and biking related activities.

Made from sturdy materials, these shoes provide robust grip and strength when walking on challenging trails. They are waterproof and made from breathable material.


Made from leather fabric, these boots are not only stylish but also quite sturdy. The durable quality of these shoes make them withstand harsh conditions, wear and tears and chuffing.

Firm Sole

The rubber sole on these shoes utilizes EVA compression sole that adds to the stability and firmness during hiking and climbing. The solid rubber provides strong traction on uneven and rugged paths.


These waterproof Gore-Tex shoes provide a mesh upper and breathable membrane that keeps your shoes dry. The breathable design allows moisture from inside the shoe to escape so you don’t have to fret over wet and smelly socks.


  • EVA sole provides stability, flexibility and comfortable grip
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to walk and run on terrains
  • Waterproof and breathable design keeps your feet dry and smell free
  • Durable construction prevents damage and tearing
  • Comfortable grip, cushioning on soles


  • May be tight on some feet



12. Vasque Men’s Breeze Lt Low GTX Gore-tex Hiking Boot

best gore tex shoes for menThe Vasque Lt Low GTX hiking boots incorporate a Vibram lite base technology which makes these shoes lightweight. These are waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex and can withstand any harsh conditions.

The flexible EVA sole adds to the stability in your walk or run. When weaning these shoes, you will have a strong grip while climbing and wouldn’t have to worry about slipping or falling.

Made with imported leather, these shoes provide sturdiness and traction for your adventures in nature.


This pair is made of leather for style and sturdiness. The toebox on this Gore-Tex shoe is made of hard rubber which provides durability against abrasions and tears.

Flexible Sole

The rubber sole and EVA compression sole provide stability, comfort and flexibility on difficult terrains. The Vibram sole makes these shoes lightweight so you don’t have to worry about getting blisters and bruises from wearing these shoes.


You can wear these shoes in wet conditions. The waterproof membrane on these Gore-Tex sneakers prevent water from entering the shoe. The breathable design allows moisture from inside the shoe to escape so you can get on your run with full confidence.


  • EVA sole provides stable, flexible and comfortable grip
  • Lightweight allows you to walk naturally and freely
  • Waterproof design prevents water from entering your shoes
  • Provides protection against harsh outside conditions
  • Breathable design allows moisture inside the shoe to escape


  • Heel slipping issue



13. Saucony Women’s Peregrine 10 Gore-Tex Trail Running Shoe

best waterproof gore tex shoes for outdoorsSaucony aims to inspire human spirits and provides amazing products that assist people in running with confidence while ensuring a healthy lifestyle. The brand advocates challenging yourself and going beyond your comfort zone to achieve your goals.

This Peregrine 10 GTex running shoe for women is made of synthetic and mesh. Its strong rubber sole provides stability and firmness when going uphill or downhill.

They are comfortable, breathable, and waterproof – perfect for your next trip to the hills.


This Gore-Tex sneaker pair is made of synthetic and mesh which provide durability and sturdiness. While on tough trails and when climbing rocky mountains, these sneakers will provide you the strength to take one step ahead with confidence.

Stable Sole

The rubber sole on this GTex provides stable grip and comfort when hiking and climbing. The midsole and topsole provide cushioning for stability and firmness.


These are suitable to be worn in wet conditions. The design prevents water or moisture from entering the shoes, giving you the opportunity to explore your path of adventures.


  • Midsole and topsole provide cushioning and support
  • Made with synthetic and mesh, provide sturdiness to the sneaker
  • EVA sole provides stable, flexible and comfortable grip
  • Waterproof design prevents moisture and water from making your shoes wet
  • Breathable design keeps moisture out
  • Comfortable for running and hiking related activities


  • Narrow
  • May be slippery



14. Under Armour Men’s Infil Hike GORE-TEX

best cheap goretex shoesUnder Armour brand is known for their high quality sportswear designs. This Infil hike Gore-Tex for men is made of textile and rubber which makes it quite sturdy against outside impact.

The rubber sole provides stability and firm grip while on rocky terrains. The shoes are waterproof and made with breathable materials.

The antifungal properties keep your feet from smelling and germs from forming due to moisture.


Textile and rubber are known to be very strong and sturdy materials used in shoes. These provide durability to your shoes and keep them from tearing down easily. This is what makes these sneakers perfect for day trips to the hiking trails or when climbing hills and mountains.

Stable Sole

Molded rubber toe cap and rubber sole provide stability and grip when walking or running. There is a rubber heel overlay that makes the shoe more durable against difficult conditions. Vibram and megagrip compound provide strong grip.


The sweat and wet proof Gore-Tex layer prevents moisture from entering. shoe. It however, allows moisture to escape the shoes so your feet stay dry. The shoe also features anti-fungal fibers that kill foot smell and prevent fungus from developing due to moisture.


These shoes are comfortable to wear and provide great traction. You can wear them for long hours while running or hiking. These are also lightweight which add to the comfort element.


  • Rubber sole and molded rubber toe provide cushioning, support and durability against harsh conditions
  • Rubber heel provides stability in walking and running
  • Waterproof and moisture resistant
  • Anti fungal properties, prevents fungus from forming and keep your feet smell free
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • Might be narrow on some feet



15. Danner Men’s Trail 2650 Mid 4″ Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

goretex tennis shoesThese cool boots available in brown gold and dusty olive are perfect for hiking, climbing and mountain biking.

Designed to provide a high level of traction and versatility, these Trail 2650 hiking boots by Danner are perfect for your outdoor adventures.

Made with suede textile material, these boots are not just durable but also lightweight. Combined with a trailguard TPU shank and an EXO heel system, these boots are great on difficult terrains and unforgiving paths.

The Trail 2650 is also waterproof and breathable. The Gore-Tex lining provides a secure closing to prevent water, moisture or dirt from entering the shoes.


Made from suede and textile, these Gore-Tex boots provide high durability against abrasions, tears, and scrapes. This durable pair can withstand any harsh weather condition and will provide you a peace of mind when out in the woods on rocky grounds.

Firm-grip Sole

The Trail 2650 is made of a synthetic sole which provides firm grip on wet and dry surfaces. The sole keeps your feet stable and secure to prevent any slipping or falling. These boots also utilize Vibram megagrip rubber compound which is known for its strength and firm grip on all kinds of paths, grounds and terrains and in all sorts of weather conditions: wet, moist or dry/


These boots are lined with lightweight mesh Gore-Tex material that provides a secure seal to prevent moisture or water from entering the shoe. This makes the boots not only stylish but also perfect for any weather.


One of the best features of these boots is the unique and comfort it provides to the hikers and climbers. The external heel is reinforced for stability and support. The Trail 2650 utilizes an EXO heel system that keeps your feet stable on difficult and uneven trails.

These are perfect for narrow and wide feet and offer enough room for comfort and stability. When wearing these shoes, you wouldn’t have to worry about slipping or from forming painful blisters.


  • Suede and textile construction provides strength and durability
  • Comfortable grip and cozy snug fit
  • Stable and firm support with reinforced heel
  • Waterproof Gore-Tex lining provides seal against moisture and water
  • Synthetic sole provides firm grip on difficult terrains


  • Sizing may be off



16. Adidas Mens Terrex Ax3 Mid Gore-tex Hiking

best goretex shoes for hikingThe adidas Terrex Ax3 hiking shoes are made from manmade fabric. These shoes are waterproof and breathable. With Adidas passion to drive innovation and durability, these shoes utilize great components to create high performing Gore-Tex designed shoes.

The lightweight design allows you to walk and run freely without added pressure on your feet. These shoes are sturdy against difficult and uneven trails and terrains. They will last you a long time and be your buddy in many adventures.


Made from rugged fabric material, these shoes are durable and sturdy when worn at hiking, biking, and backpacking. You can run and climb tough terrains and these shoes will keep up with your momentum.


The midsole on this Gore-Tex shoe is made with EVA. EVA not only makes your shoes lightweight but also provides high support and strength. The rubber soles prevent slipping and skidding over dry or wet surfaces and keep your grip firm and strong.


Made with materials that provide comfort to shoes, these Adidas Terrex Ax3 will prevent your ankles and toes from hurting. You can enjoy your walk, run, hike or climb and have no soreness or pain.


These Gore-Tex shoes are waterproof and breathable. When around wet ground, these shoes will not absorb water, rather they will keep you dry throughout your trip.


  • Provides easy and comfortable movement
  • Made from rugged fabric, provides durability and strength to the shoes
  • Designed to be waterproof against wet conditions
  • Made with EVA materials, makes the shoes lightweight and stable
  • Tough against tears and abrasions


  • Sizing may be off

Gore-Tex Shoes: Important Features

When shopping for a Gore-Tex, there are certain important features that you need to consider to make a mindful purchase. Here are some of the important features of Gore-Tex shoes.


Most Gore-Tex shoes are made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) which is another name for Teflon. This material not only provides waterproof abilities but also adds to the sturdiness of your shoes. Some brands may combine leather, rubber or TPU to create the upper side of the shoe for added durability or for style purposes.


This goes without saying that the major purpose of Gore-Tex shoes is to keep your feet dry. Wet weather conditions like rain, snow, after rain, moisture etc. can be damaging as well as uncomfortable when on a hike or while mountain biking. A good Gore-Tex shoe will always prevent your feet from getting wet.

Quicklace System

Many Gore-Tex shoes are made from quicklace systems where you pull at the lace and it can be loosened or tightened based on your requirements. This system prevents the hassle of tying your shoes when on an adventure. You will be free from the hassle of worrying about your laces going loose and making you trip.

Some shoes may also utilize an advanced rotatable dial system where you can rotate the dial to tighten or loosen your shoe. This completely eliminates the need for laces and gives you a peace of mind.


Comfort is a major defining element in Gore-Tex shoes. They are expensive due to the high precision and details that go into making them. When you buy such a shoe, you expect comfort from it. Most Gore-Tex shoes are made from lightweight material and provide internal cushioning which result in comfortable and soft grip.

Firm Sole

Soles play a vital role in making Gore-Tex shoes. The types of soles a shoe has will define if you will have a strong grip or if you will fall every time you walk. The insole, midsole and outsole on Gore-Tex shoes determines the stability and strength of the walk.

Some Gore-Tex shoes come with vibram soles that provide the lightweight element to the shoes. Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) soles are known for their strength, durability and firmness. These soles provide great traction for trekking, hiking and climbing.

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