15 Best Waterproof Shoes for Women in 2022


If you enjoy spending time outdoors throughout the year, you’ll know how important it is to find a good pair of waterproof shoes. It’s horrible to spend hours outside with damp feet from the rain, and it can really spoil a day out or activity.

There are so many different shoes available, however, it can be difficult to tell how effective they will be. Many shoes that claim they are waterproof unfortunately still let water leak through. Today we’re going to share our guide to the top waterproof shoes on offer for women, to help you make a good decision and know what to look for when comparing different models.

Waterproof Shoes 101: What makes them worth buying?

These are some of the most important elements to look at when buying a pair of waterproof shoes:


Try to find a pair of shoes with a waterproof liner. The shoe’s liner should be made from a breathable material, to help moisture escape.


Although it’s hidden from view, it’s one of the most important parts to consider in a shoe. It lies between the outsole and the boot and helps absorb shock while offering flexibility for running and walking. The more demanding your surface for running or walking, the more rigid a midsole you will need.


The upper is the top part of the shoe. To protect your foot and ankle, try to find an upper that provides enough support. It should be waterproof and breathable, and it’s best to find shoes that are made from leather or another synthetic material.


The outsole is the part of the shoe that comes into contact with the ground. The tread is part of the outsole, and these can vary in depth. For muddy ground, look for a deep tread, whereas rocky and dry surfaces are better with a shallow tread. It’s important to establish your needs in this area before deciding which shoes to buy.

The best Material for Women’s Waterproof Shoes

While you obviously need to find shoes that are made from a waterproof material, there are many different materials to choose from, all of which have different properties.


For a natural material choice, leather is your best option. It’s aesthetically pleasing but can make shoes pricier. However, it’s actually not a water-resistant material, but the outer layer of the shoe soaks up the moisture. In order for the shoes not to age, you’ll need to treat them with a water repellent before your first use. As leather is thick, it will keep water out of your shoes and is a breathable material also.


Gore-Tex (or GTX) is made from different materials and is extremely waterproof. It can be used in many ways and is often used for shoes and rainwear. The outer layer features a layer of water repellent, which stops you from getting wet.


Rubber is another popular choice for waterproof shoes for women, as it’s very versatile. Liquid will roll straight off the surface of rubber shoes, so it’s one of the top choices for waterproof shoes.

Waterproof Shoes for Women: Buyer’s Guide

As with any purchase, there are many important considerations before making your final purchase decision. Waterproof shoes should fully protect your feet, as the last thing you want is wet feet after spending a lot of money on a special pair of shoes. Here are the top things you should look for when comparing the models listed below.


We’ve all worn uncomfortable shoes before and know how much they can ruin your day. It’s essential to find a pair of shoes that are easy to walk in and keep the rain off your feet. By looking at the interior material of the shoe, you’ll be able to determine if they will be comfortable to wear.


If you are investing a lot of money in these shoes, you want them to last! The waterproofing should also last for a long time, and not just for a few weeks of wear.


While it’s impossible to deduce the quality of a pair of shoes from a photo, many people often stick to known brands to ensure they are getting a good pair of shoes. Reading reviews online and viewing the shoes in person in a store are great ways to see the shoe’s quality.


Ensure that the material you choose has great waterproofing, and is cloth lined. It’s up to you which material you prefer, as they all give a different look to the shoe. As we listed above, there are many different choices of material for waterproof shoes for women, and you’ll see these come up in the options listed below.

Best Waterproof Shoes for Women in 2021


1) Foxelli Women’s Hiking Boots – Waterproof Suede Leather Hiking Shoes for Women

Foxelli’s Women’s Hiking Boots are specifically designed and shaped for women’s feet and are made from suede leather with a rubber sole. With three color choices and availability in half, full and wide sizes, you will be spoilt for choice with these shoes.

Waterproof and Breathable

These boots are made from suede leather and breathable mesh and are designed to make your outdoor adventures even more enjoyable. The KingTex waterproof membrane seals out any moisture and keeps your feet nice and dry. The breathable mesh collar and gusseted tongue allow for better circulation of air in the boots.

All-day comfort

These boots from Foxelli are lightweight, so they are comfy to wear all day long. With a well-padded collar and tongue, there is great cushioning around the ankle. The innersoles are made from soft foam and are removable, so they protect your feet at all time. The midsoles are shock absorbent which reduces the impact to your joints while walking for long periods of time.

High-quality rubber soles

The rubber soles are fully slip-proof and feature advanced traction for better stability on difficult terrains. The rand guards add extra protection to the areas of the boots which need it most.


  • 30-day no questions asked, money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty for any defects
  • Shock absorbent midsoles
  • Uses a KingTex waterproof membrane to seal out moisture
  • Available in full, half and wide sizes


  • A little stiff when you first wear them, but this will reduce over time


2) Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

The Merrell Women’s Moab 2 waterproof hiking shoe is a high-performance women’s shoe that provides stability and support at all times whilst wearing them. They come in a wide variety of gray-based shades and are designed specifically for a woman’s foot. Made from suede leather and mesh, these boots perform well in all climates and while walking on a wide variety of surfaces.

Air Cushion

The targeted heel cushioning helps to improve the overall comfort of wearing this boot by reducing stress on your foot while you take each step. The Merrell M Select FIT.ECO+ blended ETA contoured footbed has heel support and a zonal arch, which provides comfort and support to your feet.

High-performance rubber sole

The Vibram TC5+ sole is a high-performance rubber sole. It has incredible durability, stability and slip resistance, while still providing comfort and confidence on different surfaces.

M Select DRY

M Select DRY seals out water and lets moisture escape, meaning you’ll stay dry when you’re out and about exploring with these boots on. The closed-cell foam tongue also helps to keep moisture and debris out of the boot.


  • High-performance rubber sole provides good support on even the roughest of surfaces
  • M Select DRY seals out water
  • Very comfortable to wear thanks to the heel cushioning


  • If they are still wet on the outside from previous use, the waterproofing may not be as effective
  • Sizing may not be suitable for all women


3) Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot

Columbia’s Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boots provide long-lasting comfort and are made from leather, suede and mesh. They are designed specifically for women and use a lace-up closure for an adjustable and secure fit. With a wide range of colors available, these boots will be a stylish yet functional addition to your wardrobe.

Advanced Technology

The boots feature a lightweight, durable midsole for long lasting comfort. The superior cushioning gives a high energy return, and the boots feature an advanced traction rubber sole to ensure no slips on rough ground.

Adjustable features

The boots have a lace-up closure for a secure and adjustable fit. They are made with female users in mind and come in a wide range of different colors. They are stylish thanks to their color combinations and soft mesh exterior. The midsole of the shoes is made from Techlite EVA.


This traction system is multi-terrain, and it’s specially formulated compounds and treads help the shoes to work well in many different environments. The dual-zone winter tread pattern ensures you don’t slip even on snow and ice.


  • Stylish design for women
  • Multi-terrain traction system
  • Lace-up closure provides security and comfort


  • Expect the boots to take a while to wear in, and you may experience rubbing and blisters on the first few wears


4) Belilent Water Shoes – Quick Drying

If you are looking for a lightweight, multi-purpose pair of waterproof shoes for women, look no further than the Belilent Water Shoes. These low-cost shoes are multi-purpose and are fantastic for activities and everyday wear. While not as sturdy for hiking, they are a great option for day-to-day wear and are comfortable for driving as well. They come in a wide variety of colors, and have the same aesthetic as sneakers.

Comfortable & Breathable

With a soft upper and stretchy outsole, these shoes are skin-friendly, cooling and offer a healthy user experience. They have a stylish soft upper and lightweight outsole which provides cross ventilation. They are flexible and comfortable and offer a barefoot feeling to wearers.

Quick Dry

These shoes are extremely quick-drying and effectively protect your feet from the water. The mesh upper allows for quick draining, as does the stretchy draining outsole. They are made from a fabric sole, so are not as sturdy as other options, but are great for water parks, driving, walking and beach visits.

Easy to put on

With unique elastic laces, they are easy to pull on and off. You won’t have to worry about tying the laces, yet they won’t fall off your feet when moving around.


  • Easy to pull on and off with their elastic laces
  • Provide quick draining and quick drying
  • Skin-friendly and are flexible and comfortable to wear


  • Not good for hiking or for use on uneven and hard ground
  • Not a particularly sturdy shoe, so won’t provide as much support to feet and ankles


5) Columbia Women’s Redmond V2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Columbia’s Women’s Redmond V2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe uses advanced technology to keep your feet protected from water while providing comfort and stability. They offer high function and performance, and are perfect for long days out hiking in all types of weather. The boots come in the choice of two different colors, which are steel or pebble.

Durable Hiking Shoe

These boots are designed like any of the Columbia hiking shoes, with a classic design that will provide a reliable service. They provide traction on all terrains, thanks to the signature Omni-GRIP non-marking traction rubber outsole. They will provide high grip and versatile three-season use.

Advanced Technology

The Redmond V2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe features the Omni-TECH seam-sealed membrane bootie construction and uses the TECHLITE lightweight midsole. Omni-TECH provides air-permeable protection while allowing your feet to breath. No matter the conditions, your feet will be dry and comfy at all times. This provides long-lasting comfort and superior cushioning.

Reinforced Toe and Heel construction

These boots are designed for extended use, and so the toes and heels are reinforced with barriers. The outsole toe overwrap is extended to guard these key wear points. The boots feature top metal rivets and lacing aglets, as well as very strong main webbing aglets.


  • A very durable boot that’s perfect for hiking on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Reinforced toe and heel construction
  • They provide long-lasting comfort and cushioning to wearers


  • Only available in two different colors – steel and pebble
  • Not as fashionable design as some other options you’ll find available
  • Quite a heavy boot in comparison to some other models on the market


6) Manfen Women’s Hiking Boots Lightweight Waterproof Hunting Boots

Available in half and full sizes, these women’s waterproof boots from Manfen are perfect for all outdoor activities where you risk getting wet. They are a great choice for cold temperatures and are a high-performance pair of boots. They are available in a choice of seven different neutral shades.

Outsole Materials

The boots feature a waterproof mesh upper and Hydroshield membrane that’s also waterproof. They feature 200 Grams Thinsulate Insulation, which is suitable for use in temperatures down to -30 Celsius.

Anti-Skid Performance

With a rubber outsole for optimal grip and a rubber toe cap, these boots offer fantastic protection from the elements. The sole is very aggressive in its grip and grabs to rocks and uneven services well. These boots combine durability and comfort while also remaining stylish and lightweight. They are perfect for hiking, walking and traveling.

Advanced Technology

Manfen’s boots have an EVA midsole that is lightweight and durable. They provide long-lasting comfort and superior cushioning. The molded TPU ankle support has a snowshoe strap ridge for extra support and comfort.


  • Suitable for use in cold temperatures thanks to the 200 Grams Thinsulate Insulation
  • Featuring a rubber toe cap and rubber outsole for good grip
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Available in half and full sizes


  • Range of colors to choose from is quite dull


7) Sorel – Women’s Out ‘N About Plus

You’ll be able to enjoy miles on the trails with these Sorel Women’s Out ‘N About Boots. They are built for stability and good traction, even on wet and uneven surfaces. With an EVA footbed, they will provide you with comfort all day long.

Great for rugged terrains

These hiking shoes are designed for use on all terrains and offer excellent traction with the rubber outsole. They are comfortable to wear, thanks to their cushioning. The outsole is handcrafted and is designed to provide extra grip during rainfall.

Street Look

These are the perfect boot for anyone who lives in a city, as they offer style and functionality. The Out ‘N About Plus boot features a seam-sealed waterproof construction that will keep you dry all day long. The boots feature waterproof full-grain leather or suede uppers and a soft textile lining.

All-Day Comfort

Thanks to the EVA footbed with its soft lining and cushioned rubber midsole, you’ll be comfortable all day long in these boots. They are a versatile boot that could be worn day or night in the city.


  • Great for use in the city, as they are a stylish and functional boot
  • All-day comfort thanks to the EVA footbed and cushioned rubber midsole
  • Rubber outsole ensures you don’t slip during downpours
  • Very lightweight boots


  • Many users complain that the boots run ½ – 1 size small, so you may need to purchase a larger size than usual


8) Dansko Women’s Paisley Waterproof Outdoor Sneaker

Available in a wide range of neutral colors, Dansko’s Women’s Paisley Waterproof Outdoor Sneaker is perfect for a lightweight option that will provide you with good protection from the rain. They are able to accommodate most standard and custom orthotics, so you can always feel comfortable and supported wearing these shoes.

Waterproof leather uppers

These shoes feature waterproof leather uppers, which are Scotchgard treated, and are also made from suede. These use DuPont Sorona fiber, which is fantastic for moisture management. Your feet will be kept dry in these shoes, while also being able to breathe.

Odor Control

Thanks to CleansportNXT these shoes offer fantastic odor control, so the shoes will last for an extended length of time without becoming unhygienic or unpleasant to wear.

Great design

These shoes feature subtle contrasts in their material colors, making for a stylish and functional pair of shoes. They have a Vibram sole, so you’ll be well protected on even the roughest of surfaces. The removable triple-density footbed offers arch support and shock absorption. They are great for wearing for an extended period of time, and won’t cause pain to your feet, ankles or back after a long day out hiking. They are a versatile option for everyday use and more active endeavors.


  • Versatile, lightweight shoes that are great for wearing all day long
  • Stylish yet functional
  • Odor control thanks to CleansportNXT
  • Waterproof leather uppers


  • Color choices are all quite dull and functional
  • One of the most expensive options available, so they are quite an investment
  • No half sizes available in this shoe


9) Teva Arrowood Venture Waterproof

For a lightweight and stylish waterproof shoe, consider the Teva Arrowood Venture waterproof shoes. They feature Teva’s iconic outdoor sneaker design, but it’s updated to provide improved performance. They are fully waterproof and will help keep your feet dry throughout your time wearing them. With four different colors to choose from, they are a fashionable and lightweight shoe, that won’t look too heavy on your feet.

Waterproof Membrane

The shoes feature a waterproof membrane that helps to stop your feet from getting wet from rain or puddles. The Teva outdoor sneaker has been updated with this shoe, to delivery more versatility for the places and situations you can wear them in.

Keep your feet cool and comfortable

Thanks to their lightweight, breathable mesh lining, these shoes will keep your feet cool and comfortable whenever you wear them. They feature a synthetic sole, and the Float-Lite midsole makes these shoes super durable and very light to wear.

EVA Foam Footbed

The EVA foam footbed cushions your feet when walking, and softly supports your feet for all-day comfort.


  • A great lightweight, fashionable model
  • Waterproof membrane stops your feet from getting wet in any situation
  • Cool and comfortable to wear


  • Not the sturdiest option for hiking on extremely challenging surfaces
  • More limited in color options than other models


10) JABASIC Womens Mid Hiking Boots Lightweight Waterproof Outdoor Trekking Shoes

Available in gray with pink or blue accents, these boots from JABASIC are a good value option that provide good waterproofing. They are lightweight and are perfect for a wide variety of outdoor activities. They have a fashionable and functional design, so are versatile for any occasion.

Waterproof Upper

The breathable and waterproof upper will keep your feet dry and comfortable all day while hiking. These mid-top boots are not only stylish but extremely practical for a day out, providing all-day comfort and support. They are specifically designed with women’s feet in mind and come in full sizes only.

Non-Slip TPR Outsole

The non-slip TPR outsole is sturdy and offers good abrasion resistance. The boots will protect your feet from slipping, and ensure you remain stable while walking on a variety of surfaces outdoors. They are great for walking on both muddy and dry surfaces and are a versatile pair of shoes.

Great design

These boots from JABASIC feature protective toe caps, to ensure you don’t stub your toes. The lace-up closure design ensures your feet are secure in the boots.


  • One of the cheapest options available on the market, so they are great value for money
  • Stylish design
  • Suitable for all types of occasion and outdoor wear
  • Protective toe cap and lace-up design helps to protect your feet


  • Only available in two different colors
  • Only full sizes available
  • Quality is not as high as other more expensive options


11) Mountain Warehouse Belfour Womens Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Available in three different shades, Mountain Warehouse’s Belfour Womens Waterproof Hiking shoes are waterproof and breathable. They are flexible, lightweight and durable, and are available in full sizes only. The mesh lining helps to improve breathability by allowing air to circulate throughout the boots.

Great construction for waterproofing

This waterproof and breathable IsoDry membrane allows moisture to escape while preventing rain from getting into the boots. IsoDry is a waterproof and breathable Mountain Waterhouse technology. Its advanced membrane allows perspiration out while keeping your feet dry. Waterproofing is guaranteed thanks to the construction of the boots, with the waterproof membrane and water-resistant upper.

Rubber outsole

The rubber upper and outsole make the shoes durable, yet they are still flexible and lightweight. The Eva midsole has a foam insert which provides extra cushioning and comfort. They are perfect for extended wear and all-day hiking adventures, and they don’t rub on the ankles and back of the feet.

Mesh lining for breathability

The mesh lining improves breathability, as it allows the air to circulate through your boots. Mesh is a loosely woven and lightweight fabric, which has closely spaced holes for excellent breathability. They keep you cool and dry from perspiration, making these boots perfect for walking, the gym or other active endeavors.


  • IsoDry membrane helps to keep feet dry while wearing these shoes
  • Mesh lining makes these shoes extremely breathable
  • Midsole provides cushioning and comfort, so they can be worn for an extended period of time


  • Only available in three different color choices, all of which are quite dull shades
  • These shoes only come in full sizes, with no half size options


12) Riemot Womens Waterproof Hiking Boots

Available in a wide range of colors, usually including black or gray in the design, these Riemot Waterproof Hiking Boots are lightweight and are perfect for hiking and walking. You’ll be able to enjoy an extended period of time outdoors with no discomfort thanks to their fantastic design. The boots come with a 30 days money-back guarantee, so you can contact them straight away if you experience any issues with the boots. When you buy these boots, you will need to choose one size larger than you usually wear.

Waterproof Upper

The boots feature a suede upper, which is fully waterproof. Its perforated design makes it breathable and durable. The waterproof lining keeps your feet dry in wet weather, and they’ll keep dirt out thanks to the padded tongue and collar. The shoes also feature a protective rubber toe cap, for extra security and safety while hiking on uneven surfaces.

Phylon Midsole

The Phylon midsole reduces the weight of the shoe, yet improves shock absorption. This will help to reduce muscle fatigue and stumbling during a long hike. Over time, it can also help to avoid issues and injuries to the knees and hip flexors.

Rubber Outsole

The durable rubber outsole has a self-cleaning, open design for good traction and safety. They are slip-resistant and stable on wet and dry ground and are perfect for hiking on mixed terrains. The flexible soles are well-cushioned, meaning they will help to prevent blisters.

Micro suede insole

The micro suede insole on these boots from Riemot has an open-cell foam backing, making them breathable and cushioned. They come with a removable top insole and another removable layer underneath, so you can easily customize these boots to fit you perfectly.


  • Removeable top insole so you can customize these boots to fit you perfectly
  • Phylon midsole improves shock absorption
  • Waterproof upper is breathable and durable
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Only available in full sizes
  • Not as good fit for women’s feet as other boots on the market


13) KEEN Women’s Terradora 2 Waterproof Shoes

The KEEN Women’s Terradora 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe provides support and comfort while offering great waterproofing. It doesn’t sacrifice either of these elements for the other, making it one of the best all-round waterproof shoe options. Perfect for hiking and everyday wear, the shoe also comes in seven different colors, so there’ll be one to suit your style. They are built specifically for women, with a narrower fit.

Waterproof Breathable Membrane

The KEEN Dry Waterproof Breathable Membrane provides excellent waterproofing but doesn’t sacrifice on breathability or comfort. The breathable mesh lining and removable dual-density EVA footbed with arch support also help to provide support and comfort even when you are wearing these boots over an extended period of time. The stability shank gives lightweight support to your feet, even when walking on uneven surfaces.

Eco Anti-Odor technology

KEEN products are created in a conscious manner, and they used a natural, pesticide-free and probiotic-based technology called Eco-Anti Odor. This helps to break down odor in sweat, and the boots use a PFC-free water repellent to provide great protection.

Traction & Protection

For increased traction on and off the trails, the boots have 4mm multi-directional lugs. The outsole provides support and offers high-traction grip when you need it. The boots can be easily cleaned after wear with a soft, damp sponge.


  • Eco Anti-Odor will help reduce smells in the boots
  • Dry Waterproof Breathable Membrane provides good waterproofing while also offering comfort and breathability
  • The boots are offered in seven different colors


  • Sizes run small – not good for anyone with wider feet
  • They are not particularly comfortable during your first few times of wear


14) KEEN Women’s Explore Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Available in three different colors, KEEN’s Women’s Explore hiking shoes are waterproof and are perfect for use on all types of terrain. Providing support and comfort to users, they will keep your feet dry even in the worst wet weather conditions.

KEEN.Dry Waterproof breathable membrane

The waterproof and breathable membrane lets vapor out while ensuring water doesn’t get in. The durable, waterproof protection stands up to any wet weather, and the lug outsole helps to add traction to the boot.

Perfect for use on rocky and muddy surfaces

The KEEN all-terrain rubber outsole provides high-traction grip even in muddy environments and on rocky surfaces. The non-marking rubber outsole is suitable for walking indoors, and won’t leave any imprints or trace.

Support and Comfort

The external stability shank is lightweight and provides support and mobility on uneven surfaces. The cushioned collar reduces the chance of irritation around the ankle. They feature a removable, dual-density polyurethane footbed with arch support, to provide you long-lasting comfort.


  • Great for use on rocky and muddy surfaces
  • Lightweight shoes that provide stability and comfort
  • The shoes have the KEEN.Dry Waterproof membrane that is breathable and water-resistant


  • Only available in three different colors


15) Hash Bubbie Women Mid Hiking Boots Waterproof Non Slip

These are a low-cost boot option from Hash Bubbie that provides comfort and protection during any outdoor activity. Perfect for hiking, walking, fishing, urban leisure and traveling, these boots come in four different colors, and are also suitable for wearing in a city setting.

Rubber Sole

These boots feature a rubber sole, which has advanced traction. They ensure your movements are slip-free while walking on rough ground, so you’ll be safe wearing these boots on uneven surfaces. The boots have a durable midsole which provides long-lasting comfort, superior cushioning and high energy return.

Heel Support System

These mid-top hiking shoes help with stabilization while the patch on the heel is streamlined to provide support and reduce risks while walking outdoors. They have good arch and ankle support, which will help your posture and balance while walking for an extended period of time.

Adjustable features

These women’s boots are designed with lacing that is very long and can be easily adjusted to fit over even very thick socks.


  • Rubber sole gives advanced traction and protection from slipping while walking
  • Heel support system helps to improve stability on uneven surfaces
  • Good for wearing for an extended period of time


  • Limited sizing available, and no half sizes produced in this boot model
  • Only four color options available
  • Not as high-quality materials and production as some of the other boot options


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