Best Solar Backpacks to Buy in 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)


If you travel often, one of the best purchases you could make for yourself is to choose a solar backpack. Especially if you plan on doing a lot of traveling where power may not be available at all times, a solar power backpack will be a lifesaver. Whatever your reason is for needing your electronics charged, solar-powered backpacks will give you the ease of mind to use your devices and not stress about your battery level or where the next power outlet might be. If you do a lot of overnight trips, a hiking solar backpack will allow you to get through the night with all of your electronic devices. A solar backpack leaves you prepared for any sort of adventure. After extensive testing and research, we’ve compiled this list of the best solar backpacks on the maket.

The Best Solar Backpacks to Buy in 2022

1. Eceen Solar Backpack

This Eceen hiking backpack with solar technology is a great option. This solar powered backpack comes in two colors including black and gray but with the solar panel on the front of the bag, it looks like the backpack has a two-tone colorway which makes it look trendy and stylish.

The backpack has anti theft design technology and protection to help keep your gadgets from being stolen. The zipper of the main pocket is fully hidden in the back of the bag in order to make it difficult for someone to unzip and steal your belongings. There is also a secret hidden pocket in the back of the bag to keep important things that can’t be accessed by anyone when these solar powered backpacks on their back.

The backpack has a 10 watts solar panel built into it. The Eceen solar panel can power an electronic device that can charge from a USB port. If you have sun, you can charge your phone or other gadgets with the solar USB port and if not, you can plug your battery bank into the backpack and still get a power source to charge your devices.

The Eceen hiking backpack is ultralight and it has a lot of storage space. The dimensions are 19.5in X 14.5in X 5.6in and it weighs is 1.65lb. There are one main pocket and 7 inner smaller pockets. It’s considered a laptop backpack because it has a separate space to fit up to a 15-inch laptop which is good for a student as well.

The backpack has an ergonomic design that balances the weight in the bag to make it comfortable on your shoulders and back. These backpacks are great for both men and women. It also has a strap on the back to attach the solar backpack to your suitcase if you’re using it for travel.

It is made of water-resistant polyester and it’s also anti-wrinkle, durable, and sturdy. It has a slim design with a soft shoulder strap making it great for long trips.

The Eceen solar backpack is also waterproof to protect your belongings from inclement weather. It also comes with a free removable USB charging cable. The company offers a lifelong guarantee warranty and return policy worry-free. The customer service is friendly and ready to support you at any point before and after your purchase of an Eceen hiking backpack.


  • 10 Watt Solar Panel
  • anti theft zipper
  • hidden pocket
  • can fit a 15-inch laptop
  • waterproof
  • comes with a free USB charging cable


  • There are no cons to this solar backpack



2. Voltaic Solar Converter Daypack

This solar backpack with solar power comes in a matte black color. It is 12 x 18 x 6 inches and it weighs 2.4 pounds. It includes a V25 / 6,400mh external battery pack power bank to charge your device quickly and safely. It will store energy so you’ll be able to charge your gadgets even when it’s not sunny. Most backpacks don’t come with a battery pack so this is a great benefit. The solar panel is built using rugged fabric and strong solar cells that can withstand everyday use. It is FAA compliant and fits as a piece of carry-on luggage.

Voltaic offers a 2-year warranty on the solar panel and a one year warranty on the battery pack. The solar panels are made from industry-leading monocrystalline solar cells. If the bag is in direct sunlight it can charge most smartphones in a little over 3 hours which is a quick turnaround time. It can charge anything that can connect to a USB cord including cameras, laptops, and smartphones. It means this bag is perfect for anyone from a student to a photographer. It has two USB outputs instead of just a single one that the common solar backpacks come with.

The solar backpack has 20L of storage. It’s fully padded and is considered a laptop backpack because it has a fully padded and dedicated laptop sleeve that can fit up to a 15-inch laptop. The main storage compartment has two interior pockets, the laptop sleeve, and a front and side pocket. The solar powered backpack is UV resistant and resistant to water. The solar panel lasts 2-3X longer outdoors than most solar chargers on the market.


  • the power bank included padded laptop sleeve
  • water resistant
  • UV resistant
  • 2 USB outputs


  • not as many smaller organizational pockets



3. Sunnybag Explored Solar Backpack

This solar powered backpack comes in the color gray/black. It is 12x15x5.5 inches and weighs 2.4 pounds. This solar backpack fits 15L worth of personal gadgets. It’s also considered a laptop backpack because it can fit up to a 15-inch laptop. It has an ergonomic design to keep you comfortable during your journey. There are numerous pockets in the bag to store smaller items.

The backpack solar charger uses the sun’s energy to power electronic devices. The solar panel is removable and you can charge your gadgets directly through its system. The great thing about the removable solar panel is you could just take the solar panel with you and not the entire backpack if you wanted in order to generate electricity. It has more than 6 Watts of power and 22.4% efficiency. The power of the solar panels is 100% certified. Each solar panel is tested and certified before being shipped to the end consumer and this certification will accompany your new solar backpack. It has a built-in USB output. The more sun you get, the longer you can charge your electronic devices. If you have direct sunlight, you can charge your phone in just two hours.

The material of the solar backpack is ultra-light and durable. It’s made of 600D polyester. It is made of water repellant ripstop fabric. It’s insulated for additional resistance which makes it great for outdoor activities.


  • water repellant
  • padded laptop pocket
  • ergonomic design
  • 100 certified power


  • does not come with a power bank



4. Jauch Solar Backpack

The backpack came in 5 different colors including black, green, gray, red, and a camouflage print. The size of the bag is 20x14x9 inches. The solar powered backpack has an anti theft design with the zipper to the main pocket being fully hidden in the back so that it’s not easily accessible to others while the backpack is on your back. There is also a hidden pocket in the back of the bag to hide your belongings when the bag is on your back. To go even further to protect your things, there are no compartments or zippers attached to the outside of the backpack.

The solar panel is made of several high-quality solar cells and is 10 watts. The USB cable is built-in and easily accessible from the outside of the solar power backpack which makes it very convenient to charge your gadgets and power banks. It also comes with a USB charging cable. The solar panel is also removable with handy clips. This is a great feature to make sure the solar panel is in direct sunlight when needed.

There are 45 liters of volume as storage space inside the bag. It is more than enough space for all of your devices and gadgets. It can fit up to a 17-inch laptop in a separate padded compartment. The main compartment is subdivided with several smaller compartments to organize your belongings.

The solar powdered backpack panel is waterproof. The solar backpack has an ergonomic design. The shoulder pads are adjustable and breathable for various Torso lengths. There are chest and waistbands which are designed for long term comfort. There is also a density foam hip belt. The backpack also has sport-quality PVC fabric to withstand a variety of rugged environments. The efficiency rate is 22%.


  • padded laptop pocket for 17-inch laptop
  • 10 watt solar panel
  • 5 different colors
  • padded straps


  • does not come with a power bank



5. Kingsons Beam Solar Backpack

This solar backpack comes in the color black. It has a sleek and stylish design. It’s made of durable and water-resistant material. The zippers are metal for long-lasting and everyday use. It is 12.6 x 5.91 x 18.11 inches and weighs 2.77 pounds.

The solar powered backpack is made of an ergonomic design. It’s lightweight, with a thick and soft multi-panel ventilated padding for maximum back support. The shoulder straps are adjustable for added comfort.

There is one separate large compartment that can hold up to a 15.6 inch laptop. There is another spacious compartment for daily necessities and all other personal belongings. There are two side pockets for a water bottle or umbrella which is useful for quick access to these items.

The solar panel has a USB charging port as well as a micro USB charging port. This is a unique feature so that you’re able to charge your electronic devices that don’t fit into the regular USB charging port and you can charge multiple devices at once. The backpack is fully waterproof with YKK water repellant zippers to protect your things. The anti-theft buckle system allows you to lock the buckle around anything to prevent theft. The solar panel has a 19.2% efficiency rate. It sets the world record for CIGS sputtering technology.


  • waterproof
  • water repellant zippers
  • anti theft technology
  • separate laptop compartment
  • comes with a USB and micro USB charging port
  • ergonomic design


  • does not come with a power bank



6. LifePod Backpack Solar Panel

The solar powered backpack is made with high-quality and durable materials to withstand any weather conditions. It is sleek and stylish and comes in a gray color. The material is ultra light for additional comfort. The straps are adjustable and breathable for comfortable all-day use. The solar backpack has a main compartment that could fit a laptop but there is no separate padded compartment so it’s not considered a laptop backpack. There are also many smaller pockets for additional organization inside the bag. The outside additionally has two side pockets to carry a water bottle or umbrella. The size is 19.88 x 15.94 x 3.82 inches and it weighs 1.67 pounds.

There is a USB output port on the exterior side of the solar backpack to easily charge USB devices without having to open the bag up. The company offers a satisfaction guarantee.


  • ultra-lightweight
  • adjustable and breathable straps
  • an exterior USB output port


  • no separate padded laptop compartment
  • does not come with a power bank



7. XTPower Hiking Solar Backpack

This solar backpack comes in a gray and red two-tone color. The company guarantees customer satisfaction with their products. The backpack is lightweight and flexible which is good for continuous use when travel or doing outside activities. It has support points designed for ultimate comfort. The straps are adjustable and breathable for comfort. The backpack is made of nylon and it’s rip and water repellant. The size is 21.3 x 8.7 x 15.4 in. and it weighs approximately 1.8 pounds. It has several different pockets for optimal organization. The main compartment can fit a laptop but there is no separate padded pocket.

The solar panel is removable and detachable. It is a 7 watt solar panel that creates a power output to charge a large variety of devices such as your smartphone, GPS units, and your battery bank in order to be able to charge your electronics when you don’t have direct sun. The solar cells have a 22% efficiency rate. The solar cells are protected by a scratch-resistant surface. It is sewn into a PVC cover for extra durability and has clips for optimal fastening to the backpack. The solar panel can be stored in the backpack when not in use or used on a different backpack for a friend which is a cool feature.

It includes a USB to micro-USB charging cable which is great if you have electronic devices that use both types of ports. It does not come with a storage battery or power banks but you can charge your own up with the rapid solar panel.


  • water resistant
  • rip resistant
  • detachable and removable solar panel


  • does not include a power bank
  • no separate padded pocket for a laptop



8. HAWEEL Solar Panel Power Backpack

This backpack comes in a sleek black color. It’s made to be lightweight and sturdy. The shoulder straps are breathable, adjustable, and elastic to relieve the stress on the shoulder and make sure you’re comfortable all over. The innovative weight balance design allows you to feel 20-25% less weight of the backpack. There is also padding on the back of the backpack for your back to be comfortable as well. It has an ergonomic design to relieve pressure.

The material has high-density fabric so that it is tear-resistant, wear-resistant, and durable. It’s also water repellant which makes it great for traveling. The size is 16.92″L x 11.81″H x 5.9″W inches and weighs 2.4 pounds.

There is a main pocket with multiple internal compartments that can hold all of your personal belongings, electronic devices, and even a laptop up to 15.6 inches. It does not have a separate padded pocket for a laptop.

It has an external USB charging port and built-in cable to charge your phone and other devices. It does not include a backup battery or power bank. The solar panel uses MiaSole FLEX CIGS solar cells.


  • water repellant
  • wear-resistant
  • tear-resistant
  • padded back panel and shoulder straps


  • no separate padded laptop pocket
  • does not come with a power bank



9. ECEEN Solar Powered Backpack

This backpack is much larger than some of the other ones on this list. It comes in the color gray. It can fit 78 liters worth of personal belongings into the bag. The size is 27.5 x 15.8 x 11.0 inches and it weighs 2.6 pounds.

There is a multi-position torso adjustment on the bag so that it can comfortably fit a wide range of body sizes. There are a durable open-cell foam lumbar pad and molded channels that provide maximum comfort and airflow. It has an ergonomic design with moisture-wicking shoulder straps for ventilation. It is made for both men and women.

The backpack has many pockets. There is one small front zipper pocket, one large front zipper pocket with a string bag, 1 large deep main pocket with a string bag, and 2 hip belt pockets. There are also strings and carabiners for hooking other things to the outside of the bag. There are also two side pockets with elastic collars that are great for a water bottle, umbrella or anything else you’d like easy access to. It was made to carry a heavy capacity because it was made with durable craftsmanship. The material is a high-quality nylon fabric with a ripstop design and it’s also water resistant. The zippers are high quality and have something hanging from them to make it easier to open and close these solar backpacks.

The shoulder strap has a D shaped attachment on both straps to hang things from. There is an emergency whistle attached to one of the straps. There is a hip belt to help shift the weight. There are 8 adjustable straps on the bag for tying other things to the outside of the backpack. There is also a bottom compartment which is great for shoes. The solar panel is 20 watts which means it can charge your devices rather quickly. There is a built-in USB port that can charge all of your devices. These solar backpacks are perfect for professional hikers or people that go on long outdoor trips. It is large and has a lot of features that are unnecessary if it’s being used for short day trips.


  • very large, can fit a lot of things
  • water resistant
  • 20 watts of power


  • does not come with a power bank
  • no separate padded laptop pocket



10. EnerPlex Packr Solar Powered Backpack

This backpack is the least expensive in this list of the 10 best solar backpacks. It comes in the color black and it’s very thin in design. It was also made in the USA and leads the American manufactured solar power technology you can trust which is a nice benefit.

It has 3 watt integrated solar panels. The solar charger will power your phone and other devices in less than 5 hours. To make it very lightweight it uses solar-on-plastic technology to make it extremely light and flexible and adding basically no weight to the solar backpacks. The solar panels are water resistant and designed to work through any conditions. The solar cells can withstand shocks, drops and minor punctures. The backpack has a padded laptop sleeve, expandable compartments, pen pockets, business card pockets, among others. The size is 12 x 7.9 x 17.7 inches and it weighs 2.6 pounds.


  • resistant to water
  • solar panels can withstand shock, drops, and minor punctures
  • very lightweight
  • padded laptop pocket


  • will not charge your devices as fast as other solar backpacks
  • does not come with a power bank


Features of the Best Solar Backpacks

There are many solar-powered backpacks with solar panels on the market so it’s important to gather information on the solar charger and power needs that you will face. Depending on how long your hiking or traveling trips end up being, will determine if you need additional solar energy. Some solar panels can charge your devices faster than others. Some are also more efficient than others at performing the same task of charging your devices.

Solar panel backpacks also come with USB ports and sometimes a micro USB cable but you may have to bring your own USB devices and battery pack to connect to the USB ports. Once you’ve connected the USB battery pack to the port, you’ll get a power output to be able to charge your cell phone. A backpack with solar may also be able to charge multiple devices on the go if there are different USB ports. The solar-powered backpack may come with its own battery pack but at the very minimum, it will have its own USB port to plug a power bank into and charge your electronics or plug your smartphone right into. If you are in direct sunlight, you will be able to charge your smartphone right from the USB port that connects to the solar panels. Otherwise, you’ll need a power bank.

Another unique feature is some solar backpacks even have removable solar panels or detachable solar panels. This is useful if you’re able to charge all of your devices completely and you don’t need any more solar energy. You can remove the watt solar panel and even put it on someone else’s backpack so they can use the direct sunlight for energy too. Or, you can take just the detachable solar panel with you and not the backpack if that’s easier. This is a great feature.

Some solar panel backpacks also have anti-theft technology to help make sure your belongings are not stolen. There may also be RFID technology in your solar-powered backpack to protect your information. This is a great feature because it blocks your information from being stolen through the outside of the bag and protects you while you’re traveling and vulnerable to your things being stolen.

Storage space is also important to look for in a laptop backpack and hiking backpack because when you go on long trips and travel, you’ll need to be able to carry your phone, power bank, any other devices, and gadgets you may have. You’ll also need space for your water bottle, clothes, food, and other necessities. Essentially a backpack that has both storage space and a solar panel to charge your things provides the very bare necessities for survival. It will be able to carry your personal belongings as well as provide you with power output. You could survive many days with a solar-powered backpack that has lots of storage space.

Understanding How A Solar Panel on a Backpack works

Different solar backpacks will have different watt levels. Essentially, the higher the wattage the solar panel has, the faster it can charge your device. Higher wattage does not mean it works better, it just charges your phone battery or other devices faster. Rapid solar power comes from higher wattage. If you are in direct sun you can either plug your device directly into the USB port on the solar panels which is the ideal way to use it. Otherwise, you can plug a power bank into the USB port on the solar panel and then use the power bank to charge your gadgets when you aren’t in the sunlight. Some solar panels have a high efficiency compared to others. The larger the solar panel does not necessarily mean it’s faster or better, it might just be less efficient at doing its job of turning sunlight into a power source. The higher the efficiency rate, the better it works compared to its size and wattage level.

What to Look for in the Best Solar Backpack

The price will play a large role in the best solar backpacks. The price can vary largely depending on the wattage of the solar panel. The larger the wattage, the faster it can charge your device. Another factor in price is the quality of the backpack itself. Solar panels alone aren’t the only important part of choosing a backpack. You’ll still want to make sure the backpack has enough pockets to organize your belongings as well as enough storage space to carry everything you need for your trip. It’s also important the backpack is made of quality materials and will hold up with a lot of use over time.

You may also want to choose solar-powered backpacks that have sturdy handles and a padded back panel or padded shoulder straps. This will protect your body during long trips. Ergonomically designed bags make the best option because they provide support to your body and allow you to feel comfortable for much longer periods of time. Hardware and zippers are important to consider as well. You don’t want to take the chance your product will break during your travels so make sure the zippers are quality and any of the hardware on the bag is made with quality craftsmanship.

Another benefit your bag could have is if it is water-resistant. This is a great feature because if the weather changes, you won’t have to worry about water getting in your backpack because your belongings and gadgets will stay dry through any weather conditions and let you feel worry-free.

Now that you’ve heard some of the features and benefits to be on the lookout for in a solar panel backpack, it’s time to share the best solar backpacks on the market. You’re bound to be able to choose solar charging backpacks that are right for you by using this list because there is a mix of styles, sizes, and features in order to find a product for everyone’s needs.

When choosing an integrated solar panel, there are some things to remember to lookout for. If it’s important to you to be able to remove the solar panel, look for detachable solar panels or removable solar panels. If you want the backpack to come with its own battery packs, some do. The battery capacity on a battery bank can vary though so pay attention to how much yours can hold. Some even come with a hydration pack if you plan on doing long trips. You may want to look for 7-watt solar cells or higher if you’ll need your product to charge quickly. The higher the wattage means a high efficiency for the solar cells. If you expect a lot of shadow cover where you won’t have the energy to charge your product the faster and higher the watts the better so that you can charge up quickly when you do have sun.

Hopefully, this list has helped you narrow down your search for a solar backpack. There is a product for everyone out there. As long as you know what features and benefits to be on the lookout for, you can make the decision a bit easier. The size, quality, and watt power of the solar-powered backpacks will help you determine the right choice for you. All of these products can be found by linking to amazon com to check them out.

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