Best Range Bags to Buy in 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)


People all over the world go to the range every day to practice the art of shooting. Some do it as a hobby, others want to defend themselves, and many people do it just for the fun of it.

Today we’re going to talk about an important part of going to the shooting range – range bags. We will review some of the best range bags you can find, and take a look at the essentials you need in your range bag.

Furthermore, to help make this list more conducive, we’ve added a short buying guide so you can find the best range bag.

10 Best Range Bags for 2022

1. 5.11 Tactical Range Bag

The 5 11 Tactical Range Bag is an excellent carrier for regular trips to the range. It works as a great organizational tool for everything from firearms to a record notebook. With this range bag by 5 11, you will be able to be ready for both outdoor and indoor activities. Whether you’re out on a hunting trip or practicing rounds at the range, this bag won’t stand to disappoint you.


The 5 11 tactical range bag is made of 600 denier polyester, making this basic patrol bag perfect for a shooter. It’s thick, durable, and long-standing. You can count on this range bag to be a constant companion for your trips to the range, the forest, camping, etc.

There’s no doubt that the high count of denier polyester weaved into the fabric of this bag makes it one of the best range bags on the market. This tactical range-ready bag is durable and makes sure that all your gear stays steady.

Storage Capacity

The Basic Patrol range bag by 5 11 has a total storage capacity of 37-liters. It has a cubicle size of 2258 inches. The main storage compartment where you can store all your shooting accessories safely comes with multiple removable dividers so you can personalize the bag space. Furthermore, the lid of the compartment has zippered and slip pockets for extra storage.

This bag has multiple drawstrings and zippered side pockets. The front pocket comes with a hook and loop closure. With the tactical built of these storage compartments, you can reach for your equipment easily. Now there’s no need to struggle to remember where you kept everything because this bag makes it easy to organize your gear effectively.

Additional Features

The rear side of this range bag has a cardholder, wherein you can place your identification card or business card. This range bag by 5 11 has a heavy-duty shoulder strap. The straps have velcro clips for added functionality. The shoulder strap is adjustable and removable.

If you’re looking for a reliable range bag that will last you for years to come, this basic patrol model by 5 11 is the one to buy.


  • Heavy-duty construction with 600D polyester.
  • Multiple storage areas for optimized space.
  • Removable dividers for easy organization.
  • Created with highly durable material which is also water-repellent.


  • Has only one color option – Black.

Product Specifications:

  1. Exterior Dimensions – 22 x 12.5 x 4 inches
  2. Weight – 2.2 pounds
  3. Material – 600D Polyester
  4. Capacity – 37 L



2. Osage River Tactical Range Bag

The Osage River Tactical range bag is an all-rounder. Not only is it a great range bag, but it also doubles up as a travel duffel. Whether you’re planning a long trip to the woods, or an intense session at the range, this bag would be a perfect fit no matter what.


This Osage River range bag is celebrated for its durability. This bag is created with 600D ballistic nylon, making it tough and highly reliable. The infusion of ballistic nylon in the fabric protects it from tears water damage and even bullets.

With the strength and versatility of this range bag, you can rest assured that your gear will be preserved even in the harshest of weather. Furthermore, this bag is lined with heavy-duty zippers, which minimizes the possibility of any damage to your gear.

Storage Capacity

The Osage River bag has nine large storage spaces. The main compartment comes with two adjustable padded dividers that can be used to organize your gear the way you want to. The bag has five external zippered pockets, designed expertly to store your ammunition, mags, ear optics, and other accessories safely.

This tactical range bag by Osage River comes with two removable pistol pouches. Please note that the pistol pouches don’t have a locking mechanism in place. This means that you have to be extra careful while storing your pistols because they can fall out.

All the compartments in this range bag are padded to keep your gear secured. With the versatile storage options from this bag, you can organize your items according to your preferences.

Additional Features

This range bag by Osage River comes with a padded shoulder strap, so you can easily carry it to the range. The range bag comes in two varieties – Standard Duty and Light Duty. Both these options are incorporated with carrying handles and shoulder straps for easy portability.

The Osage River Tactical Range bag is available in five colors – Black, Coyote Tan, Gunmetal Grey, OD Green, and Pink. This range bag is perfect for carrying multiple handguns, ammo, safety glasses, ear muffs, and much more.


  • Made from 600D ballistic nylon.
  • Water-resistant, and tear-resistant.
  • Wide space for all your range accessories.
  • Comes in multiple color options.
  • Has two additional pistol pouches.


  • There’s no locking mechanism for pistol pouches.
  • Thin shoulder strap.

Product Specifications:

  1. Exterior Dimensions – 18 x 13 x 10 inches for Standard Duty, and 13.5 x 10.5 x 7.5 inches for Light Duty.
  2. Weight – 2.44 pounds.
  3. Material – 600D ballistic nylon.
  4. Capacity – 27 L.
  5. Two removable pistol pouches.



3. Smith & Wesson Recruit Tactical Range Bag

Our list would be incomplete without a range bag by Smith & Wesson. This range bag by Smith & Wesson has everything you need. From durability to portability, it ranks high in all areas. The S&W Recruit Tactical Range bag is a traditionally effective bag designed to meet all your range needs.


When it comes to range bags, you can count on Smith & Wesson to excel in endurance. This bag is made of a remarkably durable ballistic fabric that meets all expectations. With the heavy-duty construction of this range bag, your gear will be secure and ready to use.

Furthermore, this range bag is water-resistant. The ballistic fabric protects the bag against moisture. It’s built to survive in the poorest of weather conditions. Whether it’s scorching heat or heavy rain, you can be certain of your gear’s safety.

Storage Capacity

The S&W range bag comes with several pockets to keep your accessories organized. This bag has a dedicated space for holding up to 7 mags. The outer pockets are created with ample space for storing ammo, and pistols.

The main compartment of this range bag has various storage options. It has two internal pockets for safe storage of your guns. The main compartment has dual zippers. Furthermore, it has large center pockets that make it easy to carry several other accessories like gloves, notebook to the gun.

This pistol range bag has two large side pockets, one on each side of the bag. While this bag doesn’t have a lot of precise storage options, it can be easily optimized to suit your needs.

Additional Features

The S&W recruit range bag offers a comfortable, padded shoulder strap so that you can carry it with convenience. Not only does this range bag have multiple storage options for your pistols and handguns, but it’s also built to hold up to 50 pounds of weight.

Needless to say, you can’t go wrong with this S&W pistol range bag.


  • Has a warranty period of one year.
  • Made of durable ballistic material.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Easy to organize.
  • Comes with a padded shoulder strap, making it easy to carry.


  • Zippers may not be strong enough to sustain heavy-duty use.

Product Specifications:

  1. Exterior Dimensions – 22 x 14 x 10.5 inches.
  2. Internal Dimensions for the main compartment – 18 x 10 x 10 inches.
  3. Material – Ballistic fabric.
  4. Capacity – 27 L.
  5. Multiple pistol storage options with protective lock mechanisms.



4. Blackhawk Deluxe Range Hunting Bag

The Deluxe Range Hunting Bag by Blackhawk is a well-sized option for a frequent shooter. It has a smooth yet simple design. It’s one of the safest options for your gear at a moderate price. This tactical range ready bag is perfect for everyday use at the shooting range.


The Blackhawk Deluxe Range Hunting bag is made of 600 denier polyester. It’s one of the most padded range bags available on the market. The 600 denier polyester makes this range bag strong and durable enough to survive rough weather conditions.

This bag is enforced with a double intensity foam. The interior is created with open-cell foam to enhance the protection of your gear. The exterior is lined with closed-cell foam to shield the bag from heavy impact.

Furthermore, this bag is water-resistant. This deluxe range hunting bag by Blackhawk is one of the safest options to take to the shooting range, easily making it the best range bag for gun owners.

Storage Capacity

The storage size of this deluxe range bag is perfect for people who go to the shooting range regularly. The main compartment is spacious enough to accommodate all your gear. It has two handgun pockets on the inside, with a removable pistol pouch. The pistol pouch is protected with soft fabric.

This shooting range bag three large compartments with heavy-duty zippers for extra support. It has one slash pocket, with plenty of room for other shooting gear like hearing protection, eye protection, first-aid kit, mags, etc.

Additional Features

This tactical range ready bag ranks high in durability. It’s made with a special MOLLE webbing to ensure support. This gun bag features wraparound web carry handles to enhance the reinforcement of your gear. The Deluxe Range Hunting bag by Blackhawk, is without a doubt, one of the best range bags available.

Please note that the plastic clips make the shoulder straps a bit delicate, so they might have a hard time supporting a lot of weight.


  • Made with durable 600 denier polyester.
  • Doubles up as a pistol range bag because of the removable pistol pouch.
  • Comes with dedicated pistol magazine holders.
  • Perfect storage size for shooting accessories.
  • Extra supportive webbing handles.


  • The shoulder strap may be a little weak.

Product Specifications:

  1. Exterior Dimensions – 15 x 11 x 10 inches.
  2. Weight – 2.2 pounds.
  3. Capacity – 27 L.
  4. Material – 600 denier polyester.
  5. Water-resistant.
  6. MOLLE webbing.
  7. Multiple pistol pouches.



5. Military Range Backpack by REEBOW Gear

The Military Range Backpack by Reebow Gear is the best overall. The convenience of a backpack coupled with tactical durability makes it one of the best range bags. This range bag by Reebow Gear counts as one of the most well-built shooting range bags which can be used for several purposes like camping, hunting, hiking, etc.


The Military Range Backpack is made of high-density polyester fabric, making it immensely durable and water-resistant. This backpack is referred to as an army 3-day assault pack because it’s perfect for making survival kits. The quality material of this bag is water-proof, which makes it sturdy, and gives it the strength to withstand extremely wet weather conditions.

This range bag is employed with a MOLLE webbing system that provides ample support for heavy shooting gear. The molle webbing allows the user to attach a pistol bag and separate pouches for other accessories. With this bag by Reebow Gear, you will be ready for both outdoor and indoor shooting sessions.

Storage Capacity

Range bags by Reebow Gear are known for their storage capacity. It’s the most outstanding feature of this range bag. The MOLLE webbing allows for easy organization of all your gear. This bag has a total capacity of 40 liters, making it one of the best range bags on Amazon.

This range bag has four outer pockets. On the inside, the bag has multiple storage spaces for range gear like optics, hearing protection, mags, ammunition, etc. This tactical backpack by Reebow Gear is highly effective as a range bag while serving a multitude of other purposes.

Additional Features

The best part about this range bag is that it has a separate compartment for a hydration bladder. This makes it stand out among the sea of different range bags available. Please note that this bag doesn’t include a hydration bladder, so you will have to buy that independently.

This military range backpack has padded shoulder straps, with mesh ventilation to make it more breathable. The mesh material of the padded back makes it comfortable for long walking trips. This makes it one of the most impressive multi-purpose bags which can be used for several outdoor activities like hunting, hiking, camping, etc.


  • MOLLE web system for support.
  • Heavy-duty zippers.
  • The size of the main compartment is very large.
  • Has several pockets for storing essentials.
  • High-density durable fabric construction.
  • Mesh ventilated shoulder strap.
  • Mesh compartment for a hydration bladder.


  • The buckles are made of plastic, making them prone to breakage.

Product Specifications:

  1. Exterior Dimensions – 13 x 20 x 11 inches.
  2. Storage Size – 40 L.
  3. It comes in two color options – Black and Tan.
  4. Water-resistant.
  5. MOLLE webbing system.



6. Explorer Range Bag

Explorer has been making range bags with professional specifications for quite some time now. It’s a go-to brand if you’re looking for bags that offer an exceptional quality experience. From pockets to size, the Explorer Range bag ranks high in a myriad of features, making it the best overall.


Most range bags come with a 600D polyester built, but the Explorer tactical range ready bag stands out because of its 1200 denier polyester construction. The reliable frame of this range bag makes sure that it can be your long-lasting companion to the range for years to come.

The bottom of this Explorer range bag is reinforced with plastic feet. The 1200 denier polyester count of this range ready bag makes it durable enough to handle heavily weighted gear. This range bag features quality heavy-duty zippers for support. All the pockets in this bag are padded to ensure extra protection of your gear.

Storage Capacity

Range bags are designed with size and storage space in mind. The Explorer tactical range ready bag has room for a variety of shooting accessories. This includes your ear protection, optics, guns, ammo, magazines, targets, first aid kits, cleaning supplies, etc.

The Explorer Range bag has a main compartment with two removable dividers for better organization. It has two large side compartments. The front pocket of this Explorer range bag opens up all the way. It comes with a zippered, padded pistol pouch.

The front compartment includes four small pockets for ammunition. Also, the rear of this bag has a compartment that can be used to store your gear. It comes with two dedicated zippered pockets for pistols.

Additional Features

The Explorer range bag accommodates triple stitches for maximum protection of your gear. The bottom of the bag has plastic feet attached to it. The top-notch construction of this range bag makes it great for daily rough use at the range.

The carry handles and shoulder straps of this range bag are made of heavy-duty nylon that is ideal for supporting the heavy weight of your accessories. This bag is available in various color options – Black, Brown, OD Green, Olive Green, and Dark Blue Cammo.


  • Ample space for shooting gear.
  • Made of 1200 denier polyester.
  • Padded pockets for extra safety.
  • Heavy-duty construction with triple-stitches.
  • Has two pistol pouches.


  • The shoulder strap is not removable.

Product Specifications:

  1. Exterior Dimensions – 13 x 10 x 18 inches.
  2. Interior Dimensions – 12 x 12 x 9 inches.
  3. Weight – 5 pounds.
  4. Water-resistant.
  5. Zippered pistol pouches.
  6. Multiple color choices.



7. Exos Range Bag

Range bags are often associated with dull colors like black and blue, but the Exos Range bag is perfect if you’re looking for something in a bright color. This gun range bag easily ranks as a top player in the game. It serves a variety of purposes. You can pack it for a camping trip outdoors or an indoor shooting practice session.


The Exos Range bag is made of 600 denier polyester, making it durable and water-resistant. This protects your shooting gear during humid weather. This range bag by Exos has a sturdy built. It can handle heavily weighted gear like guns and protective items easily. Furthermore, the exterior of this range bag features MOLLE webbing for added support.

Storage Capacity

The Exos Range bag has four outer pockets, including two side compartments. The front pocket of this range bag comes with a net pocket on the inside. This range bag has two velcro patch panels on each of the side pockets.

The main compartment is easily accessible because of its dual-zipper opening. The interior of this main compartment comes with a removable divider which can carry up to 5 mags.

While this range bag by Exos ranks high in our selection criteria, please remember that it does not have a designated pistol pouch. This takes away some of this bag’s credit because it’s essential for a range bag to comes with separate pistol space.

Additional Features

As we noted earlier, this range bag by Exos has MOLLE webbing on the exterior. This range bag by Exos doubles up as a duffel bag for traveling. This gun bag has a durable nylon cord with a strong pull. Furthermore, the features offered by this range bag do justice to its price.


  • Bright pink color.
  • Can accommodate a variety of items like ammo, protective gear, etc.
  • Heavy-duty nylon cord.
  • 600 denier polyester construction.
  • MOLLE webbing exterior.


  • Doesn’t include designated pistol storage.

Product Specifications:

  1. Exterior Dimensions – 17 x 14 x 8 inches.
  2. Interior Dimensions of the main compartment – 12 x 8 x 8 inches.
  3. Material – 600D polyester.
  4. Two side compartments, one huge main compartment with a divider on the inside.
  5. Capacity – 31 L.
  6. Available in Pink and Purple.



8. Gunmate Range Bag

The Gunmate Range bag is a simple yet effective option for range bags. If you’re looking for something that’s not too plain but not too fancy, this one by Gunmate is perfect for you. With this range bag, you can easily make a quick trip to the gun range without any hassle.


The Gunmate range bag is made of 600D ballistic nylon fabric. It’s durable, and won’t let you down in extreme weather conditions. While this is one of the lighter range bags on Amazon, it does the job. This range bag is padded for extra protection of your gear.

Due to the infusion of strong 600D ballistic nylon, this tool bag can hold various components of your shooting gear. It can carry two handguns, shooting glasses, scope, and much more.

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of this range bag is not up to the market standards. Most range bags can hold anywhere from 25 to 40 liters, but this range bag by Gunmate can only carry 15 liters. While this puts the bag at a disadvantage, it does have a spacious main storage area. This main compartment has a roll-up flap that opens up for easy access to your gear.

This bag has two outer pockets with double zippers. It has a pistol rug so you can safely store your gun on the way to the range. However, please note that this bag does not have mag storage.

Additional Features

As we mentioned earlier, this bag is one of the lighter range bags on the market. This means that it won’t serve heavy-duty purposes like hiking, camping, etc. However, it’s perfect for a quick trip to the range.

Furthermore, all the side compartments of this bag are lockable. If you’re looking for a simple bag for a nominal price, then this is the right range bag for you.


  • Side pockets can be locked.
  • Made of high quality 600 denier nylon.
  • Padded pistol rug.
  • Has a semi-rigid frame.
  • Highly durable.


  • It’s relatively smaller than most range bags.
  • Has only one color option.

Product Specifications:

  1. Exterior Dimensions – 16 x 8 x 7 inches.
  2. Weight – 0.12 pounds.
  3. Capacity – 15 L.
  4. Water-resistant.
  5. Material – 600D nylon.



9. Competition Range Bag by NcStar

The NcStar Competition range bag is the best overall. This competition range bag is perfect for carrying heavy items to the range. Not only does it rank high in storage capacity, but it’s also durable and will last you a lifetime.


The NcStar competition range bag is heavily padded for the protection of your gear. This bag is made of high-quality durable material, which is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. It features a strong MOLLE webbing system to hold all your gear safely. Furthermore, this bag has heavy-duty zippers to support your gear.

Storage Capacity

The NcStar Competition range bag has a lot to offer when it comes to storage. The total storage capacity of this bag is 43 liters, making it ideal for anyone who regularly lugs around heavy equipment to the range. When double stacked, this bag can carry up to 12 AR 15 magazines, and a total of twenty-four pistols.

The side pockets are made of mesh and they can store a variety of items like pistols, brass ammo, hearing protection, ID card panel, etc.

Additional Features

The competition range bag by NcStar has large metal-D rings on the end. This bag comes with a padded shoulder strap to carry it comfortably wherever you go. It has a beverage pocket on the side with an adjustable strap.

This bag by NcStar comes with a brass bag with an adjustable drawstring, a metal clasp, and a mesh netting bottom. The front pocket of this bag has a velcro patch attached to it.

Range bags often fall short on the storage front, and when they do have a lot of storage, it doesn’t come at a cheap price. However, this bag by NcStar is worth the price and offers just the right amount of storage for heavy items in your gear.


  • Huge storage areas.
  • Name panel attached to the bag.
  • It can hold up to 12 AR 15 magazines and 24 pistol magazines.
  • Pistol storage for more than two guns.
  • Can be organized easily.


  • The shoulder strap might fold and dig into the shoulders if the bag is carrying a lot of weight.

Product Specifications:

  1. Exterior Dimensions – 13 x 20 x 10 inches.
  2. Weight – 3.8 pounds.
  3. Capacity – 43 L.
  4. Separate pistol magazine holders.



10. Range Bag by Orca Tactical

Last but not least, we have a range bag by Orca Tactical. They offer a wide variety of high-quality products in the United States, and this range bag is one of them. This range bag has everything one needs for a practice session at the range. From space to safety, Orca Tactical accounts for several necessities for range bags.


This bag is made of 600 denier polyester material. This bag has a heavy-duty military-grade frame that protects it from bad weather conditions. This is a water-resistant bag that has been employed with double stitches for complete support of your gear.

The 600D polyester construction makes it a worthy investment for your future days at the range. It’s secured with high-quality YKK zippers and rust-resistant nylon pulls. Furthermore, Orca Tactical covers it with a special coating to make the material scratch proof.

Storage Capacity

Don’t judge this bag based on its small frame. It has a huge storage space that’s perfect for taking to the range. The storage areas of this bag have been designed specifically to accommodate essential shooting gear like guns, ammo, first aid kit, protection, cleaning supplies, etc.

This bag can hold up to more than 3 handguns. It has two hook and loop pockets on the front, with a large dual-zippered pocket attached to it. The main storage area comes with a removable divider so you can organize your gear the way you prefer. All compartments of this bag are padded.

As far as storage goes, this product has a variety of uses. It can store pistols, handguns, ammunition, shotgun shells, and other range items. Furthermore, you can use it for camping, hiking, survival kits, etc.

Additional Features

The Orca Tactical range bag has numerous exceptional features that make it worth the price. It has a locking mechanism that can be used to attach it to your luggage. This bag has a total of 13 compartments, easy access side pockets for guns, and the pockets are covered with flap ends.

This model has an upgraded carry handle that makes it easily portable. Furthermore, this bag comes with an Orca Tactical morale patch. It’s available in various color options – Black, Pink/Black, Coyote Brown, and OD Green.

The overall design of this bag is ideal for taking to the range regularly. Needless to say, the highly durable frame of this bag makes it one of the best range bags available.


  • Massive storage space.
  • Made of high-quality 600D polyester fabric.
  • Supported by strong YKK zippers.
  • It can be used as a duffle bag.
  • Can hold and protect more than 3 firearms.
  • Can be used as a camera bag and a diaper bag as well.


  • The bag does not have an interior pocket for eye protection.

Product Specifications:

  1. Exterior Dimensions – 16 x 11 x 9 inches.
  2. Weight – 2.8 pounds.
  3. Designated pockets for range gear.
  4. Material – 600D polyester.
  5. Safe carrying handles.
  6. Thoroughly padded all over.
  7. Easy access compartments.


Essentials You Need to Pack in a Range Bag

For a successful trip to the shooting range, you need to have all the essentials in your range bag. From earmuffs to a first aid kit, leaving anything out will compromise your experience. Let’s have a look at some essentials you need to pack in your shooting range bag, so you can have a good shooting session at the range.

1. Eye & Ear Protection

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, protection is a must. Generally, when you’re around firearms, you have to be as careful as you can. Even when you’re practicing, several things can go wrong. For example, there is a possibility of hot brass flying towards your eyes while shooting.

To protect your eyes from such accidents, get a pair of ballistic rated glasses. Make sure you keep your eye protection in your range bag so you can use them at the range.

Loud noises can damage your ears faster than you realize. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shooting outdoors or indoors, ear protection is a must. The right range bag needs to have protective gear. A pair of durable earmuffs or noise-canceling headphones with earplugs will do the trick.

2. Guns and Ammo For Shooter

Well, this goes without saying. You need to have your firearms prepared and ready to practice with. Along with guns, it’s important to have enough ammunition. It’s easy to go through 50 rounds of ammo when you’re in a practice session. While you can always go to the range counter and buy more, it cuts into your time at the range.

Carrying more ammunition to the range will help you save time and make the best of your shooting time.

3. First Aid Kit

Range bags are not complete without a first aid kit. As a rule of thumb, make sure that you carry a first aid kit with you. Accidents do not have a specific timing and you have to be ready for anything that comes your way. Even if you follow safety regulations down to the word, adversity can strike anywhere.

Furthermore, the shooting range might be full of beginners. By having a first aid kit in your gear, you can help someone at the range in case they experience any unfortunate accidents. Make sure your first aid kit has a tourniquet. If there is an accident and someone needs to be taken to the hospital, you can use it to apply pressure on the wound.

Remember to pack a first aid kit in your range bag because it is imperative both for your safety and for the ones around you.

4. Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s no secret that guns require maintenance. Your shooting range bag should have a small maintenance kit so you can promptly clean them at the range. While gun owners can always clean out their firearms at home, it’s important to factor in the possibility of having to service it at the range.

Make a small maintenance kit just for your range bag. Add cleaning supplies like oil, lubrication, solvents, and screwdrivers, and keep them in your range bag. This is a great precaution in case you forget to maintain your gun at home. It will save you time and your shooting session won’t get wasted.

5. Targets 

While shooting ranges offer an extra target with your fee, you should keep one in your range bag. If you’re not a beginner, then you’re likely to shoot through your targets. This can cut your practice short. Keep extra targets in your range bag, to be prepared in case you run out of them at the range.

Furthermore, you should pack a roll of masking tape and bold sharpies to mark your targets. This will further help you note down your progress.

Factors to Look for When Buying a Range Bag

1. Durability and Material

Range bags go through a lot. By design, they’re supposed to carry the heavy weight of firearms carefully. They are susceptible to a high level of wear and tear, causing them to get damaged with frequent use. This is why it’s important to find a durable range bag.

The durability of range bags largely depends on the quality of their material. Range bags that are created with high-density materials tend to last longer. When buying range bags, remember to check what material they are made of.

Find a bag that’s made of 600 denier polyester fabric and has a thick, supportive weave. The high count of polyester will make your bag durable, and you will get good long-term use out of it.

The durability of your range bag is important because if the material is not strong, then it won’t be able to sustain the weight of your firearms. Furthermore, other range accessories like first aid kits, ammunition, mags, also go in your range bag.

Therefore, one of the most important factors while looking for a range bag is how durable it is.

2. Capacity

Range gear consists of several products like optics, guns, ammunition, first aid kit, maintenance supplies, etc. Your bag should have enough space to carry these essentials. If it doesn’t have enough storage, then you will have to compromise on things you take to the range. Therefore, it’s important to buy a bag that can accommodate all of your gear.

This is perhaps the most crucial aspect of buying a bag for the range. It needs to have enough storage for all your range accessories. The total capacity of your bag should not be less than 15 liters. Anything less than that won’t be able to properly accommodate your gear.

3. Storage Compartments

When it comes to storage compartments, brands like to do their own thing. For example, a GPS handgunner backpack comes with a removable foam gun cradle. Several manufacturers add padded pistol rugs for storing guns.

Your storage requirement depends on the different things you take to the range every day. Do you need cleaning supplies at the range? Will you be taking extra ammunition? Are you going to keep your AR 15 magazines in the bag? These are a few of the things you must figure out before you start looking for a range bag.

When you look for a range bag, make sure to check the storage options it has. This further extends to the number of storage compartments the bag has. If the bag has a lot of storage options, it will become relatively easier for you to organize your gear. Furthermore, this helps you gain easy access to your gear whenever you need it at the range.

4. Comfort

The comfort level of the range bag relies on the shoulder straps. If they dig into the skin of your shoulder straps, they make your job harder. When your bag is full of your gear, it can get too heavy to carry. If the shoulder strap is not comfortable, then you will find it difficult to lug it around. Therefore, it’s important to buy a range bag that has a comfortable shoulder strap.

5. Style

While the style of your range bag doesn’t add a lot to your experience, it is important. There are several types of range bags on the market. While all range bags serve the same purpose – carrying your guns and ammo – your choice of the range bag should mostly depend on what you need one for.

For example, are you having an outdoor shooting session or an indoor one? Are you going to hunt, or are you just headed to the shooting range? What type of guns are you carrying? How much ammunition are you carrying?

If you need one just for the range, then a carry on bag will do the trick. However, if you’re going on a trip with all of your shooting gear, then a tactical backpack might be more beneficial for you.

Then comes the look of your range bag. If you’re tired of the good old black, then you can go for a different color. Brands offer a variety of colors like pink, purple, olive green, blue, camo, etc. If that’s what you need, then keep reading! You will find various suggestions for colorful range bags below.


When should you buy a range bag?

The best time to invest in a range bag is when you’ve started making frequent trips to the shooting range. Furthermore, if you’ve accumulated so much shooting gear that it’s difficult to go to the range without a carry on bag, then it’s time to buy a range bag.

What’s the right size for a range bag?

The size of your range bag should depend on the gear you’re carrying. Furthermore, if you can foresee how much more gear you’re going to buy in the near future, it will help you make the right choice. We recommend buying a range bag with a capacity of at least 28 liters.

How should I organize my range bag?

Your range bag should be organized according to the order in which you need your gear. You should organize it in such a way that it allows you easy access to your accessories.


All in all, range bags make your trips to the shooting range much more fulfilling. That’s why it’s important to find the best range bag for you. We hope that this guide assists you in finding a range bag that suits all your needs.

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