10 Best Closed Toe Sandals for Men in 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)


Closed toe sandals are one of the most versatile forms of sandals. You can quickly put them on and go for a walk with the assurance that your feet will be safe and comfortable in them. Closed-toe sandals can be used for a wide range of activities – beginning with a simple walk or a run to sailing or hiking. After extensive research and testing, we have put together this list of the best closed-toe sandals for men on the market today. We have also included a buyer’s guide at the end of this article to help you make an informed purchase decision. 

 The Best Closed-Toe Sandals for Men in 2022

1) DREAM PAIRS Men’s Hiking Sandals

This pair of closed toe sandals for men from DREAM PAIRS are perfect for all your adventures and is specially tailored to be worn at the beach.  You can use these sandals for casual, professional, and recreational activities such as boating, hiking, gardening, or walking. 


These sports sandals offer maximum comfort with its cushioned footbed and rubber outsole. The heel height of these sandals is around 1 inch. They come in five colorful shades – Brown Black Orange, Khaki Yellow, Black/Dark Grey, Grey/Black, Navy Royale. 


The EVA mat midsole provided a comfortable cushioning for your feet. They keep the sandals lightweight while providing comfort at the same time. The design of the sandals supports the natural arch of the feet and includes a contoured heel seat. For additional comfort to the underfoot, a soft foot bed cover has been provided. 


The sandals have been designed with special attention to every detail. It has been manufactured to withstand extended periods of usage and provided your feel with solid support. 


  • Can be worn in mud and water
  • Comfortable for long walks
  • Includes arch support
  • Rubber Sole


  • Reports of the webbing detaching
  • The toe area may be too thin for some



2) Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Sandal

These closed toe sandals for men feature a sporty design along with trendy colors. They offer a perfect blend of functionality and comfort that allows you to have a great time as you are busy engaging in your sports or recreational activities. The sandals are available in Slate Grey, Espresso, and Black. 


Flex grooves have been included on the outsoles for improved traction while you are out on your adventures. These Crocs sandals have been manufactured using high-quality Crosslite material and are made out of 100 percent textile materials. The sole of the sandals has been made using synthetic. 


They come with mesh uppers and a strap which can be adjusted easily to find the best fit for yourself. The material of these sandals is lightweight and flexible, which makes it convenient to use them as casual or sportswear. They have great toe coverage, which protects your feet and makes for a perfect fit.  


The sandals can be used well in water because their design includes wider ports that rapidly channel the water away. This helps you to wear them under both wet and dry situations without being inconvenienced. 


  • Great for use in water
  • Breathable mesh uppers
  • Flex grooves on the outsole 


  • Problems with the fitting
  • The quality of the foot bed can improve



3) KEEN Men’s Solr Closed Toe Water Sandal

These KEEN Men sandals have been specially manufactured for use in all types of watery terrain. The SOLR in the product name stands for Sea, Ocean, Lake, and River- which means you can use these sandals with ease if you are visiting such places or engaging in activities such as boating or fishing. These water sandals can deliver a high-performance thanks to their amphibious grip. Overall, these are one of the best closed toe sandals on the market. 


The sandals have been produced using a pesticide-free, naturally occurring, probiotic-based technology going by the name of Eco Anti-Odor. This technology helps break down odor produced from sweat and dirt and keeps your sandals as good as new. The sandals also include water-repellant that is PFC-free. The leather used in the sandals has been sourced from tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group. 


The sandals use a heel-capture system along with a lace-lock bungee capture mechanism to provide a secure fit for your feet. They help keep the sandals locked in by preventing the heels from slipping while at the same time making it easy for you to put on the sandals and take them off. The EVA midsole on these sandals provides a lightweight and enhanced cushioning support. The non-removable EVA footbed offers support for your feet’ arch, making it a comfortable experience.  


The webbing on these sandals has been manufactured using recycled plastic bottles. They have water and abrasion-resistant uppers that are durable along with moisture-wicking lining. The sandals feature a traditional broad footwear form that is preferred by many. 

The sandals have a sole made from rubber, which, along with the quick-dry lining inside, helps you actively move in and out of water. The sandals are equipped with aqua grip and non-marking rubber that lets you easily move across slippery terrain using stop zonal siping. You also won’t be making any footprints while walking indoors with the sandals on. A toe bumper has been included with the sandals to avoid injury and improve safety. 


  • Webbing is designed using recycled plastic bottles. 
  • Features Eco Anti-Odor technology.
  • Heel capture system for secure locking.
  • Rubber sole


  • Sizing problems.
  • Shallow toe box.



4) BINSHUN Leather Hiking Sandals for Men

These high-quality closed toe leather sandals from BINSHUN can be used anywhere, be it shopping, hiking, climbing, biking, fishing, running, and so on. They have a wider width and better thickness, along with a microfiber footbed and an MD sole for a lightweight and odor-free experience. These sandals come in three exciting colors – Khaki, Brown, and Deep Brown. 


To ensure that the parts are secured well, double stitches have been used everywhere in these hiking sandals. The leather material won’t break apart easily and can last long periods of usage. The inside surfaces of the sandal have been given a soft and smooth finish. You won’t find any rough or uneven areas that might rub against your feet. 

The rubber soles in these hiking sandals helps in providing a comfortable experience for you. You do not have to worry about hurting your feet thanks to the closed-toe, round rubber extended anti-collision design in the sandals. You can freely walk, run, jump, and play without a thought.


These leather sandals provide a snug fit through the use of the straps. You can adjust the straps over the arch and behind the heel to get the perfect fit without the sandals squeezing your feet. You can easily tighten and relax the straps as required. 

The sandals have a well-ventilated design that prevents trapping moisture and odor inside. The air holes, soft leather, and appropriate design help the sandals quickly dry up after getting wet. 


These sports sandals have a thick heel that provides adequate support to your feet while walking on uneven surfaces. The MD midsole offers a fantastic performance through its cushioning and shock-absorbing capabilities. 


  • Adequate ventilation for quick drying
  • Straps near the heels and the arch
  • Anti-collision design
  • Rubber soles


  • Strap quality is poor
  • Footbed not comfortable enough



 5) Nunn Bush Men’s Rio Bravo Outdoor Sandal

Nunn Bush is one of the premium footwear brands known for providing high quality and value for money sandals. They have been in operation since 1912 and are a go-to option for many. 

These hiking sandals with closed toe from Nunn Bush include a material design using a combination of PU and textile. They can act as great summer wear that stays on your feet comfortable throughout the day. The synthetic sole on the sandals provides durability and helps you keep using the sandals for a long time. 


This pair of walking sandals belong to the Rio Bravo series of sandals and offer a perfect blend of function and form. The sandal’s upper has a trendy contrast stitching along with a lightweight outsole made of rubber. 


You get maximum comfort wearing these sandals because of the integrated molded EVA footbed. It helps to absorb the pressure of your every step and offers superior cushioning for your feet all day long. For better support and moisture management, the sandals have a neoprene lining. 


The sandals come with hook and loop velcro strap closures that let you customize the fit based on your feet’ shape. They are available in two sizes with differing widths – medium and wide. The sandals have a rubber outsole that is flexible and soft, which makes them ideal for all kinds of professional and leisurely activities. The use of synthetic material makes them well-suited for use in the water. These definitely deserved a place in our list of the best closed toe sandals. 


  • Neoprene lining for moisture and odor management
  • Contrast stitching on the upper and rubber outsole
  • Hook and loop velcro straps for better stability


  • Problems with size and fitting have been reported
  • The overall quality can improve



6) Clorts Men’s Lightweight Water Sandals

Clorts walking sandals can be used for a host of outdoor activities, including but not limited to trekking, camping, backpacking trips, river rafting, kayaking, hiking, and canoeing. They are also ideal for activities that involve horseback riding across beaches, mountains, and jungle. You can use these sandals right out of the box without requiring them to break in. They can be used at locations such as lakes, deserts, and rivers. The sandals are available in two colors – Blue and Red. 


These walking sandals have an upper made of textile and synthetic. They come with a lace closure that is adjustable based on your needs. The elastic laces provide a secure fit and can be easily taken on and off. The sandals have been designed with superior quality that keeps all the seams firmly tied together and will not come apart even after long periods of rough usage. 


A sturdy rubber outsole has been provided, which helps to offer traction while moving over wet surfaces. The EVA midsole helps to cushion your feet and promotes shock absorption. A soft lining has been provided inside the sandals for a next-to-skin feeling. The EVA footbed offers a breathable layer of support and can be removed and adjusted based on your preferences.


The breathable mesh on these sandals lets you get them as wet as you have to. They dry up quickly and do not make your feet feel soggy. The high-quality sole has holes on the bottom, which makes sure that the water drains out properly. 

The best thing about these sandals is that they are incredibly lightweight. That means they will comfortably sit on your feet and will not hold your own while you are busy having fun playing your sports. They come with good support for your feet’s natural arch. 


  • Made using textile and synthetic
  • EVA midsole provides superior cushioning
  • Breathable mesh for quick drying
  • Rubber sole


  • Reports of heel separating
  • Sand may stick if used at beaches



7) KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal

The KEEN Newport H2 Hiking Sandals provide superior dry and wet performance through its quick lace bungee system, razor siping grip, and complete toe protection. It is as lightweight as a flip flop added with superior protective features and functionality. If you are keen on style, you will be happy to know that these sandals are available in more than 40 shades. You can easily pair it with the outfit of your choice. 


These sports sandals come with 100 percent polyester webbing and soles made of rubber. The polyester webbing is water-resistant and has a quick-dry lining, facilitating its use inside and outside water. The material is PFC-free and is durable enough to last throughout extended periods of rough use. 


Walking on slimy surfaces won’t be a problem thanks to the use of springs on the bottom. They help you have a superior grip on slippery terrain and maintain your top form. You can also use the sandal indoors since the no-marking rubber outsoles won’t be leaving any footprints on your floor. Additional security has been provided through the use of a toe bumper. It will help you keep your feet free from any injury. The sandals include an EVA footbed that is non-removable along with arch support for the most comfortable experience for your feet.


Putting on and taking off these sandals become effortless due to the lace lock bungee capture mechanism used in these sandals. It helps to keep the sandals secured to your feet. The enhanced cushioning effect is provided through the use of the compression-molded EVA midsole.  


  • Avoid slippage 
  • Lace lock bungee capture system ensures the sandals remain on your feet
  • EVA midsole and non-removable EVA footbed


  • The quality of stitching can improve
  • Issues with the fitting



8) Crocs Swiftwater Mesh Wave

These Crocs sandals feature a trendy sports design that comes with flex grooves, mesh uppers, and adjustable straps to provide a comfortable experience for your feet. They are well suited for all kinds of leisure and sports activities, especially those involving water. The weight of this pair of sandals is 7.4 oz. 


The sandals are embedded with siped outsoles, which help in draining the water quickly from the sandals. Your feet won’t become soggy, and it will dry up quickly. These make the sandals perfect for use in water-related activities. The sandals have flex grooves on the outsoles, which provide higher traction to prevent you from slipping while moving over slippery surfaces. The non-marking soles allow you to use the sandals indoors without making marks on your floor.


The sandals are made of lightweight material, which puts minimum pressure on your feet. They are also very flexible, which, along with the broader toe coverage, make it perfect for exercising or playing sports. The easy slip-on style lets you quickly put on and take off these sandals. 


The croslite material used in the sandals helps them remain sturdy and durable even after long periods of rough usage. The mesh uppers on the sandals help keep your feet well ventilated. You can customize the sandals to provide a better fit using the adjustable strap on them. The foam footbed on the sandals offers superior support for your foot soles throughout the day and keeps you comfortable throughout. 


  • Sturdy, lightweight, and flexible croslite material
  • Flex grooves and non-marking outsoles
  • Siped outsoles for quick water drainage


  • Problems with the sandal’s arch have been reported
  • Formation of blisters because of rubber



9) SIMARI Men’s Water Sandals

These SIMARI sandals have been produced using 92 percent polyester along with rubber materials for the soles. Grips are provided for the non-slip function, while the elastic lycra ensures that the sandals sit well on your feet. The sandals are perfect for activities involving water or the beach such as pools, kayaking, swimming, sailing, kite surfing, beach volleyball, and so on. These sandals come in 29 attractive color shades. 


The soles of the sandals have been developed using rubber, which makes them sturdy and long-lasting. The unique bump texture design helps keep the slip-place balance while also protecting your feet from the heat of the sand and sharp, uneven grounds. 


The upper of these sandals have been provided with mesh material that sits snug and soft against your skin and provides a breathable area for your feet. The sandals’ footbed has proper cushioning to support your feet for long hours along with shock-absorbing capabilities. 

Added convenience is provided through the elastic sandallace, which comes with a locking mechanism for easy adjustment. The elastic neckline of the sandal lets you quickly take off and put on the sandals. 


The sandals have been ergonomically designed to provide maximum performance and stability for your feet. The soles of the sandals have eight holes for proper drainage and ventilation. Your feet will remain cool and dry even after running in and out of water. 


  • Rubber soles and unique bump texture design for maximum protection of your feet
  • Elastic sandal-lace with an easily adjustable locking mechanism
  • Drainage and ventilation holes ensure that your feet remain cool and dry


  • Issues with the sizing
  • Reports of discoloration



10) Northside Men’s Burke II Sport Athletic Sandal

These Northside Burke II hiking sandals add a superior layer of protection to your feet while you are busy having fun. A multi-directional TPR outside and a protective toe bumper keep your feet safe from injuries and lets you easily glide across all surfaces with ease. The sandals are available in several amazing colors and shades – Brown/Red, Brown/Tan, Dark Olive, Black/Red, Dark/Grey, Brown Camo, and Dark Brown. The heel measurement of these shows is approximately 1.25 inches, while its platform is of size 1”. 


The sandals have rugged and flexible features on the upper along with breathable inserts. The nylon shank have camo prints over them. The insides of the sandals have EVA backing to provide a snug fit while promoting durability. The soles of the sandals are shock and abrasion-resistant. 


The lightweight EVA insole and padded backing provide ample cushioning support for your feet. Toe caps have been included to protect your toes while engaging in activities such as biking or hiking. The sandals offer moisture-wicking lining that prevents the development of sweat odors and keeps your sandals feeling like new. 


The materials in these men’s closed toe sandals are fitted with water-resistant elements which help in combating water absorption. The sandals allow your feet to dry up quickly and ensure you have a comfortable experience throughout the day. The rubber outsole provides great traction while moving on slippery surfaces and prevents you from tripping over. The elastic drawstring lacing system on the sandals ensures that the sandals do not fall off easily. The heel pull loop lets you easily take them off or wear them. They are adjustable so that you can achieve the perfect fit for yourself. 


  • Lightweight EVA insole for cushioning and shock absorption
  • Rubber outsoles offer excellent traction
  • Available in many colorful shades


  • No instep support
  • Reports of heels detaching


Types of Sandals

It is best to be aware of the different types of available sandals since they have unique purposes. A pair of sandals that work well on the beaches of Hawaii may not fare well when you’re riding the mountains on horseback. Some sandals offer solid comfort and functionality on dry grounds but may come apart if exposed to a lot of water. 

You must select a pair of sandals that will best match the kind of activity you would be engaging in.

Open Toe

A sandal with an open toe design is the best choice during summers. They provide ample airflow to your feet and prevent them from getting sweaty and thereby leading to odor. Many sandals support the arch of the feet, which can help with orthopedic and posture problems. These sandals have simple designs but can be an excellent stylish addition to your overall attire. 

Open-toe sandals are generally used for informal and leisurely activities such as going a short walk at the beach on holiday or for a beginner-level hiking trip. They are usually very light and offer a cheap and comfortable solution for your feet. 

50/50 Design

A sandal with a 50/50 design means that it has elements of an open-toe and a closed-toe design. This makes them quite versatile and well-suited for both light and heavy usage. You can wear them for a quick jog around the street, or you can take them with you for your mountaineering trip. 

Sandals having this design include toe straps that make sure the sandal securely remains attached to your feet. At the same time, they have open slits that allow ample breathing space. These sandals can be used in the water and will continue protecting your feet without slipping off. 

However, they won’t fare much if your legs encounter a lot of dust and debris. The open slits will allow debris to enter your sandal and might make your feet uncomfortable. In that case, you will find sandals with the closed-toe design to be of greater benefit. 

Closed Toe Design

Closed toe sandal design are ideal for places where you might have to face rocky terrain and uneven roads full of debris. Closed toe sandals are designed for rough usage and the outdoors. These serve as the perfect hiking sandals. 

They are known for providing superior grip for your foot while at the same time protecting your feet from unwanted dust and dirt on the road. They come with features that protect your feet if they happen to hit against a rock or a fallen tree. 

While closed toe sandal may not be ideal for too many purposes, it is great at providing security and functionality while lasting for longer periods.

Advantages of Closed Toe Sandals for Travelling

There are several reasons why you might prefer closed-toe sandals over other categories of sandals. Let us look at some of the reasons in detail:

Ideal for Rainy Weathers

If you live in a place that frequently experiences a wet climate or plan to travel somewhere where rains are common, you should go for closed-toe sandals. Simple flip-flops or open-toe sandals will expose your feet to the water and mud and quickly make your feet dirty. They also run the risk of slipping off your feet, especially while they are wet or traveling across muddy roads. 

If you decide to use sneakers or boots, you might run the risk of letting water inside them and thereby have a soggy foot throughout your journey. 

Closed-toe sandals are ideal for such situations since they allow proper drainage of water while offering adequate ventilation at the same time. This means that even though your feet might get wet, they will also dry up pretty quickly. Closed-toe sandals also have high soles, which help to keep your feet safe from dirt and mud. 

Well Suited for Warm Climates

You might have to go through a warm climate during your trips – which means high humidity, strong heat, and lots of dust. You will find a closed-toe sandal to be your best friend in such places. They will provide your feet with ample breathing space and will prevent dust from accumulating on your feet.

Flip flops or open-toe sandals won’t be able to help much other than exposing your feet to the scorching heat and the dusty winds. Sneakers may cause more problems by trapping the heat and producing more sweat.

Protection on Rough Terrain

Closed-toe sandals come with durable straps that keep the sandals securely attached to your feet and do not easily break. They have cushioned footbeds that support your feet even while walking on uneven terrain. The sole is very sensitive, and these sandals do a great job of protecting them. Many sandals provide support for the arch of your feet, helping reduce pain and avoid straining your back. Closed toe is the best choice for hiking sandals. 

Perfect for Walking All Day

If you plan to do a lot of walking every day or on your trip, you should go for a pair of closed-toe sandals. These sandals have a sole that is thicker than those of open toe flip flops and offer superior arch support. They also help in combating odor by allowing your feet to breathe freely, which prevents the formation of moisture inside the sandals. 

Features of Best Closed Toe Sandals

There are multiple different brands in the market, offering closed-toe sandals with differing features and functions. Based on the type of activity you will be using it for, you will prefer one model over the other. 

The following factors will help you to make an informed decision while buying a pair of closed-toe sandals:


Closed-toe sandals have been designed for both light and heavy-duty work. They are not generally designed, keeping style and fashion in mind. This is because the main focus of their design is on practicality and functionality instead of aesthetics. 

However, this does not mean that there are no closed-toe sandals that will look good on you. They still come in different shapes, designs, and colors and can be used as a clothing accessory if used cleverly. The closed-toe sandals in men’s sections are usually available in neutral shades instead of funky colors, such as black, gray, brown, etc. 

Other aspects of the design involve the kind of materials used, the type of upper the sandals have, whether they have a removable footbed, if they come with straps, and so on. These elements can be a matter of preference and can also act as part of the sandal’s aesthetics. 


Your sandals may have many bells and whistles, but if they do not feel comfortable on your feet, you won’t like wearing them a lot. Make sure that you are purchasing the correct size of sandals for your feet. Typically, you can go for a pair of sandals with a size equal to those you already own. 

However, some sandals may be smaller or bigger for their size and should be adjusted for size accordingly. If you are purchasing online, you can easily get to know about this from the reviews. Furthermore, if you want a snug or a loose fit, you can go for a size lower or higher.

Based on the shape of your feet, you might prefer sandals with a broader toe area. Your sandals should be flexible enough so that you can walk comfortably. The material on the inside of the sandals should have a smooth finish and should not chafe your feet. 

Many sandals offer additional arch support, which can have the added benefit of promoting good body posture and reducing pain. Cushioning is often provided on the footbed so that you can keep using the sandals for long periods without your soles hurting. sandals that have a thicker sole can protect from uneven terrain. Often, the top soles of the sandals also include some form of cushioning. 

Finally, the straps of your sandals should be easily adjustable so that the sandals perfectly fit your feet. If they are too loose, your sandals run the risk of slipping off your feet. Straps that are too tight can make wearing the sandals uncomfortable. 


Your sandals should be well-equipped for the job it has been designed for. It should provide good performance and assist you while you’re busy having fun on your trips or playing sports. The sandals should have the capability to withstand extended periods of rough usage. It should not come apart while you are out on your adventures. You should go for sandals that have been manufactured using high-quality, durable materials. 

For water-friendly sandals, make sure they have proper drainage and ventilation features. If you move in and out of the water a lot, your sandals and feet may become soggy if the water isn’t allowed to run out, and the feet do not get enough time to dry. A pair of good quality sandals will help your feet to quickly dry up so that you can resume your activities with ease. 

Many sandals come with bumpers and guards that provide an additional level of security for your feet. These features come in handy if you plan to use the sandals at places where your feet might experience rocks and debris. Closed-toe sandals also come with a different kind of sole that is well-suited for particular activities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can closed-toe sandals be used in water? 

Yes, most closed-toe sandals can be easily used in wet conditions. They often include draining mechanisms such as holes on the bottom or sides to ensure that the water is cleared out. Adequate ventilation in the sandals helps in drying up your feet quickly. 

The sandals also include soles that have grooves for better traction while moving on wet surfaces. These make sure that you do not slip and fall over while moving in and out of water.

Can you use closed-toe sandals for hiking?

Closed-toe sandals can be used for short hikes where you can expect a moderate amount of rough terrain. The sandals will keep out dust and dirt from your feet will keep your feet moisture and odor-free. They also have protective linings and cushioned footbeds to ensure that your feet do not hurt even while walking along unfavorable roads. 


When selecting the best closed-toe sandals for yourself, make sure that you are not compromising on its quality and comfort. A trusty pair of men’s closed toe sandals make a huge difference when you are out on your trips. They can provide your feet with the necessary protection while keeping them cool and airy. They should have moisture-wicking and water-resistant capabilities so that you can freely move between wet and dry areas. The sandals also come in multiple colors and shades, which means you can also use them to complement an outfit. 

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