Smart Suitcase Like No Other

A smart case designed from the ground up to be the most high tech case on the planet. Fully compliant with all TSA, DOT and UL regulations. Robotic lock systems, AGPS tracking, Biometric opening, Bluetooth Speaker/Phone, Turbo Charging, RFID blocking and many more amazing features all powered by the most powerful APP designed in the smart luggage industry to give the user unparalleled experience.




World-Proof For The Global Traveler


TSA COMPLIANT "Worry Free Travel"
Travel worry free! The Space Case 1 is TSA compliant to carry on or check in. In the event you need to check in the case you can easily remove our UL certified Smart Battery and through our hybrid power source your Space Case 1 will still have power with 3 AAA batteries. Travel anywhere in the world with peace of mind knowing your Space Case 1 is in full compliance to use on the airplane and also check in when your traveling.


SMART BATTERY - Enormous Juice and Turbo Charging
World's Smartest Suitcase powered by the most powerful smart battery system ever manufactured in a Smart Suitcase. Designed exclusively and proprietary for the Space Case our Smart battery's is packed with 15,000 mAh of energy that has enough power to keep your Space Case 1 powered for a maximum 225 hour or charge your phone 10X. We have also designed and built in 2.4 amp port allowing you to charge your devices at twice the speed.


Standard GPS signal is from satellites to device only, meaning signals can be blocked when you are inside of a building. Since luggage is indoors 90% of the time the Space Case 1 works off AGPS. AGPS has the same satellite signal but the signal is diverted to towers before it reaches the device in insure connection at all times. AGPS gives you accuracy up to 100 to 200 meters.


Robotic TSA Lock System

Unlock the case with the touch of your finger print through biometric scanner or through use of the Space Case 1 app!





Revolutionary Smart Features