10 Best Tactical Wallets for 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

10 Best Tactical Wallets for 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

One of the biggest trends to take over a section of the market is the idea of a tactical wallet. A tactical wallet is a perfect mixture of a minimalist wallet and a multi-functioning one. This seems like a weird juxtaposition, but the bulky, boring wallets of the past are out and tactical wallets are in. Just about every man needs a high quality wallet. You are probably familiar with the bifold or trifold leather pouches that can be inches thick and super heavy. You need to hold your cash and your credit cards in a smart, safe way, and tactical wallets are rising to the top of industry. However, the term “tactical wallet” is fairly broad, and you need to know what to look for when you are in the market to make a purchase. This will make you feel confident in your purchase, and you will get the best tactical wallet that perfectly fits your needs.

10 Best Tactical Wallets for 2022

Now that you know what goes into a tactical wallet, it is time to lay out some of the best on the market and how they can benefit you. Here are 10 of the best tactical wallets out there!

1. Armour Supply Co.

The first tactical wallet up is the Armour Supply Co. wallet. This is one of the best tactical wallets for a number of reasons. First off, it is a rfid blocking wallet, so bystanders cannot steal your valuable credit card information. Most tactical wallets have this feature, so you will get rfid protection on a lot of options.

The other big selling point of the Armour Supply co. tactical wallet is its multi-tool that is included. Many tactical wallets offer some sort of multi tool function, but this company does it in a really cool way that is practical and saves you space. Rather than building the multi tool into the wallet itself, it comes in the size of a credit card that can be slid into the wallet. This is a fantastic structure because it saves space and still gives you some awesome perks. Some of the functions found in this multi tool include a bottle opener, wire cutter, ruler, box opener, general cutter, and a few others. There are some great uses associated with the multi tool. There is also an added key holder so you can also attach a car or home key to the rig.

Some of the basics of this wallet include a money clip, money strap, mini screwdriver to replace any of the screws holding the wallet together, and a lifetime warranty. If anything were to happen to the wallet, you will probably be covered. The overall build is really solid, so you shouldn’t have to worry about body issues, but if they do, there are solutions. These wallets can be a little bit expensive, but the lifetime warranty and overall quality is well worth the price you pay.


  • quality build and design
  • metal wallet that is durable
  • cash strap and clip
  • multi tool card
  • key clip
  • rfid protection


  • can be expensive
  • limited space for cards



2. Ridge Minimalist Tactical Wallet

One of the most famous brands on this list is Ridge. The Ridge Wallet is renowned as one of the most minimalist wallets on the market, and they were one of the first brands to make this style of wallet. rfid protection is one of its biggest selling points, so your information is protected. What makes the Ridge Wallet tactical is its size and sleekness. There really aren’t many additional uses in terms of tools or getting other uses done, but this wallet really hits on the simplicity factor.

A really cool customizable feature that comes with the Ridge Wallet is the material it is made of. The standard body is made from grade aluminum. These come in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from. The other main material used is carbon fiber. There is no Italian leather or anything too fancy, but the materials are very functional. This design is super lightweight and very strong. Although this model will cost more money, it may be worth it to you. You can even buy a custom Ridge with an American flag on it. This adds strength and looks really cool, so both are big factors.

Some of the basic uses that the Ridge hits on is the money clip and elastic band money strap options. You can opt for one or the other, or both so you can customize it as much as possible. It also can hold about 10-12 cards in the middle slot, so you can fit just about everything need. This is fantastic for everyday carry because of its quality and dependability.


  • well-known brand
  • warranty
  • aluminum and carbon fiber options
  • spot for both cash and cards
  • minimalist wallet with simple design
  • Can hold about 10 cards


  • Lack of other uses
  • expensive, especially for the carbon fiber model
  • Not great for a lot of cash



3. Dango Dapper EDC Tactical Wallet

Another established brand in this space is Dango. This brand takes the typical tactical wallet and adds a little bit of flare and style. Why can’t wallets be both useful and stylish? This is partly a leather wallet as it has genuine leather incorporated into the design. The rustic design is highlight by the various colored leather portions that add a bit of character to the wallet. The leather is attached to aluminum to give the edges extra durability. The durability is one of the Dango wallet strongest attributes. This wallet is built with the intention of withstanding some real wear and tear. This is why the 6061 aerospace aluminum is such a big component. There is a very stylish silicone band that runs across the body of the tactical wallet to provide a place to keep cash.

This is also a very slim wallet. When there are no cards in it, it weighs 2.5 ounces and is less than half an inch thick. This is very minimal and kind of light while also maintaining the high quality standards you need. This makes it great for fitting in your front pocket, a very popular way to hold tactical wallets compared to in the back pocket like they are traditionally held. There are also a number of models under the Dango brand. The Dapper specifically can hold up to 12 cards along with cash on the money strap. The overall quality and design of the Dango Dapper wallet is great. However, it falls flat in one area specifically. There really aren’t any additional uses that come along with it. There is no multi tool, bottle opener, or cutting tool included. So, if you are looking for a wallet with a lot of functions, this might not be the one.


  • very stylish
  • comes in many colors
  • slim
  • minimalist wallet
  • holds 12 cards
  • genuine leather
  • Aluminum build
  • rfid blocking technology
  • limited warranty


  • a little bit pricey
  • no additional uses
  • Isn’t made to fit a lot of cash



4. Gerber GDC Money Clip

One of the most out-there and different tactical wallets on this list is the Gerber GDC Money Clip. A lot of the other wallets on this list are closer to being traditional, but this one really takes the new wave of tactical wallets up a notch. As you may know, Gerber is not actually a wallet brand. Gerber is one of the biggest and most well-known knife brands in the world. Just about everyone who has a pocket knife has at least heard of Gerber. So, the brand is really stepping out of its comfort zone which is really interesting. This is for those people who don’t really carry credit cards and use their phones to pay in most situations. Because of how small it is, you can really only fit some cash, so leave the credit cards at home.

This is a stainless steel body that combines a fairly traditional money clip with a pocket knife. The back of the money clip has a little slit that the knife slides into. This keeps the clip slim while also going you a really interesting alternative use that many other tactical wallets do not have. A lot of people like to carry a small knife on them, so if this is you, you can combine them both into one awesome tool.


  • very small, minimal design
  • built in pock knife holder
  • quality Gerber knife included
  • minimalist wallet
  • high quality blade knife


  • Not big enough to hold credit cards
  • no rfid protection
  • only holds a few bills
  • This is not a everyday user for a lot of people



5. Flipside 4 RFID Blocking Tactical Wallet

If you like your credit cards and bills completely protected from the outside elements, the Flipside 4 is for you. A lot of tactical wallets have open sides where you slide your credit cards out and use them. This tactical wallet takes a different spin on that usual style. With this model, all of your cash and credit cards are securely inside of the wallet. This provides the best possible protection and organization. When you pop open the wallet, there is a section that organizes the credit and debit cards and the bills will sit right below. Who doesn’t want your cards and cash nestled in there safely? If all of your bills do not fit in the wallet, there is an optional cash strap on the outside.

Flipside’s biggest selling point is its strength. Because it is a closed wallet, the build protects the insides very well. It is made of aerospace grade aluminum and polycarbonate so it is very crush resistant. The last thing you need is for your wallet to drop and your cards be damaged. The materials are build with rfid blocking technology, so that valuable information is protected. There is also an automatic locking system, so you don’t have to worry about your wallet popping open when you don’t want it to. If buying local is important to you, you will feel good that it is made in the USA. If you really want to take it up a notch, this is the perfect wallet to get some words or an American flag inscribed into the design.


  • Unique build that differs from other tactical wallets
  • holds 8 cards and 10 bills
  • strong structure that can withstand wear and tear
  • Made in the USA
  • affordable
  • great for keeping business cards


  • Doesn’t hold many cards
  • Isn’t made for quick card access
  • hinges can fall apart after long use



6. Lever Gear Toolcard Money Clip

If you are looking for a wallet that can really help you in a pinch and has a ton of uses, the Lever Gear Toolcard Money Clip is made for you. Lever Gear is a great brand that is known for making toolcards that fit inside of your wallet and are there for quick use. This model added a money clip, so it is qualified to be considered a tactical wallet.

The company claims that this money slip is a 40-in-1 tool that can be used in a ton of situations. There is so much packed into this very small tool. Some of the uses and tools include a bottle opener, ruler, wrench, box opener, can opener, and much more. No matter what you need it for, there is a really good chance that it can get the job done. Because of its design, there is really no room for both cash and cards. More specifically, you will probably leave your credit cards and debit cards at home. So, if you want to make this an everyday carry, be prepared to figure something out for the cards.


  • up to 40 uses
  • will keep cash in tight
  • very affordable without sacrificing quality


  • Does not have a place for cards
  • might be overkill with the additional uses
  • Not great for everyday wallet use.



7. Fidelo Minimalist Wallet

One turn that tactical wallets made is taking the design and adding something that takes it up a notch. The Fidelo minimalist wallet does this by adding a slide trigger system to quickly access all of your credit and debit cards. They call it an aluminum wallet chamber. This slot holds all of your cards, and when you press the trigger, they pop out in an arranged way. This makes it so easy to access whatever card you need. However, the trigger isn’t the only selling point the Fidelo brings.

The base of the wallet is made of aluminum. This is where the goods are actually stored. it is made to hold up to 5 cards and 10 bills. There is a fabric and silicone band around the body to add more support. Although the others on this list may hold more cards, this is the only one that displays them to you in this unique way. This wallet does have a few parts, so you can use the main aluminum part to be as minimalist as possible and to just throw it in your pocket. the second part of the wallet’s build is the leather case that files over it. This uses genuine leather to add style and protect the inner wallet. This top grain leather shield of sorts actually adds function because it can hold an additional two credit cards and another few bills.

There is also rfid protection, so you can be confident that your information will not be hacked. The overall build and quality of this tactical wallet is bar none. You can feel confident in the investment you made. This is why this is one of the best tactical wallets on the market today.


  • strong aluminum wallet
  • genuine leather wallet case
  • multiple card slots
  • rfid blocking technology
  • specific spot for an id card
  • fits in the pocket very well
  • stylish


  • not designed to hold too many cards
  • No additional uses



8. Runbox Slim Tactical Wallet

A tactical wallet that really focuses on style and luxury while also being affordable is the Runbox minimalist slim wallet. A lot of tactical wallets focus way more on the use and tend to disregard the style and look of the wallet. The Runbox strives to focus on both. This is a style that any guy would be happy to have. To start, this is a bifold wallet that flips out and displays the cash and cards all together. A lot of tactical wallets give you a hard time accessing the goods. This bifold makes it super easy. The cash will be connected by the middle hinge, and the plastic will be held in the card slots along the bottom side. There aren’t too many of the credit card slots, but you can keep a couple of your most important there. There is even a specific spot to put an id card. The id card is covered by a clear plastic for easy access.

There really aren’t any additional uses like a bottle opener or cutter, but there is rfid blocking technology built in. It is made of top grain leather that ensures strength and a solid pocket wallet. It is quite slim, so you can slide it into your pocket easily, give you easy access to your items such as business cards and up to 10 cards, and it has the capacity to be a reliable wallet. The new fad is to have a front pocket wallet, and this definitely is that.


  • rfid protection
  • slim, sleek design
  • very stylish with top grain leather
  • holds 10 cards and 20 bills
  • card slots to keep them secure
  • front pocket design


  • no additional uses
  • not very heavy duty



9. Dango Maverick

A repeat guest on this list for the best tactical wallets is the Dango. The Maverick is a variation that is a bifold and has a few other aspects to offer than the previous entry. This Dango tactical wallet is on the upper end of wallets in the industry, but you definitely get what you pay for. This is also one of the best bifolds on this entire list. This combat wallet offers a great mix of style and additional uses. It is a mix aerospace grade aluminum and leather to harbor both strength and style.

This wallet is made in the USA and has rfid blocking protection. These two aspects put it on the list to be one o the best tactical wallets. If buying locally made goods is important to you, you can feel good with this purchase. The items inside are really protected because of the overall build and design of the wallet. The leather front pocket flips open and reveals the card holder inside. The card slots are made to hold nearly 16 cards. There aren’t any bottle openers or tools on the wallet itself, but it does come with multi tool card that has a lot of those uses. You will have easy access to a lot of the tools you need with this wallet.

However, be prepared to spend a bit more money than you thought you would. This is one of the most expensive wallets on this list. If you are looking for a great place to keep your cards and bills while also seeing it as an investment, this Dango wallet is an excellent option. If you would rather save money, you may want to consider a different option.


  • rfid protection
  • makes a great high-end gift for loved ones
  • stylish design with genuine leather
  • made for front pocket use
  • features a multi tool card
  • could be used as a smartphone stand
  • metal wallet parts that reinforce strength


  • Can be bulky if you fit all 16 cards in it



10. 5.11 Steel Jacket Multitool Tactical Wallet

To round out our list, this best tactical wallet is the 5.11 Stainless Steel Jacket Multitool Wallet. This is one of the best minimalist wallets built for those who want some alternative uses on top of holding your cards and cash. This is a wallet that is designed for the people who don’t need to carry a lot of cards, but for someone who wants a good pocket fit that harbors many different uses. This wallet is not one caked in Italian leather or stylish by any means, but it is far more practical than a lot of options.

The stainless steel frame of the wallet is where all of the strength comes into play. There is rfid blocking technology built into the body, so your cards will be safe from intruders. The stainless steel is crucial for protection, making it a heavy duty tool, and giving you confidence in the tools offered. This wallet features screwdriver inputs, hex bolt wrenches, a bottle opener, and a holder for memory or SD cards. These functions are built into the design of the wallet, so you aren’t sacrificing any space or bulk with the additional uses. They keep your wallet sleek and slim. Then, a silicone strap is draped around the wallet so your cards and goodies will not fall out.


  • multi purpose wallet
  • great tactical wallet for a working person who needs tools on the go
  • rfid blocking technology
  • easy front pocket fit
  • multi tool features
  • strong stainless steel build
  • best minimalist wallet for those on the move


  • does not hold many cards
  • not a designated spot for cash

What to look for in a tactical wallet

Although the idea of tactical wallets seem fairly niche, there is actually a fairly broad spectrum of wallets that can be considered tactical. So, there are some aspects to look for when making your decision!


One of the biggest selling points of tactical wallets is the size. Having a big, bulky wallet that takes too much space is a trend of the past. The sleek, small size of many tactical wallets is a big perk. These fit super well in your pocket and won’t look like a big lump in your pants. Sizes do vary between tactical wallets, so that is up to personal preference. But, generally speaking, these are smaller than a traditional wallet.

Additional uses

What makes a wallet tactical is largely the added uses that come along with it. For some, it is as simple as having rfid protection. Rfid protection keeps your credit card information from being stolen from hackers in your immediate area. So, keeping your information safe should be a top priority. For others that are a plethora of add-ons to consider. Some common additional uses tactical wallets have include a bottle opener, a multi tool, things to help in a survival situation, a smartphone stand, and so many others. We will break down a lot of these features, then it will be up to you to prioritize and figure out which ones best fit your needs.


Finally, sometimes the simpler the better. Sure, you can get a wallet that has 20 uses and is basically a multi tool with a wallet on the side, but is that really necessary. Having three or four alternative uses is fantastic. But, it is easy to overdo it and get something that is far more extravagant than it needs to be. This is all personal preference, but simplicity is a key factor to keep in mind.


We have already talked about rfid protection, but there are a lot of other protective features built into a tactical wallet. The best tactical wallet will have a card holder area, a place for cash, and a shell to protect it all. Your cards can be fragile, so strength and protection need to be considered.

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  1. Great wallet I have owned several Rapdom crossbody/messenger bags over the years and this company is literally amazing. Your guarantee is infallible! You’re on the fence, so just buy it, you won’t be disappointed.It has a visible mesh ID pocket with Velcro closure to keep cards in place. It has two cash compartments, plenty of card slots, a zippered coin pocket that is discreet and not really bulky. And it has elastic loops inside for other random ties. It’s not as big either, thinner than my last leather wallet, about the same size as my last nylon wallet. I can sit all day with no problems.

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